Examining The Tools Of E Governance Information Technology Essay

Indian society is fastly change overing into one of the most modern and technological advanced communities of the universe. This is to do it at par with the remainder of the developed and sophisticated communities. There are many avenues as to the modern and superior phases. Good administration is besides one among them. Which really means to absorb and develop those facets that are friendly to the citizens and those can convey all fruits of democracy to common adult male. The pertinent issue to be addressed here is to happen out that through which means and what ways that we can hold achieve these ends. Good administration is a portion of the enterprise mentioned in the Constitution of India. Rule of Law or the just regulation can besides be related with this construct, as we find that both are auxiliary to each other.

In Rule of Law it is ensured that none of the community member gets deprived of the cardinal and legal rights. While in instance of E-governance same can be terraced to the answerability and transparence to the disposal. There are multiple facets of the good administration. Constitution of the regulation of jurisprudence is one among them and along with that there is sustainable development which could be the ultimate end of any society. In this article an over all facet of every corner is tired to be unturned which will warrant the function of the e-governance to the province of Punjab.

Good Administration

Good Governance automates and thereby velocities up everyday administrative maps. It enables the authorities to work better, outputs higher gross growing and costs less, apart from serving citizens ‘ demands as ne’er before. Citizens can freely interact with assorted authorities sections anytime, anyplace with minimum attempt. This besides have bundles for public wellness governments, hospital solutions, jurisprudence and order applications for constabulary sections, H2O resources direction solutions for irrigation sections, a first-of-its-kind bundle for touristry sections and a comprehensive societal public assistance supervising application for tribal ‘s and other marginalized subdivisions of society.

Good administration is playing an indispensable function in the promotion of the sustainable development of the society. It promotes the answerability, transparence, efficiency, and regulation of Law in public establishments at all degrees. It besides allows for sound and efficient direction of homo, natural, economic and fiscal resources for just development.

The major facet of the God administration which ah to be emphasized is the clear determination devising processs at the degree of Public governments, civil society engagement in determination devising procedures and the ability to implement leotardss of the common work forces. These facets of God administration do non guarantee the society to be in form and order, instead it guarantees that its absence would be restricting. Its absence limits the possibility of order and advancement in society, at the worst to hinder it. Looking to the really kernel of the market and the community trends we find that in the absence of the good administration the community could non brood, as a consequence there will be fewer investings. Money non able to accomplish its ends would allow the market develop scarce. There has to be attempts being made to hold the good administration placed in each and every portion of the community activity.


The regulation of jurisprudence, one of the most important features of good administration. There has been a impression that regulation of jurisprudence is inevitable to the good administration in any developed society. Before acquiring into the inside informations allow us understand the significance and definition of Rule of Law. Rule of Law could be nicely understood as a system with independent, efficient, and accessible judicial and legal system with a authorities that applies just and just Torahs every bit, systematically, coherently and prospectively to all of its people.

Administration is hence a critical development issue that authorities can ill afford to pretermit. Government effectivity and stableness, Rule of Law, Public disposal, Public finance and results were a few selected administration indexs taken by a survey group for measuring India ‘s standing amongst different states However subjective it could be, this appraisal revealed that India compared favourably with many developing states though it had a long manner to travel to achieve the degrees of developed states.[ 2 ]

While good administration can be defined as, handiness, predictability and transparence. It can besides be used for the construct of openness, engagement and duty to the community at big. Legislation has played a really important function by go throughing Information Technology Act in Implementing more transparence & A ; Rule of Law. E-Governance has changed the manner of working of authorities.


E-government is the uninterrupted optimisation of service bringing, constituency engagements and administration by transforming internal and external relationships through engineering, cyberspace and new media. ( Silubane, 2001 )

The 5 stages of e-Governance harmonizing to a study by United Nations, Division for Public Economics and Public Administration titled ‘Assessing the Advancement of the UN Member States ‘ are as follows:

Emerging – An official govt. on-line presence is established

Enhanced – Government sites addition ; information becomes more dynamic

Synergistic – Users can download signifiers, e-mail functionaries and interact through the web

Transactional – Users can really pay for services and other minutess online

Seamless – Full integrating of e-services across administrative boundaries.

Legal Commissariats enabling e-Governance

Legal Recognition to Electronic Recordi? IT Act, Section 4

Legal Recognition to Digital Signaturei? IT Act, Section 5

Authentication of Electronic Record by Digital Signaturei? IT Act, Section 3

Use of Electronic Record & A ; Digital Signature in Govt. & A ; its agenciesi? IT Act, Section 6


Legislative attempts to convey engineering revolution, this involves the ICT statute laws prevalent in India ;

Information Technology Act, 2000

The Electronic Commerce Act 1998

The Convergence Bill ( did non come into force )

The Right to Information Act 2005

To run into the challenges posed by the information engineering, the Parliament has enacted the Information Technology Act, 2000. The purpose of the Act is to supply a sound base for e-Governance and e-commerce.

