Examining The Different Concerns Of Mental Health Social Work Essay

Mental Health concerns the manner people think, feel and behave. Approximately a one-fourth of the people shacking in the UK face the chance of developing mental wellness jobs at some phase of their lives, which in bend can adversely impact their physical wellness, societal and work relationships, and day-to-day lives ( Gould, 2006, p 109-125 ) . About 250,000 people in the UK undergo intervention in psychiatric infirmaries, even as more than 4,000 people commit suicide, every twelvemonth ( Gould, 2006, p 109-125 ) . Official studies in Northern Ireland reveal that about 20 % of the population is likely to endure from some kind of mental complaint in the class of their lives ( Gould, 2006, p 109-125 ) .

Mental wellness complaints can come approximately in different signifiers and affect people in assorted ways. Bi-polar upsets, schizophrenic disorder, depression and other personality upsets represent different types of mental wellness complaints ( Shepherd et al, 2008, p 17 to 22 ) . Such wellness jobs are more apparent in people from hapless economic backgrounds and cultural minority groups, every bit good as in those who are disabled, homeless and have a history of piquing ( Goodwin & A ; Jamison, 2007, p 72 to 78 ) . Peoples with mental wellness complaints need aid and support in order to get by with their conditions, with common methods of intervention and intercession including medicine, psychotherapeutics, reding and self authorization ( Goodwin & A ; Jamison, 2007, p 72 to 78 ) . Social work policies and statute law in the UK topographic point great accent on the provisioning of required wellness and societal attention to people with mental unwellnesss ( Gould, 2006, p 109-125 ) . All states in the UK besides have slightly similar statute law and societal policies for assisting and back uping people with mental complaints. Mental wellness statute law, in Northern Ireland, is presently governed by the Mental Health ( Northern Ireland ) Order 1986, as amended by the Mental Health ( Amendment ) ( Northern Ireland ) Order 2004, even as a nationwide argument is in procedure on the demand to do farther alterations ( Shepherd et al, 2008, p 17 to 22 ) .

Social workers have a important function to play in the provisioning of support to people with mental wellness complaints, particularly so in an environment where organizational constructions are changing and where some groups perchance do non have carnival and just services ( Payne, 2005, p 7 to 12 ) . Mental wellness societal work foremost emerged in the UK with the assignment of a societal worker at the Tavistock clinic in 1927 ( Payne, 2005, p 7 to 12 ) . Most societal workers in mental wellness bring to their work attacks that are shaped by the person-centred societal theoretical account and whilst they do non contradict the worth of medical sentiments in the country of mental wellness, they do see it as a restrictive and unequal attack to the issue ( Gould, 2006, p 109-125 ) .

It is nevertheless still non widely recognised that mental wellness jobs can and make occur because of societal unfairness and subjugation, or that persons with mental wellness complaints are likely to confront favoritism and societal exclusion ( Sheppard, 2002, p 779 to 797 ) . Such effects of mental wellness complaints can take to societal isolation, unemployment, poorness, unequal lodging and limited societal and support webs ( Sheppard, 2002, p 779 to 797 ) . Social exclusion in such instances arises chiefly because of the impact of favoritism and stigma about mental complaints, which can in bend be due to incorrect premises, unequal inter-agency coordination, and a sultry medical theoretical account based focal point on clinical facets of mental complaints.

Social workers function on the footing of values that call on them to battle subjugation and favoritism of all kinds, work towards authorization of service users and advance human worth, self-respect and societal justness ( Fook, 2002, p 6 to 15 ) . Service users besides value and appreciate the stigma-free aid and service entree that is provided by societal workers ( Fook, 2002, p 6 to 15 ) . Social workers who are trained to cover with mental wellness jobs now function on par with other mental wellness professionals in the appraisal and planning of intercession for people with such complaints.

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This short essay trades with the function of the writer as a community mental wellness societal worker in Northern Ireland. Two peculiar instances dealt with by the writer, one with a female with bi-polar upset and the other with a male with schizophrenic disorder, both of whom live in the community, are taken up for elaborate treatment in this survey.

Intervention with Janet ( Bi-Polar Disorder )

Janet, a 43 twelvemonth old black married adult female and a female parent of one male kid, aged 7, resides in the local community in which I am placed in a societal service bureau. My bureau works to better the societal and economic fortunes of people enduring from mental complaints.

