Explain the characteristics of the different types of schools Essay Sample

Explain scriptural beliefs about the properties of God ( 25 ) Throughout the bible. many of the properties of God are shown. Both Jews and Christians have positions from the bible on features of God. each with their ain fluctuations. These both can be compared to Aristotle’s premier mover. as they include many similar features. These features nevertheless. make distinguish within the Judeo-christian faith. and even in the Bible.

From the beginning of the bible. in Genesis. properties of God are shown. First. God is shown as the Godhead. In this. God was seen as making the universe and people out of nil. This position is appealing today. as it relates to the large knock theory. as God is the cause of everything. merely like the premier mover. Genesis 1 shows a surpassing God. who created the universe in 6 yearss through address. similar to the premier mover developed by Aristotle. This is compared to the immanent God in Genesis 2. who crafted Adam and Eve. The God shown in Job 38 is comparable to this as he is seen as an creative person or interior decorator. puting the foundations of the universe. Aquinas’ position of this is non whether or non the universe had a start- this is non of import.

What is of import is that God causes everything that exists. to be. Again. this position is similar to the premier mover. demoing Aristotle’s similarities between the premier mover and God. Aquinas’ position on the signifier of the good is besides comparable to God. shown by Logos who made the direct comparing of the Spirit of God and the Form of the good. These are both seen as perfect and unchanging. hence demoing another strong belief derived from the Bible. which has so been extended on to give a greater apprehension of our universe. Without the original descriptions in the bible. these thoughts would non hold been formed. significance we would hold even less of an apprehension of our universe and our God.

Again associating to Genesis. specifically Genesis 2. God is seen as anthropomorphous. An illustration of this is how he is seen as holding an ‘outstretched arm’ ( Exodus 6:6 ) . every bit good as traveling. speech production and smelling in Genesis. This offers us a signifier to God from the bible ; enabling Judaeo-Christian trusters understand how our God can associate to us. if he has a similar signifier.

God is besides seen as the most responsible and commanding being. This is seen in both Isaiah40:22-23. and in Genesis. for illustration when God threw Adam and Eve out the Garden of Eden. A being with this much control could non perchance be human in this universe. alternatively offering the position of God being anthropomorphous and transcendent to be much more fulfilling. Comparative to this is the apprehension of human’s free will. every bit does this non take God’s duty from him. if he can non be responsible for each of our actions if we have free will? This besides is contradicted with the job of immorality. as the being of immorality could be an illustration of God being irresponsible.

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The clip bound of God is besides an attribute worth discoursing. God is seen as omnipresent and ageless. but there are two positions to the start of His being. First. God is seen as temporally everlasting ; he existed for an infinite sum of clip and is now infinite. Opposing this is the position that God is spiritually timeless-he exists outside the existence. with no construct of clip. These are both argued from different positions of the bible. but most of the Judeo-christian faith would believe that God is dateless. with no construct of clip.

The chief four qualities of God are almighty. omnibenevolent. omniscient and omnipresent. First. omnipotent- intending all powerful. show in Revelation 19:6 ; ‘Alleluia! For the Lord God almighty reigns! ’ . This is believed due to the power God shows in narratives of the bible. for illustration. doing implosion therapy or a pestilence. Another quality is the omniscience of God. or the complete cognition. God knows everything that happens in the universe. disputing the job of immorality. as there may be a ground for immorality that is out of our apprehension. as we unlike God. are non all-knowing. Another of import quality is that God is omnibenevolent ; all loving. In 1 John 4. God is spoken as non merely loving. but at love itself. He is non thought as angry and hateful as other divinities.

God is besides seen holding many other properties. such as the three. being in 3 signifiers ; the male parent. the boy and the Holy Spirit. However. these are non as of import to Jews or Christians. The sanctity of God is besides expressed in the bible. as he is wholly without wickedness and immorality. Overall. God is seen as a being who is a human signifier outside of this universe. whose construct of clip is much different to ours.

B ) ‘The Bible is excessively Inconsistent to be Used for Moral Teachings’ Discuss ( 10 )
Throughout the Bible. there are many incompatibilities. although these may hold reasoning’s. The Bible was given to us by God. to be a moral usher. but this may do some issues. due to the incompatibilities.