What does E-Governance seek to accomplish



Citizens ‘ engagement

Therefore, contributes to

Good administration

Trust and Accountability

Citizen ‘s consciousness and authorization

Citizen ‘s public assistance


State ‘s economic growing

Factors for successful E-governance

Political will and exceed direction support.

Appropriate Cyber Torahs – e-transactions, difference handling.

Business processes re-engineering.

Decrease of determination devising beds.

Security and privateness.

Engagement of Staff and Stake-holders from construct to execution.

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Change direction.

Private-public partnership- appropriate gross theoretical account.

Common criterions and substructure.

Indian Languages.

Training and Motivation.

It must be noted that the e-Governance base can be efficaciously exploited for keeping a sound justness bringing system. The assorted demands, which are inevitable for the smooth operation of the justness system, are adequately, economically and safely taken attention of by the e-Governance. There are several commissariats in the Act that reflect India ‘s finding to use the benefits of e-governance for judicial intents. For case, electronic records are lawfully recognized, digital signatures have been given the position of signature in authorship, a presentment in electronic gazette is considered to be a valid presentment, etc.

Access to Information and E-Governance

Democratic administration requires the engagement of the people yet the voices of the hapless, adult females and minorities excessively frequently go unheard. It requires ‘inclusive engagement ‘ in which all people take portion in the authorities of their state. To be effectual, they will necessitate entree to information, and modern engineering can play an of import function.

Access to information is critical for transparence, answerability, engagement and regulation of jurisprudence – all trademarks of democratic administration.

E-governance involves a public investing in information and communicating engineerings ( ICTs ) to beef up administration procedures. Access to and usage of ICTs can supply new and advanced communicating channels that empower people and give voice to those who antecedently had none, while leting them to interact via webs and networking.

States are utilizing ICTs to increase public engagement in decision-making procedures, better how their public establishments map, and heighten the bringing of public services. UNDP ensures that these attempts include the hapless and marginalized.


Impact of E-Governance on Economy

A state holding a good GDP does non needfully hold an efficient authorities but increasing authorities efficiency has positive impact over GDP and more on per capita income. ( Kaufmann et al. 2002 )

Under Globalisation processes concerns can travel their operations more easy than earlier. This is coercing metropoliss, provinces, and states to vie more smartly in a host of countries to pull and retain concern and cognition workers. ( Deloitte Research, 2003 )

There are certain major issues related with e-governance and which has lead to the urban development. These are discussed in brief here with the undermentioned headers: –

E-Governance and Privacy Issues:

It is hard to see ‘privacy ‘ in isolation-it has to be seen in the context of dynamic engineerings of today. Privacy issues, which are relevant today, could non be judged from yesterday ‘s position. To a authorities, misdemeanor of privateness of single is a serious issue. Governments have been seeking to set up the primacy of privateness by turn toing issues both at macro and micro degrees. At macro degree, the single privateness is non an issue. It is expendable in the national involvement. Whereas, at micro degree safeguarding single ‘s privateness is a systematic and uninterrupted procedure. Privacy is a really personal issue. It ‘s about you and your personal infinite. You ‘re the concluding authorization to make up one’s mind truth, entree, security and control of your personal information every bit good as its usage and whether it could be passed on to 3rd parties.

E-Governance and Data Protection:

One of the most of import undertakings in any e-governance theoretical account is to protect and supply the security to the person ‘s informations. When we talk about the security facets, we are looking into both patroling and preventative steps. Virtual universe is a topographic point with its ain dark corners and back streets. What you portion, in good religion, can be exploited against you. The more you open up to portion, the more vulnerable you make yourself. What you touch electronically touches you back. We need a regulative mechanism to protect and supply the security to the person ‘s informations.

Success of an e-governance theoretical account would depend upon the perceptual experience of an single about its effectivity in procuring his personal information. And without statutory passages there are no warrants as such. UK ‘s Data Protection Act, 1998, is one such passage. It is built around eight informations protection rules that apply to all personal informations processed by Data Controllers ( it includes companies, concerns, organisations – employers, local and cardinal authoritiess ) .

Data Controllers determine the intents for which and the mode in which any personal information is ( or is to be ) processed.

