Exams Give No Real Indication of Ability – Essay Sample

How can a standardised test be a a true and appropriate indicant of every students’ ability to retain the cognition taught for the test?

Some pupils have photographic memories, some pupils are astonishing with memorisation, some pupils can analyze for hebdomads and not understand anything, some pupils learn so much better with essay writing help, others do better by merely reading.

Every individual is alone in their ain manner and that’s what makes us human. so how can educators anticipate standard tests to be the best possible indicant of an individual’s ability to retain cognition?

Exams cant estimate how good a individual you are, how ready and willing you are to larn and whether you have the ability to animate those around you.

In an educational sense I think an interview is more of import, it allows you to demo what kinda of individual and therfore what sort of pupil you will be every bit good as how smart you are in footings of ability to accommodate and work out jobs non merely memorise replies and theories.

Besides throughout history there are many instances of superb people who did ill in school but subsequently in their life they were realy succsessful, for example Albert Einstein.

Most of us take Einstein’s name as synonymous with mastermind, but he didn’t ever demo such promise. he did non talk until he was four and did non read until he was seven, doing his instructors and parents to believe he was mentally disabl, slow and anti-social. Finally, he was expelled from school. It might hold taken him a spot longer, but most people would hold that he caught on reasonably good in the terminal, winning the Nobel Prize and altering the face of modern natural philosophies.

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Besides Thomas Edison
In his early old ages. instructors told Edison he was “too stupid to larn anything. ”

Sometimes school can be more like an endourence competition than an instruction procedure and people need infinite and clip to let the things they learn to boom. You cant step the sum of cognition a individual has on a topic with a written test or a multiple pick or as Is like to name it, multiple conjecture. because if you don’t cognize the aswer, you merely think and you have a reasonably good alteration acquiring it right. But with that You are merely mensurating their ability to retain information in their encephalon.

’’No group and no authorities can properly order exactly what should represent the organic structure of cognition with which true instruction is concerned’’ Franklin D. Roosevelt.

’’There comes a clip when the head takes a higher plane of cognition but can ne’er turn out how it got at that place. ’’ Albert Einstein