Feasibility Study on Whitening Soap Essay

I. Executive Summary

With today’s coevals being really witting of their tegument. both work forces and adult females are faced with the job of taking different sorts of whitening merchandises.

As pupils that are looking for other ways to gain money. our group has come up with the thought of doing a lightening soap that non merely serves its chief intent of whitening but besides give the users the satisfaction of utilizing soaps that have great aromas and are appealing to the consumers.

Competitive Advantage

It is a fact that the bulk of the consumers of lightening merchandises are from the teens and immature grownups that seek to foster their tegument and skin color.

Our merchandise clearly has an advantage compared to other lightening merchandises because first it is really appealing to the consumers both work forces and adult females of all ages because of its alone colour and the choice of different aromas.

Target Market

Since the recent tendency in beauty merchandises in today’s market is widely on whitening and anti-aging. and the fact that people are really witting with their visual aspect. has constituted to the advocators of this survey to take the undermentioned mark section.

Target Sections
Middle-aged adult females that are beauty witting: This group of people is normally those that have equal income to buy beauty merchandises. They are besides the 1s that prioritize in continuing their visual aspect since they are the 1s that are get downing to age.

Dark skinned people: These are the people that wish to hold a lighter tegument
tone and want to accomplish their end immediately.

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Business Model

A Selling Scheme

The biggest challenge that will be faced by selling our merchandise is that we have many rivals in the beauty industry and many of them are already established companies and Sellerss.

The primary concern mark markets are the Universities and Banks that constitute the major clients of the beauty industry.

B Product Strategy

Since the current market is already made up of many providers and Sellerss of beauty merchandises most specifically in whitening. we have made our merchandise more appealing in footings of its colourss and form that other merchandises don’t have.

Capital Requirement

5. 000 Php

Detailed COST ALLOCATION FOR 3 Old ages

Indirect Materials
Box for repacking15. 800
Delivery Fare10. 500

Cash Flow

With this capital demand. we will be able to purchase 45 personal computers of soap for our
group and we will be able to repack them and sell them for 120 per personal computer.

If everything goes good. we will reinvest the money we have earned for more merchandises in order for us to bring forth more income.

Forecasted Net Income

SalesP 263. 250
Cost of gross revenues 182. 250
Other Expenses 26. 300
Gross ProfitP 54. 700

*This forecasted net income is income for three old ages.

Recommendation and Findingss

The fact that our group chose to purchase and sell alternatively of fabricating our ain merchandise. we will be able to bring forth income with merely a small sum of capital. We will besides happen it easier in the field of purchasing and merchandising because we will merely order merchandises and repack them merely when clients will be telling from us and therefore we will non be keeping merchandises for long periods of times before selling them.

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We therefore conclude that puting 5. 000 in this industry will turn out to be good for us because it proves that we can bring forth net income from it.