Personal Data

Personal informations relates to a populating person who can be identified:

iˆ from the informations

from the information & A ; other information in the ownership of, or probably to come into the ownership of, informations accountant

iˆ any look of sentiment about the person

Sensitive Personal Data

iˆ iˆ racial or cultural beginning

iˆ iˆ political sentiments

iˆ iˆ spiritual beliefs or other beliefs of similar nature

iˆ iˆ rank of a trade brotherhood

iˆ iˆ physical or mental wellness status

iˆ iˆ sex life

iˆ iˆ felon offenses

iˆ iˆ condemnable proceedings and strong beliefs

Personal Datas: Eight Principles

Personal informations shall:

iˆ iˆ be obtained & amp ; processed reasonably and legitimately

iˆ iˆ be held merely for lawful intents, which are described in the registry entry

iˆ iˆ be used or disclosed merely for lawful or compatible intents

iˆ iˆ be equal, relevant and non inordinate in relation to the intent for which they

rheniums held

iˆ iˆ be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to day of the month

iˆ iˆ be held no longer than is necessary for the intent for which they are held

iˆ iˆ be accessible to persons it concerns, who may, where appropriate, correct or erase it

iˆ iˆ be surrounded by proper security

For effectual e-governance, proper attending and attention has to be given to the privateness and security of personal ( read: user ‘s ) information.

E-Governance: Extending Rule of Law in Cyberspace:

E-governance is besides about widening regulation of jurisprudence in the internet. Crimes of ‘physical infinite ‘ have found a practical extension in internet. The arms of offense are sophisticated technological tools, which are non easy to observe. Every twenty-four hours, engineering is adding new arms in the practical armory. It ‘s traveling to acquire worse before it gets better. Technology is a great leveller. It has created a really savory state of affairs where the felons and the jurisprudence enforcement bureaus are at par with one another with regard to proficient know-how. In fact, both of them are on the acquisition curve, upgrading their accomplishment sets by each passing twenty-four hours. The inquiry is who will win this game? Stakes are really highaˆ¦.winner takes all. It is imperative that the Governments should acknowledge that the hereafter is imperfect and while developing e-governance theoretical accounts they should besides look into security and safety steps.

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We list down some of the challenges which are specific to India which are given by NIC.

Lack of Integrated Services: Most of the eGovernance Services being offered by province or cardinal authoritiess are non integrated. This can chiefly be attributed to Lack of Communication between different Departments. So the information that resides with one section has no or really small significance to some other section of Government.[ 3 ]

Lack of Cardinal Persons: eGovernance undertakings lack cardinal individuals, non merely from technological facet, but from other facets as good.

Population: This is likely the biggest challenge. Apart from being an plus to the state it offers some alone issues, an of import one being Establishing Person Identities. There is no alone individuality of a individual in India. Apart from this, mensurating the population, maintaining the database of all Indian subjects ( & A ; maintaining it updated ) are some other related challenges.

Different Languages: A challenge due to the diverseness of the state. It enforces demand to make administration ( upto certain degree ) , in local linguistic communications. Guaranting eGovernance in local linguistic communication is a large undertaking to accomplish.

Harmonizing to an officer from NIC, success factors of e-Gov undertakings –

10 % Technology

60 % Procedure

20 % Change Management

Rest is luck


Planing with Environment

There is now a basic struggle of statute law between the District Planning Committee Act and the Town & A ; Country Planning Act. The former may be modified as “ District & A ; State Planning Act, and the Town & A ; Country Planning Act repealed. Planning and environment shall so hold to be made one portfolio. This will ease replacing uneconomical Soviet type centralised planning by scientific regional planning turn toing both socio economic and environmental resources as mandated by the Constitution and practised in all good managed democracies.

District Planning Sub Committee

States have taken enterprise in remodelling territory planning commissions as District Governments with a Minister in-charge as president and all national, province and local elected representatives from the territory and some others as members. Such District Governments take intra territory determinations of all sections. This facilitates speedy, crystalline determination doing on many local issues. There is a complete hierarchy of the officers who are looking to the working of the territory disposal. There are commissions which are working to urban planning.

One or two geographer contrivers may be appointed in every zila panchayet to help them in fixing regional ( rural ) programs and for the District Planning Committee to organize them with urban planning. Gradually satellite imagination can be used.

As in other provinces municipalities may committee planning houses of reputation for fixing development programs. They may prosecute one or two designer contrivers non for design work, but to ( 1 ) proctor the work of be aftering advisers, ( 2 ) grip be aftering permission and edifice blessings, and ( 3 ) map as member-secretary to the Arts & A ; Heritage Commission, . The outgo on planning will be an first-class investing since municipalities will retrieve much more through be aftering permission and other charges!