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The first contradiction in the Bible is in Genesis ; as even the qualities of God are opposite. In Genesis 1. God is surpassing. compared to the God in Genesis 2. who is subjective. This causes jobs for Jews and Christians. as if they do non cognize the qualities of their God. how are they supposed to follow him?

On the other manus. it is likely that contradictions such as these may hold come from interlingual rendition. When the Bible was translated from Hebrew. a little misunderstanding can do a contradiction. taking to a misinterpretation.

The Bible does reprobate many things. which helps us to populate our lives free from wickedness and immorality. nevertheless. there are still some jobs. as people choose what they believe. thanks to liberate will. For illustration. the bible condemns eating runt far more than homosexualism ; nevertheless homosexualism is far more condemned today than eating runt. Contradictions in the bible. similar to above. are really common. This may be due to the bible merely being contextual when it was written. nevertheless. the pick and free will worlds hold can do a misinterpretation in the true significances of the bible. The contrast of God between the two testaments may besides be a job. as the personality of each was really different. This may be due to the author at the clip sing things otherwise. or due to the context of the people on Earth. In the Old Testament. God was vindictive. compared to the compassionate God in the New Testament preached by Jesus. Bible narratives. such as Genesis 7:21-23 where God caused a big inundation are considered vindictive. but. as God is all-knowing. we may non cognize the ground behind this act that may be considered ‘evil’ . when their may in fact be a good ground that worlds can non understand.

Q1b ) Explain the features of the different types of schools in relation to educational phase ( s ) and school administration There are three different classs of schools that exist to supply instruction. These classs are Maintained Schools. Independent Schools and Academies. Each class of school has its fluctuations in how they are governed and the educational phases they cover. First. there are the Maintained Schools which are funded by the Local Authority in which they are located. All Kept up Schools must follow the National Curriculum.

This class can be farther divided into four types of schools: Community Schools ; Foundation and Trust Schools ; Voluntary Schools and Specialist Schools. These schools can be either Primary or Secondary schools with the general exclusion being Specialist schools which tend to be at secondary instruction degree merely. Community Schools are owned and run by the Local Authority who assists the school in developing links within the local community. The Local Authority is besides responsible for the Admissions Policy at these schools and for supplying the support services the school requires. Foundation Schools are owned by a charitable foundation or a regulating organic structure. The determination to be this type of school is made by the regulating organic structure in audience with parents.

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It is the regulating organic structure which is responsible for the admittances policy which is determined in audience with the Local Authority. These schools have to purchase in support services. Trust Schools are a type of Foundation School nevertheless. these schools form a Charitable Trust with an outside concern. Voluntary Schools can besides be divided into two types ; Voluntary Aided and Voluntary Controlled. Voluntary Aided schools are run by a regulating organic structure and are chiefly spiritual or religion focused. Support is split between the regulating organic structure. the Local Education Authority and the Charity or spiritual administration which normally own the land and edifices.

The Local instruction authorization is responsible for supplying support services. Voluntary Controlled Schools in comparing are run and funded by the Local Authority although the land and edifices are owned by a Charity. It is the local authorization who provides the support services in these types of school. Specialist Schools are created when a mainstream secondary school applies for specializer position. This allows the school to develop in one or two specialist countries with extra authorities support. Many people wrote the bible. all in different clip sets. In between each recording of the narratives. some of import elements may hold been lost. Besides. the bible is merely each person’s callback of the event. and each individual’s reading. This may non be God’s true significance of the narrative. taking to contradictions and/or misinterpretations.

Since the clip in which the Bible was written. many philosophers have helped developed a better and wider apprehension of God. which may non hold been present at the clip of composing. As we can ne’er to the full understand God as he is wholly perfect. we may non be able to to the full understand why certain things have happened. although we know that God is omnibenevolent. therefore everything must be done for a loving ground.

Finally. to reason with the above statement. could be considered to reason against the 10 commandments- the 10 regulations on which morally our lives are based. The Bible is non a set regulation. it is merely a usher. which we should construe to each state of affairs. separately.