Examining The Roots Of Elder Abuse Social Work Essay

This paper focuses on the issue of senior abuse the causes and what can be done to forestall it. Background information is provided explicating the different sorts of senior maltreatment that may happen. Then articles depicting different surveies of the possible effects of senior maltreatment ( including early decease ) , the potency cause behind maltreater ‘s actions ( such as emphasis, anxiousness, or depression ) , and hazard factors of victims ( such as societal support systems ) are explored. The surveies illustrate how different hazard factors interact to make state of affairss of maltreatment. They finally point to the demand for a great trade of support and answerability in the field of senior attention. More research is still needed in this filed to supply older grownups with the best attention possible but with surveies such as the 1s examined in this paper better quality attention will shortly go available to more aged people who are in demand of it.

Family force and disregard is a capable full of tenseness but to understand it we must analyze it. There are many different ways force and disregard can be displayed within a household and all are potentially unsafe. Often the most concerning household force is the victimization of the most vulnerable members of the household. While kids are surely a vulnerable demographic, there is another every bit vulnerable group, the aged. Elder mistreatment is something that should be researched and examined to supply better protective services and intercessions for possible hereafter victims, every bit good as to acknowledge and stop current instances of maltreatment.

While aging does non ever intend that a individual must go dependent on health professionals, many aged people do need attention. When physical aid is needed in finishing mundane undertakings or when an older grownup becomes incapable of doing sound determinations, they are at the clemency of those who are caring for them. There are many different ways that the aged may fall pray to mistreatment or mistreat. Abuse may take the signifier of verbal assault that causes emotional harm, physical force or restraint, or sexual maltreatment ( Hildreth, Burke, and Glass, 2009 ) . Other signifiers of mistreatment may include disregard of the attention receiver ‘s demands or development or stealing their ownerships and/ or money ( Hildreth et al. , 2009 ) . All of these projects are immoral and harmful to those vulnerable to being victims. Learning more about why these events occur will assist us to forestall future incidents.

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Health professionals can easy see emphasis from the undertakings that they must execute, and may even experience bitterness towards the aged individual they are caring for. This is a unsafe state of affairs because many hazard factors for senior mistreatment are present.

Elder maltreatment is peculiarly unsafe because there are correlativities between this sort of maltreatment and mortality as described by Dong, Simon, Medes de Leon, Fulmer, Beck, Hebert, Dyer, Paveza, and Evans ‘ article ( 2009 ) . Harmonizing to a longitudinal survey performed in Chicago with around 9000 participants over the age of 65 “ …reported senior maltreatment was significantly associated with increased hazard of overall mortality… ” , ( Dong et al. , 2009 ) . This survey included people of diverse cultural groups, educational backgrounds, and socioeconomic positions.

Another interesting point presented by Dong et Al. ( 2009 ) is that the Chicago survey showed, mortality is further increased when senior maltreatment is paired with lower degrees of cognitive and physical operation. This information is in understanding with the hypothesis that maltreatment has a more negative impact on those who are more vulnerable due to their physical and/or mental provinces. While this survey gives us insight into the relationship between senior maltreatment and mortality for vulnerable older grownups it does non look at the features of those who are culprits of maltreatment or why they engage in senior mistreatment. Without more comprehensive research we will non be able to forestall future instances.

One survey in the United Kingdom looked at peculiar correlativities between the emphasis and trouble health professionals experience and their self-reported senior mistreatment ( Cooper, Selwood, Blanchard, Walker, Blizard, and Livingston 2009 ) , this survey was cross-sectional and involved about 220 friends and household members supplying attention to older grownups. The participants were asked to self-report on how frequently peculiar events occurred within supplying attention ( Cooper et al. , 2009 ) . These events included things such as menaces of force or forsaking, keep backing societal interaction, name-calling, and utilizing physical force ( Cooper et al. , 2009 ) . Each participant was besides asked to finish the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, which assesses the emotional and province of those supplying attention, and in conclusion they self-reported on the Zarit Burden Scale, a step of the different degrees of attention, both physical and emotional, they each must supply ( Cooper et al. 2009 ) .

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The consequences of this survey were striking. As reported by Cooper et Al. ( 2009 ) those who experienced more anxiousness and a greater grade of load ( more hours supplying attention and/or more hard attention ) self-reported more incidents of senior mistreatment. Though this determination does non turn out that sing more emphasis from supplying attention will do abuse it does demo a clear correlativity between these factors. It is besides of import to observe that because the responses were self-reported opprobrious incidents may hold been underestimated by this survey ( Cooper et al. , 2009 ) .

The CARD survey provides valuable information that can be applied practically to assist predict and prevent future incidents of senior mistreatment. If health professionals are assessed for the sum of load they carry and the anxiousness that they experience, than those at higher hazard of senior mistreatment could be provided with services and support to forestall opprobrious incidents.

Information on the features of those who perpetrate senior maltreatment or mistreatment is utile for the intents of placing people at hazard for developing such behaviours. Looking merely at those who engage in mistreatment though, does non let us to understand what possible victims of maltreatment have in common. By analyzing what hazard factors exist for older grownups we will besides be able to place people who are at most at hazard of going victims. The surveies antecedently presented showed that older grownups who are disputing to care for are more at hazard, nevertheless this is non the lone relevant hazard factor for victims.

Another survey of senior mistreatment done in a Chinese community explored the effects of depression and societal support on people of different genders ( Dong, Beck, & A ; Simon, 2009 ) . This survey used different measurement graduated tables such as the Vulnerability to Abuse Screening Scale, the Geriatric Depression Scale, and the Social Support Index to garner correlational informations about the how depression affects a individual ‘s exposure to mistreat and whether or non holding strong societal supports is a protective factor ( Dong et al. , 2009 ) . The findings were at first expected, those who self-reported higher rates of depression or feelings of weakness, both work forces and adult females, were more likely to see elder mistreatment ( Dong et al. , 2009 ) . However, when societal interactions were added into the scenario, demoing different degrees of societal support, the protective nature of a strong support system was more marked for work forces than for adult females ( Dog et al. 2009 ) . The consequences of this survey by Dong et Al. ( 2009 ) suggest that adult females who are sing depression and feelings of weakness are non every bit good protected by a societal web as work forces in the same state of affairs.

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Looking at the survey of aged Chinese people ( Dong et al. 2009 ) the deductions are that when sing older people with depressive symptoms, supplying societal support is non plenty to forestall elder mistreatment, particularly for adult females. What so, is the solution? How can elder maltreatment and mistreatment be prevented?

An article in The Journal of the American Medical Association makes suggestions of what to make to forestall senior maltreatment. The first measure in forestalling incidents of senior mistreatment is to be argus-eyed and observant when covering with at hazard community members. This means taking note of how both seniors and health professionals are fairing by detecting interactions and by listening to what they have to state ( Hildreth et al. , 2009 ) . The return place message is to take immediate action if maltreatment is suspected, this may intend seeking guidance or mentioning person else to professional aid ( Hildreth et al. , 2009 ) . Supplying support and aid to a fighting health professional may be merely every bit of import as supplying societal support to the older individual who is being cared for. Whatever the class of action it should be speedy and compassionate with the best involvement of the aged in head.

Research on senior maltreatment has non been pursued every bit long as research in similar Fieldss such as kid maltreatment or domestic force. However, as more surveies are done in this country better attention will go available to people who have been victims and better schemes for forestalling this type of mistreatment will emerge. The current research shows that the best class of action is to be observant and supply as much support as possible to both the aged and their health professionals.