Figueroa’s Framework Essay Sample

Many societal factors straight or indirectly shape sentiments and influence an individual’s determination to take part in physical activity. These factors change throughout an individual’s life. For illustration. some kids start playing athletics because it is fun ; others may fall in a sporting group because their older brother or sister dramas that sport. A new sporting composite may open nearby and supply a opportunity to seek a new athletics. Coaching clinics might animate some people to give a athletics a spell. Teachers can supply both positive and negative sporting experiences. At school. equals can alter adolescents’ attitudes about a athletics that was antecedently enjoyed.

Even pupils who are talented at a peculiar athletics may discontinue it because a clean calling is non realistic or because of the societal outlooks of their gender. Work committednesss. fiscal costs and equipment costs-such factors can hold a negative consequence on athleticss engagement. Peter Figueroa. a sociologist. developed a model to analyze racism within society. peculiarly to look at how equity and entree to society’s resources are affected by a person’s race. This model can besides be applied to other facets of sociology. including equity and entree in athletics. Figueroa’s model explored equity and entree through five degrees in society:

1. cultural degree
2. structural degree
3. institutional degree
4. interpersonal degree
5. single degree.

The degrees look at all facets of society. get downing with the ‘big picture’ of society and working down to the person.

The Cultural Level
The cultural degree of Figueroa’s model includes a society’s values. beliefs and attitudes. which are the merchandise of factors that include the societal group’s history. civilization and cultural background. Society’s values. beliefs and attitudes form and influence equity in and entree to feature. for illustration. see the cultural attitudes to maleness. muliebrity and athletics. Traditionally. athletics has been seen as a male sphere ; adult females have been seen as protagonists or as people without involvement in athletics. Sports that are appropriate for work forces and those that are appropriate for adult females have been clearly differentiated.

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As these cultural barriers are easy removed. adult females are deriving greater entree and chances in athletics. A society’s history and civilization besides affect featuring civilization in other ways. Cultural factors can act upon the type of athleticss that persons within that society participate in. For illustration. see the athleticss that are on a regular basis watched or played in Queensland. Are they different from the athleticss preferred in Western Australia or someplace farther off. such as Canada? Such differences are the consequences of different featuring civilizations. Describe you civilization? How have society’s values. beliefs and attitudes form and influence equity in and entree to feature

The Structural Level

The structural degree of Figueroa’s model includes the influence of authorities. concern and the media. Using this degree of Figueroa’s model to feature agencies look intoing the relationship between the media and athleticss publicity. the allotment of authorities support for athleticss plans. and how the corporate sector affects sport and athleticss engagement through sponsorship and other support. For illustration. the Australian authorities financess and operates several organisations-such as the Australian Sports Commission-that purpose to better athleticss engagement. advance equity and entree to feature for all Australians. and better Australians’ featuring public presentation. It is the structural degree that provides many penetrations into how support is allocated to feature.

How can the authorities. concern or media affect athleticss engagement. entree to feature and equality in athletics?

The Institutional Level

The institutional degree of Figueroa’s model degree examines the establishments within society that affect athletics and physical activity. Institutions such as schools. community groups. featuring nines. and spiritual groups are able to assist determine positive attitudes to feature and physical activity. Schools characteristic conspicuously when discoursing how people’s early attitudes towards athletics are shaped.

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Some schools with strong featuring traditions reinforce engagement in athletics. The athleticss that pupils are encouraged to take part in can depend on the school’s history and traditions. the installations and equipment available. and the expertness of the instructors.

The institutional degree is non merely about the influence of schools ; it besides looks at the handiness of installations and the construction of organized athletics within a community. The regulations of different athleticss are besides considered as portion of an analysis of the institutional degree. Sporting regulations. which are determined and standardised by sports’ regulating administrations. can curtail entree to certain groups and persons.

Which establishments have affected your entree and equity to feature? How have they influenced your engagement. entree to installations. the quality of installations and your attitudes towards athleticss?

The Interpersonal Level

The interpersonal degree of Figueroa’s model is used to look into the relationships that affect whether an person will develop a womb-to-tomb association with athletics. Most of us are influenced. straight or indirectly. by the people around us. Whose function is the most important? Parents? Peers? Siblings? Teachers? Coaches? Sporting function theoretical accounts?

Explain which three people have had the greatest influence on your athleticss engagement and why?

The Individual Level

The single degree of Figueroa’s model examines why persons choose to take part in physical activity. The grounds vary from individual to individual. For many people. the word ‘exercise’ is associated with images of unpleasant. vigorous activity that merely makes them soil. sweaty and uncomfortable. Others see exercise as something they must make to better fittingness or as a normal portion of their day-to-day life. For others. exercising is something that they do for enjoyment.

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While each of the other degrees has some bearing. determinations about athletics and physical activity are finally made by the person. Genes. values. attitudes and personalities are specific to each person. This is reflected in differences between household members.

Why do you take part in athletics? What is it about you that influences your picks behind the athleticss you play?