I have, pursuant to the completion of my academic preparation as a societal worker, undergone extra preparation in mental wellness and am now placed with an bureau that works in coaction with other public and private societal work bureaus and medical and mental wellness professionals to better the physical, societal and economic fortunes of people with mental wellness complaints in the community. My work includes appraisal of people with mental wellness troubles, be aftering suited intercessions for them, supplying guidance services, and assisting societal service bringing in different countries.

Janetâ€â„¢s complaint, Bi-Polar upset, is besides known as manic-depressive unwellness, and is a medical complaint, rather like diabetes, bosom disease or other physical unwellnesss. Bi-Polar upset concerns the happening of temper motions that are more than normal in people and is a serious unwellness ( Goodwin & A ; Jamison, 2007, p 72 to 78 ) . Whilst most people with the disease move between conditions of depression and passion, others suffer from both feelings at the same time, a status that is known as a province ( Goodwin & A ; Jamison, 2007, p 72 to 78 ) . The disease is in many instances hard to turn up at the clip of its beginning and people suffer for many old ages before it is diagnosed and treated suitably. Peoples enduring from this status study marks of ( a ) periods of elevated tempers followed by periods of annoyance or disablement, ( B ) stages of activity or physical agitation, ( degree Celsius ) rushing ideas, ( vitamin D ) fickle sleeping forms, ( vitamin E ) pique fits, ( degree Fahrenheit ) daredevil behavior, ( g ) impulsive activity, ( H ) inappropriate sexual activity, ( I ) hallucinations, ( J ) defiant and cranky behavior and ( K ) suicidal ideas ( Goodwin & A ; Jamison, 2007, p 72 to 78 ) . Such upsets tend to decline if non treated suitably and can ensue in societal, personal and work oriented jobs for people who have the status ( Goodwin & A ; Jamison, 2007, p 72 to 78 ) . Bi-polar disease is besides associated with substance maltreatment, anxiousness upsets, societal phobic disorder, thyroid jobs, megrims, bosom disease, fleshiness and diabetics.

Whilst Janet has experienced important temper swings of all time since her teens, she was able to get by with her jobs adequately until the birth of her kid. She began to undergo greater degrees of manic-depressive swings after the birth of her boy and was referred by her GP to a psychiatrist some two old ages ago. Whilst she has undergone medicine for many months, she has ne’er been hospitalised. She had two terrible onslaughts of temper instability, with wild swings between passion and depression, during the last twelvemonth, the more recent of which occurred merely one and a half months ago. My bureau has been given the duty of measuring her status and planning suited intercession and I have taken up the undertaking.

Accessing and analyzing Janetâ€â„¢s medical records and societal work history after taking up her instance, I made myself cognizant of her complete medical facts. I besides consulted her GP, ( as the head-shrinker who had last seen her was non available ) , and had a treatment with a community mental wellness nurse, whom I otherwise know good, on the fortunes of people with bi-polar upsets.

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I made an assignment with Janet, taking attention to guarantee that her hubby Roger would besides be present during our meeting. I went for the meeting to her house on the appointed twenty-four hours and clip with complete records and was pleased to happen both hubby and married woman waiting for me. Janet was still retrieving from the last episode of bi-polar upset and both hubby and married woman were concerned about get the better ofing the challenges of her complaint. Our meeting lasted for over an hr and I took attention to follow a person-centred attack by seting Janet at the Centre of things and inquiring for her sentiment on what she felt would be the best attack to cover with her status. I found both Roger and Janet desiring to be treated at place and against the thought of hospitalization. Janet besides did non wish to be separated from her kid. I furthermore found that Roger had already spoken to his employers and organised a flexi-working modus operandi that allowed him to give more clip to his married woman.

I explained to them, every bit good as I could, the deductions of the disease and the assorted interventions that were available for maintaining it to the full under control. I have recommended a audience for Janet with a head-shrinker, and single guidance for cognitive behavioral therapy. I feel that such therapy, if followed by group therapy, will be able to assist her significantly, even as she continues with her medicine. Hospitalization does non look to be needed at present.

I feel it of import that Janet should non hold any feelings of insufficiency in her ability to populate a normal life, take attention of her kid and have healthy societal relationships. I have already written to the concerned people for set uping for cognitive behavioral therapy and will do another visit to the twosome after a month to measure the advancement. I have besides asked Roger to reach me if any negative developments occur during the coming month.

Intervention with Simon ( Schizophrenia )

Simon Grant, a 30 twelvemonth old white male, lives by himself in a little flat in the community in which my bureau operates. Simon is enduring from schizophrenic disorder since he was 23 old ages old. He is single and whilst in a relationship, is yet to get down populating with his spouse. A in writing interior decorator by profession, Simon freelances from his place and has flexible working hours, which depend upon the nature of the assignments that he takes from clip to clip. He is under medicine for schizophrenic disorder and his instance has been referred to me for purveying of support in my function as a mental wellness societal worker.