Planing Permission & A ; Land Subdivision

Planing permission is a powerful tool to modulate development based on the sanctioned program. Planing permission is soon granted by the Director Town & A ; Country Planning who charges nominal be aftering fee and creates a immense liability on the municipality to supply external services such as major roads, H2O supply and sanitation.

Registration of Gross saless

Registrars under the Transfer of Property Act frequently register sale of plots sub-divided without be aftering permission. Though enrollment does non confabulate rubric, it creates an visual aspect of rubric therefore furthering land frauds and illegal settlements. It besides consequences in loss of be aftering permission fees to local authoritiess, liability on them to supply external substructure, and all unit of ammunition civic impairment.

Public Hearings

Public hearings should be organised by independent hearing commissioners appointed from a panel prepared by the Humanistic disciplines and Heritage Commission. They are given due consideration while treating the proposal for blessing. Reports of public hearings and the determinations are public paperss and should be published on the web site of the concerned local authoritiess for the information of citizens.


Many provinces had taken e-governance at different degrees but Punjab was the first province to endeavor to convey the entree to information at the chink of a mouse button with one waiter for whole of the province. he most indispensable services would be the first to be brought into the scope of e-governance. There is several enterprises put froth by the Punjab authorities to convey about e-governance. This has non merely helped to develop Punjab in entirety but besides paved manner for the whole state to larn the same and adopt.

Introduction to Information Technology Wing: The Information Technology Wing is the designated Nodal Wing for the execution of e-Governance in Punjab Police. The slogan of the Wing is “ Information Driven Policing ” .

Vision & A ; Mission of the Wing

To command all signifiers of offense and condemnable activities by taking suited and appropriate preventative steps accompanied by effectual sensing.

To increase consciousness of Law to public.

To achieve transparence in patroling without compromising national security.

To increase handiness to common adult male so as to turn to grudges by manner of improved police-public interface.

Supplying a secure environment to citizens through better direction of Human Resources, equipment and usage of Law.

To guarantee speedy and effectual justness thereby penalizing the wrongdoer and to forestall return of offenses.

To streamline internal disposal by guaranting that there is efficiency and uniformity in Recruitment, Promotions, Rewards, Punishments, Welfare activities etc. , so as to instill a sense of subject and committedness to the organisation.

To streamline other countries like procurance, shops and finance and budget.

Existing e-Governance enterprises undertaken in Department of Police:

CIPA & A ; CCTNS: Under the CIPA Project, 145 PSs out of a sum of 291 Postscripts have been covered. The IT & A ; T Wing of Punjab Police has nevertheless uploaded CIPA package in all the PSs in Punjab except 11 PSs of GRP. From January 1, 2009 all 280 PSs are bring forthing computerized FIRs on CIPA format. Under the CCTNS ( Crime Criminal Tracking Network System ) Project, of which CIPA is a sub-set, recording of FIR would go online and web based. Even tracking of FIRs and other public related ailments would go online. The CCTNS Project is likely to be implemented by Government of India from 2009.

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LAN/WAN: LAN ( Local Area Network ) has been established at PPHQ Chandigarh and all territory Police Offices ( DPOs ) in Punjab. Broadband Internet Connectivity has been provided to all the above offices for easing e-mailing for official intents. Now proposal to supply broadband Internet Connectivity to all the Police Stations, Armed Police BNs. HQRs and other constabularies units in Punjab is under procedure.

Training: This wing has selected a nucleus group of about 200 immature educated and skilled NGOs as Trainers for leaving preparation at Range Level CIPA and IT Training Centers. Up to April 2010, 10500 functionaries have been imparted preparation in CIPA and other IT related classs. The chief classs being run are on rudimentss of Computers and Automation, CIPA package Operation, Networking in LAN-WAN, Hardware Training, and Cyber Crime Awareness.

Punjab Police Website: The official web site of Punjab Police is registered as sphere name “ www.punjabpoliceindia.org ” . It is dynamically strengthened so as to supply increased infinite for information to be made available to internet users. Linkss have been provided to the Websites of the Punjab & A ; Haryana High Court, Govt. of India, Govt. of Punjab and NCRB etc.

Crime Criminal Information System ( CCIS ) : This is a condemnable records direction system maintained by National Crime Records Bureau ( NCRB ) . This is used for punching and hive awaying the information of offense and felons at SCRB / DCRB.

Motor Vehicle Coordinating system: This is used for punching and hive awaying the information of stolen / recovered vehicles at SCRB / DCRB.

