f Alice Walker’s poem “Be Nobody’s Darling” Essay Sample

Individuality is the great accelerator of advancement ; without it there is a dead province of head where no revolutions in idea would happen. Yet. individualism comes at the monetary value of isolation. therefore it is long sought after but difficult to truly achieve. Interrupting from social reigns upon thoughts comes difficultly. but to stay docile in the face of conformance is a far worse destiny. Alice Walker’s verse form “Be Nobody’s Darling for Lester Julius” is an order directed towards the person to interrupt free of social casts. but merely by its usage of extended imagination and an self-asserting tone is her verse form able to convey its significance to its full extent.

Walker’s ardent belief in the value of individualism is reflected in her usage of images that draw out a deeper significance in her work. By utilizing her extended imagination. the thoughts she presents become vividly pictured and are easy to associate to. In order to show the demand to encompass our differences with one another. she paints a “shawl” ( 6 ) of “contradictions” ( 3 ) to values and paradigms held by the conformist whole. The shawl she uses non merely visualizes her point. but its intension of safety offers a desire to encompass contradictions to fend off the loutish beliefs of the multitudes.

She subsequently compares the multitudes to the person with her usage of a river of conformance. where the whole of society is pushed along the “river bed” ( 18 ) where is driven frontward to a preset finish as opposed to the person who “makes a merry assemblage on the bank” ( 21-22 ) free to take their ain fate. The usage of the river of conformance to crowd a mass of people is a atrocious image that shows the true way of those who do non do their ain determinations. one time once more utilizing the emotion of the image to to the full show the subject. It is merely with the intension and emotion in the images walker nowadayss that her point is finally made clear. But with the job of society clearly presented. she must so demo how to show individualism with the tone of the verse form.

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To to the full be able to interrupt from society’s values. there must be an single pride and self-pride that is self-asserting in its independency. Walker delivers this self-asserting tone throughout her verse form to take persons by illustration. Her usage of a dominating voice demonstrates her assurance in her ain contradictions to society every bit good offers inspiration to follow inherent aptitudes instead than antecedently held ideas. Her repeat of the word “Be” at assorted points in the verse form delivers an imperative tone that creates a motive to go an single. The verse form so commands to allow the society “look askance” ( 12 ) at the person. and the single “askance answer. ” ( 13 ) eschewing the multitudes. and non taking note of its positions. Once once more. Walker displays that the self-esteem and pride in the person can battle the malicious stares of the populace. The thrust to encompass the independency from others’ beliefs that Walker has achieved so becomes infective so that the verse form is non merely giving advice but seeing to it that the advice is heeded.

“Be Nobody’s Darling for Lester Julius” is a powerful work that is non merely able to convey its message to the universe but do certain that the universe sees. understands. and finally follows its significance. The thought of being an person. while preached in assorted texts. becomes a rote construct that is shrugged away from its changeless repeat. but Walker’s ability to make straightforward images that are easy to associate to are powerful metaphors that rediscover the admiration of creativeness. She so is able to take her verse form one measure farther by taking the multitudes with her ain individualism that she expresses in her tone. The subject of individualism so becomes a life end to endeavor for. and non a distant thought that is over expressed.

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