Schizophrenia is a neurological unwellness that largely affects immature people ( Ramon, 2000, p 32 to 47 ) . It distorts the senses, affects knowledge and frequently makes it hard to separate the existent from the unreal ( Ramon, 2000, p 32 to 47 ) . Schizophrenia is among the most common of mental unwellnesss and manifests itself in a figure of symptoms, which are nevertheless common to other unwellnesss and therefore hard to tie in merely with this disease ( Ramon, 2000, p 32 to 47 ) . Noticeable symptoms of the complaint include depression, irrational statements, disorganised behavior, unexpected ill will, indifference, drug or intoxicant maltreatment, menaces of ego mutilation, ceaseless staring, forgetfulness, and utmost reactions to unfavorable judgment ( Ramon, 2000, p 32 to 47 ) . Whilst the causes of schizophrenic disorder are still being debated, research is get downing to concentrate on neuro-chemical instabilities, intellectual blood flow, familial sensitivity, emphasis, drug maltreatment, and nutrition ( Ramon, 2000, p 32 to 47 ) . It is nevertheless confirmed that the disease does non concern, as is widely believed, a split personality ( Ramon, 2000, p 32 to 47 ) . It is besides non caused by hapless parenting, poorness, childhood injury, or by personal failures ( Ramon, 2000, p 32 to 47 ) . Schizophrenia, if untreated, can take to isolation, break or arrested development of personal and societal development, diminution in quality of attempt, societal and economic losingss, and substance maltreatment ( Ramon, 2000, p 32 to 47 ) . Schizophrenic individuals have greater opportunities of homelessness and their self-destruction hazards are multiplied ( Ramon, 2000, p 32 to 47 ) .

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Whilst I have good studies about Simonâ€â„¢s response to medicine, and his duty towards undergoing medical intervention, I was concerned that he lived entirely. Whilst schizophrenic patients can be treated efficaciously with medicine, patient results improve greatly if they stay with their households and their households are incorporated into the intervention squad. I fixed up my first assignment with Simon merely after analyzing his medical files and determining his medical status and current intervention really good. My first meeting with him took topographic point six months ago and I found him to be a bright immature individual, who was knowing about his profession, wanted to make good in life, and live a normal and happy being. He was nevertheless concerned about his status and the fact that he was non normal and suffered from a good known mental unwellness. He was concerned about issues like societal stigma and exclusion, and had on intent moved out of his parentâ€â„¢s place, because of the cognition of people in the vicinity about his disease.

I have been sing Simon one time every six hebdomads, of all time since out first meeting, and have impressed upon him the demand to take his medical specialties on a regular basis and to travel in for cognitive testing in order to happen out whether his cognitive operation demands to be improved. I have besides impressed upon him the demand to remain with person else, because of the likeliness of an exigency that can be caused by a sudden schizophrenic disorder episode. He has written to his female parent, who has now decided to travel in with him from following month and remain with him until he settles down with his spouse.

I have besides initiated his fall ining a support group, whose members should be able to assist him in bettering his status. A treatment with his physician has revealed that Simon has non been really regular with his medicine and needs better guidance, every bit good as aid with nutrition. I have discussed with him about the demand for proper medicine and intervention and have helped him in working out a chart to assist him with his medicine agenda and his nutrition demands.


My arrangement is turn outing to be highly honoring in footings of practical acquisition and experience. I am seeking, to the best of my ability, to use the different societal work theories that I have imbibed during my academic preparation in my pattern in mental wellness in Northern Ireland.

I am at all points of clip seeking to follow a positive, person-centred and anti-discriminatory attitude towards my clients and get the better of any personal or cultural prejudices that I may harbor towards mentally ailing people. My experience with Janet and Simon reaffirms the feeling that mentally ill people suffer from strong insecurities because of their status and are frequently exploited and mentally scarred by societal stigma. Whilst mental complaints are now known to happen because of medical and societal fortunes, many members of society still view people with mental complaints negatively and tie in them with madness and force.

I do appreciate that medicine is frequently indispensable for handling such people. It is nevertheless every bit if non more of import for societal workers to understand the single worth of service users, follow a person-centred attack, take history of their sentiments and affect them in the planning of intercessions. My experience with both Janet and Simon reveals that reding and household engagement are of great aid in bettering the conditions of mentally sick people and that hospitalization should be considered merely as the last resource.