Talash: This is used for punching and hive awaying the information of losing individuals / unidentified dead organic structures.

Portrayal edifice: This application is used to fix studies of suspected felons.

Payroll/GPF: It is used to fix the wage axial rotations / GPF statements of constabulary forces.

Identity card system: This is used for fixing the individuality cards of constabulary functionaries / officers.

Organized Crime Information System ( OCIS ) : This is a web based application developed by National Crime Record Bureau ( NCRB ) for pluging in information related to assorted bureaus involved in organized condemnable activities including history sheeters, terrorist activities, robbery, larceny etc.

Other Enterprises of Punjab Government[ 4 ]

Punjab Sewa

It is a one halt portal for common adult male that provides comprehensive information on all sorts of citizen services. Besides, it describes the importance of specific service and process of application. They can besides download Application Form from this portal. Some of the information and services available on this portal:

Land and gross

General certification

Conveyance services

Public distribution services

Municipal services

Social security and pension services etc.


Issue and reclamation of Bus Passes to freedom combatants and handicapped individual

Pension to old age, widows, impoverished kids and handicapped individuals

Issue and reclamation of ID-Cards to freedom combatants

Character Verification

Issue of Dependent Certificate to wards of freedom combatants

Issue of Dependent Certificate to Riots/terrorist victims

Attestation of Indemnity bond

Attestation and credence of Surety bond

Issue of Nationality Certificate

Issue of Birth, Death and Unmarried Certificate

Attestation of Affidavit

Passport Services and Arms License Issuance System

Issue of NOC ( Petrol pump, matrimony castle, Hotel & A ; Restaurant, Cinema etc. )

Issue and reclamation of Driving License

Registration of Vehicle

Permission for carnivals

Issuance & A ; Renewal of Licenses for ( Arms Dealers, Cinema, Video Parlour )

Following backend applications are besides available at suwidha:

Weaponries Licenses Issuance System ( ALIS )

Countersigning of Documents ( COD )

Birth and Death Certificate Issuance System ( BDCIS )

Social Security Information System ( SSIS )

Affidavit Information System ( AIS )

Certificate Issuance System ( CIS )

Court Information System ( CoIS )

Handicap Certificate Issuance System ( HCIS )

Passport Applications Acceptance System ( WebPASS )

Online Public Utility Forms

Department wise public public-service corporation signifiers, i.e- Social security and pensions, Municipal services, Housing services, Transport, Agriculture, Public distribution services, Freedom combatants, Education and preparation, Ex-servicemen, Small nest eggs, Electricity and Industries

All signifiers are available in pdf format and easy downloadable

Online Grievance Redressal

Send your ailment to any section of Government of Punjab

Instantaneous redressal of ailment


Core Servicess:

Certificates – Domicile, Income, Marriage, Employment, Nativity, Caste

Social Security – Pensions ( Old age, Widow, Handicap, Destitute ) , Application, Sanction,

Updation, payments

Gross Court – Case listing, Case dissolution, filing, stay or concluding, Record-room


Government dues and recovery – Issue of notices, Record payments, Track default processes, Updation of exchequer grosss

Public distribution system – Registration, Change of reference, Addition of members, Issue of extras

RTI services – Grievance redressal services, Information for supervising cardinal societal public assistance schemes/programs

This is Accessible at hypertext transfer protocol: //www.doitpunjab.gov.in/edistrict.htm


Today we find that with the consciousness coming to all the kingdom of the public life, good administration has become an inevitable feature. Rule of jurisprudence has been the really basic characteristic of Indian community, and it can merely be achieved and satisfied when there can be good administration. The roar in the information and engineering has altered good administration excessively. Now it could be apparent that every where electronification to authorities section has been done. In one manner this has brought revolution to the working of the authorities and on the other has helped the common work forces to accomplish his ends.

The province of Punjab is besides non an exclusion. Every where e-governance has become a portion and package of the authorities. There are two constructs, e-government which depicts the function of the authorities to the modernisation of the policies and programs, while the e- administration is the facilitation brought to the community people. Hence it is brought through the article that Punjab has been able to convey both these component to its people.

E-Governance execution is the demand of the hr. For successful execution Standards, Infrastructure, Legislations, Strategy all demands to be in topographic point. It besides requires constitution of assorted establishments under the Ministry of Information Technology. It requires a Global Vision and local execution. And above all it requires e-readiness in the heads of citizens and the Government employees.

The paper will be uncomplete without giving a way coming from words of Mahatma Gandhi,

“ . aˆ¦Whether what we are making benefits the common adult male in anywayaˆ¦ “