Examining The Child Care Case Study Social Work Essay

High profile probes since 2000 high spot failures in kid protection Laming, 2003 and Laming, 2009, doing countrywide concern, media remark and public argument and seting societal work under the microscope.

Working Together to Safeguard Children: A Guide to Inter-agency Working to Safeguard and Promote the Welfare of Children ( H M Government, 2010 ) sets out how administrations and persons should work together to safeguard and advance the public assistance of kids in conformity with the Children Act, 1989 and the Children Act, 2004. The papers sets out statutory counsel from primary statute law and duties for professionals and bureaus.

The Children Act, 1989 is designed to assist maintain kids safe and good and, if necessary, assist a kid to populate with their household by supplying services appropriate to the kid ‘s demands. It places a general responsibility of every local authorization to safeguard and advance the public assistance of kids in their country who are in demand. Section 17 defines a ‘child in demand ‘ as a kid who is “ improbable to accomplish or keep, or to hold the chance of accomplishing or keeping, a sensible criterion of wellness or development without the proviso for him/her of services by a local authorization ” or “ his/her wellness or development is likely to be significantly impaired, or farther impaired without the proviso for him/her of such services ” or “ he/she is disabled ” ( H M Government, 1989, subdivision 17 )

The local authorization has a responsibility to determine whether Sean and Laura are in demand of an initial appraisal turn toing whether there are concerns about damage to the kids ‘s wellness and development ( HM Government, 2010 ) . Learner and Rosen ( 2002 ) describe that the responsibility of the referral and assessment squad is to determine the grade of demand of the kid and the grade of hazard to the kid.

The societal worker may originate an initial appraisal utilizing the multi bureau Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families ( DoH, 1999b ) which must be completed within a maximal 10 yearss from the referral. If there was grounds that the kids were enduring or likely to endure important injury, the societal worker would so look into this and carry on a nucleus appraisal under Section 47 ( HM Government, 2010 ) . Broadhurst et Al ( 2010 ) describe that the degree of safeguarding response remains a challenge in societal work as determinations are frequently made in hard fortunes with limited information. Munro ( 1996 ) depict how determinations made by societal workers during this initial contact which find how instances are responded to.

Social workers need good observation and analytical accomplishments to understand the nature of the relationships, the marks of disobedience, to work alongside households, and to come to safe and grounds based opinions about the best actions ( Crippling, 2009 ) . Intervention is direct societal work input that is based on apprehension of the state of affairs or job presented and can affect supplying services or seeking to consequence alteration in the societal environment in order to better results ( Kadushin 1993 ) . It requires that societal workers have lucidity in why they are step ining and justification to make so ( Doel and Shardlow, 1994 ) . Intervention can be straitening for households so it is overriding that societal workers employ a assortment of accomplishments, theories and cognition when doing determinations in the procedure.

The common nucleus of accomplishments and cognition for the kids ( DfES, 2005 ) sets out accomplishments to be used when working with kids, taking to advance equality, respect diverseness and challenge stereotypes, assisting to better the life opportunities of all kids and to supply more effectual and incorporate services. The papers acknowledges the rights of kids.

Sean and Laura are of double heritage, their civilization and context should be considered. Phillips ( 2002 ) suggests that a color-blind attack, common pattern in the 1980s, was really the procedure of judging households harmonizing to a white and in-between category position of normalcy. This led to an instability of power for many service users. The paper Protecting Children ( DoH, 1988 ) challenged this position, recognizing that cultural forms within households will act upon parenting manners and the ways kids are reared. Practice was required to alter as statute law laid definite duties for local governments to recognize faith, race, civilization and linguistic communication ( DoH, 1988 ) .

The Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families ( DoH, 1999b ) provides guidelines for white staff who undertake appraisals with black kids, but all staff should be willing to reflect on their ain pattern. Race, civilization, faith and linguistic communication are cardinal to kids ‘s individuality. Appraisals should turn to individuality holistically sing these elements ( DoH, 1999a )

Sean and Laura lost their female parent 3 old ages ago. Rando ( 1988 ) states kids who are bereaved at that age may see reawakened feelings of puerility, may quash feelings, seting them at hazard for grief reactions consistent with Erikson ‘s phases of psychosocial development of lower status versus industry ( Erikson, 1970 ) . Longress ( 2000 ) and Anderson et Al ( 1999 ) describe that there would force for a kid to go hardworking and confident during this phase of development and acknowledging incapacitated feelings at this clip may be hard. Worden ( 2002 ) states when a decease of a parent occurs in childhood, the kid may non mourn efficaciously and this may make jobs with depression and inabilities to keep close relationships with others. The function of the place of the lost parent within the household system would give significance to systemic loss. Harmonizing to Bolwby ‘s fond regard theory, the loss of a parent means a loss of stableness, security, nurturing, and fondness ( Despelder and Strickland, 2005, Davies, 2004 ) . The kid ‘s apprehension of the decease of a parent can be a daze. Piaget stated that the kid can do sense of this procedure by the formal operating phase of development ( Longress, 2000, Berger, 2001 ) . In working with the household, the societal worker must understand that the loss of a parent will impact the functions and outlooks of those left buttocks. Deriving better apprehensions of kid an grownup reactions to loss and analyzing it through cultural positions will be of import.

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Trevithick ( 2005 ) discusses the importance of non verbal communicating, credence, empathy, warmth, listening accomplishments, the usage of silence and observation in working with kids along with asseverating that the relationship that is built between practician and service user is cardinal to accomplishing alteration.

It is noted that parents who voluntarily engage with services make more advancement while a more coercive attack can deteriorate into an adversarial relationship which blocks advancement. Becoming more intrusive carries both additions and losingss and so creates a complex determination ( Munro, 2011 ) .


Egan ‘s SOLER theoretical account ( Egan, 2002 ) employs a guidance skills attack to communicating and would be of benefit. Prosecuting in meaningful and mutual duologue allows for collaborative meaning-making and joint-knowledge building where the societal worker is no longer the expert but instead a spouse and an equal subscriber ( White, 2007 ) .

A societal worker may use systems theory, sing how the household, community, economic and political factors affect the kids ( Hoffman and Salle, 1994 ) . It allows the societal worker to see possibilities for alteration in the whole system, i.e. James holding kiping jobs has an consequence for the household. Systems theory acknowledges strengths i.e. the kids have good household links, are involved in the community and a church group and they have had bereavement reding. System ‘s theory acknowledges that a alteration of one portion of the system can alter another portion. The restrictions of systems theory is that it is descriptive, non explanatory, can disempower persons as it does non let for single duty ( Kemp et al, 1997 ) .

A strengths position, which focuses on a belief that nevertheless bad things seem, people can detect strengths within themselves, may besides be used ( Mullaly, 1993 ) . The position is seen through a function of heightening personal strengths and resources, assisting service users solve both interpersonal and environmental jobs, and assisting clients call up for alteration ( Saleebey, 2003 ) .

Consideration of subjugation and favoritism of kids would be appropriate. MacDonald and Winkley ( 2000 ) discuss the exposure of immature people and province that each kid has the right to “ anticipate that professionals step ining in their lives will make so on the footing of the best available cognition ” ( MacDonald and Winkley, 2000, page 1 ) . The societal worker would necessitate to stay sensitive to power differences and the troubles that some immature people experience in associating to grownups. In footings of the specific intercessions chosen, ab initio these focused on constructing up trust, every bit good as trying to place hazard factors.

Social workers have an duty to carry on themselves ethically, prosecuting in ethical decision‐making, including partnership with service users. The Code of Ethics for Social Work ( BASW, 2011 ) , provides a moral codification and a regulator of behavior and moves anxiously between the two. There are moral jussive moods that could put societal workers in struggle with their employers or authorities policies i.e. societal workers need to “ dispute ways in which the policies or activities of authorities, administrations or society create or contribute to structural disadvantage “ ( BASW, 2011, p. 3 ) . In pattern, societal workers may run into force per unit areas from directors to maintain kids within the household unit, sometimes resources may intend it is non perchance to dispute service proviso, and service proviso is met with barriers in eligibility ( Dalrymple and Burke, 2006 ) .

If societal workers are to pattern anti-oppressively, they must foremost understand their functions as oppressors in order to make a infinite for deeper empathy and apprehension. Bishop ( 2002 ) argues that ignorance to oppression merely compounds the issue.

