Evolution Of American Society Essay

Following the War of1812. Americans started to experience the spirit of patriotism. Proud of what they achieved. Americans started to spread out westward. This dramatic rise in enlargement helped model the American society as it separated from the Old World. This migration produced “profound consequence on the nation’s economic system. Likewise. the westbound motion besides played out in the Civil War. It brought people of diverse backgrounds to convene and tie in with each other. some with favourable results. others were deemed “disastrous” .

The enlargement febrility is so a major measure fusion of the United States. Several grounds were cited for this westbound enlargement: population and economic loads. huge lands in the West. and the diminished Indian opposition doing them migrate to the West. The growing of population in the East grew dramatically that people started to detect how heavy the countries had become. By 1820. the population had reached 9. 6 million. The increasing population was caused either of course or through in-migration.

European in-migration quickly grew in the state. most of whom were Germans and Irish. The inflow of Germans and Irish in the state was chiefly due to broad revolution that plagued Germany and potato dearth that ravaged Ireland. Such migration to the state affected the population that some people started to pack up and look for a new place. Furthermore. the turning population besides affected the economic system of the part. The lands in the E were all occupied. with some going depleted already. This caused the colonists to happen new agricultural lands.

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Their hunt led them to the West. Settling in the West. they started to cultivate the lands. raise households. created communities and establishments such as schools. churches. and shops. It served as the foundation for the formation of American society. Additionally. trading started to look up for the white colonists. Mexico. which controlled Texas and California at that clip. proved to be a perfect chance for white colonists to travel eastward. Mexico opened its trade and the white colonists grabbed it.

They sold their trades at a low monetary value and finally were able to force out of the Mexicans and Indian bargainers in the country. They would besides settle in the part. with some of the colonists get marrieding Indian and Mexican adult females. After the War of 1812. the federal authorities sought a policy that would travel Indian folk to the West. The authorities besides created a “factor system” which provided the folks with goods at a certain cost. This did non merely assist the Native Americans but besides the authorities in transacting with them. In 1830. the Indian Removal Law was passed. which enabled the President to make land exchanges.

Five folks exchanged their lands in the E of Mississippi for lands in the West. The old ages that follow saw the rise of the Industrial revolution. The effusion in transit. communicating. and engineering further helped the country’s enlargement. The creative activity of the Erie Canal paved the manner for the Canal Age. The building proved to be valuable to the nation’s economic system. It facilitated faster transportation of goods for merchandisers. Another discovery was the railway system. By 1840. railwaies replaced canals and were used non merely for ware for but migration every bit good.

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This besides contributed to the expansion of the population of the state in the West. The colony in the West opened up a batch of roads in the country- creative activity of new provinces. better economic chances. and enlarging the population of the state. which paved the manner for the development of the American society.


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