Why Faustus Did Not Repent in “Doctor Faustus” by Christopher Marlowe – Essay Sample

Faustus did not Repent even though he had many opportunities. He claims that the Satan was Keeping his custodies down when he wished to raise them in congratulations to God, among other actions. He doesnt earnestly think about atoning until the last hour that he has on Earth, inquiring forgiveness while Satan and his assistants tear him to pieces. This college essay example depicts that faustus doesnt repent because of fright, uncertainness, and pure ignorance.

First of all. Faustus wants power and cognition that he will have from his treaty with Satan. However throughout the drama he doesnt acquire everything he wants although the Satan has promised him everything. he sells his psyche to have whatever his caprice desires and yet Mephistophilis tells him he can’t have a true married woman. alternatively he offers a prostitute. and denies him the cognition of who created the Earth among other things. In world Faustus ne’er receives his terminal of the deal.

Besides. Faustus doesn’t repent because he doesn’t believe that God would forgive him after he has cursed His name and signed a treaty with the Satan. in scene 5 Faustus says “If unto God. he’ll throw me down to hell” . This depicts Faustus fearing Gods wrath and his inability to seek his forgiveness. In the last scene he considers how he has wasted his life. and negotiations about atoning but he ne’er really requests that God forgive him for what he has done. repent.

Another ground Faustus doesn’t repent is because he doesn’t recognize what he has done until the really last minute. Faustus shows himself ignorant of all things that may hold led him to Heaven alternatively of Hell. In about every scene that the Good and Bad Angels show up. he has a opportunity to alter his head and repent to salvage himself from Satan and be forgiven by Gods everlasting love but yet he doesnt. One of the most important scenes is scene 5 when Mephistophilis is stating him about how atrocious snake pit is and Faustus merely jeers at him and says that ” Hell’s a fable” . turn outing himself to be nescient. He ahs a full fledged devil. retainer of Satan. come to him organize the deepnesss of snake pit. and yet he refuses to acknowledge its being. Some may believe that Ignorance is bliss. but in this instance it finally sealed Faustuss day of reckoning

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