Section 53 of the Children Act, 2004 gives due consideration to the wants and feelings of the kid every bit far as is sensible before finding what services to supply or action to take ( H M Government, 2004 ) Article 3 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child ( UNCRC, 1989 ) places kids as a top precedence for services, being kid focused.

James has been enduring from insomnia and enduring from heartache from the loss of his married woman. A referral for a mental wellness appraisal may be appropriate for support such as reding

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The NHS and Community Care Act 1990, imposes a responsibility on local governments to transport out an appraisal of demand for community attention services with people who appear to them to necessitate such services and so make up one’s mind whether those demands call for the proviso of services ( H M Government, 1990 ) . This makes the undertaking of appraisal a cardinal activity as it establishes a individual ‘s demands but besides if a individual meets the standards or threshold for support ( Crisp et al, 2003 ) . Fair Access to Care Services provides councils with an eligibility model for grownup societal attention to place whether or non the responsibility to supply services under the undermentioned statute law is triggered ( DoH, 2003 )

Preparation for assessment involves reading all relevant information. A deficiency of cognition of older people ‘s societal history may take to showing behaviors being misinterpreted and emotional demands ignored ( Feil 1992 ) .

Tact, sensitiveness and empathy must be employed in pass oning with Mr and Mrs Smyth as the state of affairs may be really straitening for them. Using Egan ‘s theoretical account of SOLER ( Egan, 2002 ) would be utile. The National Framework Service for Older Peoples ( DoH, 2001 ) requires that we recognise and respect the individualism of older people, that we listen to them and promote their pick about attention options. Effective communicating is indispensable to carry through these demands ( Milne and O’Byrne, 2002 ) .. Parker and Bradley ( 2007 ) province that feelings of impotence and humiliation can be provocative for vulnerable people. Social workers should try to authorise people by pass oning openly and by supplying every bit much information as possible ( Parker and Bradley, 2007 )

All people have a desire to be understood, to be accepted and for our lives to hold significance ( Howe, 1995 ) . Service users want to be listened to and respected as persons and have pick and control of their support. Crawford and Walker ( 2008 ) province older people portion traditional societal work values, such as a concern for relationships, and appreciate societal work accomplishments, for illustration, in transporting out comprehensive appraisals and regular reappraisals. Bauld et Al ( 2000 ) province that people place importance on relationships with professionals and that these relationships impact on their well-being. Effective societal work with older people draws on typical facets of the societal work function, sensitive communicating, traveling at the person ‘s gait, get downing where the service user is, back uping through crisis, disputing hapless pattern, prosecuting with the person ‘s life and advancing strengths and resiliency ( Crawford and Walker, 2008 ) .

The individual centred attack explores cardinal accomplishments for effectual communicating, constructing on listening accomplishments, congruity, empathy and unconditioned positive respect ( Rogers, 1957 ) . However, societal work involves the usage of authorization and this opposes unconditioned positive respect. It is non ever possible for societal workers, who have a duty to protect non merely the service user but besides other people, to be non-directive, empathic, unconditionally accepting and congruent ( Dalrymple and Burke, 2006 )

Mrs Smyth has cried when speaking to the community nurse. It may be that Mrs Smyth is sing depression. The white paper, Our Health, Our Care, Our Say ( DoH, 2006 ) acknowledges older people with depression and provinces that many other supports ( i.e. conveyance, societal contacts ) must be considered alongside wellness and societal attention if practicians are to do a world of independency, well-being and pick all of which are frequently seen as potentially assisting to turn toing depression and its bar. Mrs Smyth has new physical jobs with which depression besides tends to be associated ( Copeland et al, 1999 ) Factors that contribute to depression include loss ( e.g. of a comparative or of mobility ) and societal fortunes, such as isolation ( O’Neill, 1999 ) .

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The Mental Health Foundation ( 1999 ) suggests about 15 % of older people experience depression. Literature besides suggests that older people are less likely than younger people to take up mental wellness services ( Ashton and Keady, 1999 ) . There is a inclination for professionals and older people treat late life depression as an inevitable effect of aging ( O’Neill, 1999 ) . However, there is grounds of the effectivity of a scope of intercessions, including environmental alterations, psychotherapeuticss and cognitive behavioral therapies, and anti depressant medicine ( Snowdon, 1998 ) .

Keeping good societal relationships is a key to quality of life for older people ( Percival, 2010, Bowers, 2009 ) . Yet isolation and solitariness are jobs shared by many older people with support demands ( Manthorpe and Moriarty, 2010, Cattan and Giuntoli, 2010 ) . Those with mobility, cognitive or centripetal damages are at peculiar hazard of being excluded from societal life ( Callaghan et al, 2009 ) . Mr Smyth has experienced confusion and Mrs Smyth ‘s mobility has decreased.

Thompson ( 2001 ) describes anti agism as a dimension of societal justness which increases active and independent lives for older people and that appraisal should see the impact of agism on people ‘s lives, including low ego regard and feelings of being a nuisance. Dominelli ( 2004 ) states that portraying older people as dependent and in demand of attention is an ageist building. Care must be taken to guarantee that ageist premises are non act uponing appraisal. As with racism and sexism, if we are non actively “ swimming against the tide of cultural and institutional agism we shall be carried along with it, such is the strength of ageist political orientation ” ( Thompson, 2001, page 12 ) .

Mr and Mrs Smyth are sing loss of wellness. Phillipson ( 2002 ) suggests that societal work with older people is inseparable from pull offing loss.

The life class involves passages, including the developmental phases associated with the work of Erikson ( 1977 ) . Thompson ( 2002 ) suggests that an apprehension of each passage should be understood, seeing older people in the context of life history emphasizing the importance of single life narratives and include activities such as reminiscence and storytelling. This attack besides takes history of people ‘s environment and the impact of broad societal issues including gender, category and race ( Crawford and Walker 2004 ) .

Danny is concerned about force from his male parent to his female parent. The hazard of maltreatment of older people is non a new phenomenon but it has merely late been addressed ( Penhale, 2003 ) . Pritchard ‘s ( 2001 ) survey of older abused adult females highlight the importance they attach to being able to speak to person about their experiences. It is of import that societal workers are trained non merely to place maltreatment but besides to understand and be equipped to work with subsisters to turn to longer term every bit good as short term practical demands. Danny states that there have been “ many old ages ” of force. Research conducted to find older adult females ‘s apprehensions of senior maltreatment has emphasised the importance of looking at the quality of attention giving relationships, instead than merely analyzing action or behavior when measuring hazard and exposure ( Morbey, 2002 ) .

Social work is complex in these possible hazard state of affairss, raising hard inquiries about how to equilibrate authorization with protection. Preston-Shoot ( 2001 ) argues that the value of self finding is extremely influential in societal work pattern but should non shrive practicians from happening ways to protect vulnerable users. The literature on senior maltreatment emphasises the importance of societal workers: utilizing communicating accomplishments e.g. edifice trust and support assessing, particularly the exposure of the service user and fortunes of the maltreatment, supplying information about services and consideration of different options protection planning, monitoring and reappraisal understanding the jurisprudence associating to welfare proviso, incapacity, common jurisprudence and condemnable justness ( Preston-Shoot, 2001 ) . The Social Care Institute of Excellence stated that “ Improving self-respect, regard and human rights should be a precedence in all policy development for older people. But to implement these rules societal attention needs to place good pattern and bring forth counsel for everyone who works in the sector “ ( SCIE, 2006 ) .

Danny and Mr Smyth are supplying attention to Mrs Smyth. Under the Carers Recognition Act, 1995, they may be entitled to an appraisal of their ability to supply attention ( H M Government, 1995 ) . We besides know that there is a important group of older people supplying attention ( typically for spouses ) who may themselves suit the definition of holding ‘high support demands ‘ ( Blood, 2010 ) . Service users and carers are non easy distinguished.

The Canis familiaris needs to be considered. Cusack ( 1988 ) states that older people can be profoundly affected by the loss of a pet who can be of import attachment figures in people ‘s lives, conveying their proprietors physical, psychological and societal benefits. Garrity et Al ( 1989 ) discourse how strong favored fond regards are linked with reduced depression rates. Danny presently walks the excavation every twenty-four hours but Mrs Smyth may be fighting with looking after it. Sensitivity will be needed in turn toing this.

Direct payments were extended to older people in 2000 and are authorising for service users as they have more control over their attention proviso.

They live in a rural community.

Viewed from a societal theoretical account of disablement, Mr and Mrs Smyth could hold low support demands as they live in accessible lodging with enabling engineering, within a supportive community