Evidence based practice Essay

There is a demand for wellness services judicial admission to use the best grounds alternatively of using the customary methods ( Stevens et al. 2001 ) . However. this is merely possible if practicians. research workers. bookmans. politicians. directors and populace in general conducted a high quality research. Different methods of researches that are evident-based tend to hold lack support from most users. This is because those researches are deficiency of proper citing which the referee could non entree.

This faculty has requisite us to joint the definition of grounds based pattern. analysing different signifiers of grounds and reflect on possible tactics utilized in the execution of grounds based pattern. To help me in accomplishing those results. I have use resources from database like ebscohost. books. researches. diaries and hunt engine like Google.

The paper I choose focal points on a descriptive-correlation method of research based on operating room nurse’s cognition and pattern of unfertile technique. This research is critical due to several instances of surgical infection taking topographic point in operating room. The purpose of the survey is to find the information and extent of using unfertile technique among operating room nurses in four selected infirmaries in Samar. Philippines.

Globalization comes with a big figure of professional developments and policies particularly in the nursing sector. Working in a authorities infirmary in the Middle East. and attached to runing section is tough because research carried out on operating room nurse’s cognition and pattern of sterile techniques clearly shows a clear association between cognition and pattern ( Luo et al. 2010 ) . This survey was conducted on four infirmaries in Philippines. Inclusion criterions were set for this survey is engagement among nurses are nurses with lasting employment. nurses who agreed to take part on this survey and nurses working in the identified infirmaries.

The research concludes that cognition has a positive consequence on the extent of pattern by the nurses. Different International organic structures as Commission for wellness betterment prove that grounds based pattern is researched on day-to-day footing by different bookmans. Evidence based pattern ( EBP ) requires the nurse to be able to use his/her cognition in operations without needfully confer withing. EBP

Sackett et Al ( 2000 ) denote evidence-based pattern is a popular subject that applies in clinical patterns since 1992. and started with the medical specialty sector as Evidence Based Medicine ( EBM ) . It subsequently spread out to other Fieldss like nursing. instruction. dental medicine. psychological science. and library among others. EBP demands that these practical determinations need to come from confirmed research surveies. and they should construe harmonizing to peculiar EBP norms. EBP is the incorporation of the best research grounds with clinical expertness and patient values. This account emphasizes on the patient’s state of affairss. ends. available grounds and the practitioner’s expertness. However. there are some patients who reject the disposal based on their different civilization and values. Besides that. the practician might understand implicit in hinderances like fundss that may hold the application of EBP.

Evidence Based Practice in nursing includes the major determinations made by the professionals. which in my country includes the surgeries. Some of these determinations include measuring. accessing. and incorporating research grounds with their professional judgement and with their clinical decision-making ( Department of Health. 2002 ) . The research on operating room nurse’s cognition and pattern of unfertile techniques purpose is to place the extent of nurses using their cognition in pattern refering unfertile technique. There are several factors on why nurses are loath to use EBP in their day-to-day work. Evidence based pattern include doing determinations by uniting any cognition acquired from the nursing pattern. patients disposition. and using research grounds.

It means that the nurses have a assortment of options including sitting back and watching. or taking action based on their experience. Nevertheless. the determination made is important hence it need brainwave. A clinical inquiry is indispensable before doing evidence-based determination. So. it is of import to seek for a suited EBP to assist in doing the right determination at the peculiar state of affairs. Last. the nurse evaluates the different effects of the action taken.

Strengths of EBP

Since the early old ages of Florence Nightingale. research became popular till the first nursing diary published in United States in 1952 which began sing grounds based pattern. Nightingale is celebrated for her systematic thought and applied spiritual religion that favored systematic attack. Harmonizing to Keith ( 1988 ) . Nightingale had a good entree to governmental information and other stuff doing her work cognition based. She applied graphical presentation in signifier of pie and saloon charts unlike others who used tabular arraies. The wellness ministry requested Royal College of Nursing in 1966 to analyze the effectivity of nursing. From so onwards. assorted research plans came up including Information proviso and lesion attention.

Anyhow. Rodgers ( 2000 ) noted that the advancement of EBP is slow but it is successful as the old ages go. Use of evidence-based cognition broadens the relationship between the nurses and the direction like the clinicians. Another major strength in evidence-based pattern includes a research carried out around 1990’s on the physical restraint usually applied on older frail coevals. The consequence showed harmful and drawn-out modus operandis therefore it made a alteration in the national policy within acute attention hospices and long-run attention scenes ( Evans et al. 2006 ) . These alterations presented a bead in forced place attention occupants from 1980s 75 % to 2004s 8 % . Nurses applied inordinate force per unit area on the aged without recognizing of the psychological anguish involved.

Failings of Evidence Based Research

Today. scientific discipline has expanded and progress comparison to those old ages during Nightingale old ages. In malice of this progressive development. there is still a spread on modern-day cognition and the extended acceptance to better the wellness sector. Bass ( 2010 ) stated EBP contraption in nursing profession is similar in all Fieldss or subjects. The major challenge is the preparedness to use these evidence-based researches due to different drawbacks that include deficiency of understanding. inclusion. and deficiency of necessary instruction plans. To farther strengthen this statement. Pravikov et Al ( 2005 ) reference most nurses have two old ages degree plan which does non suit grounds based pattern. Furthermore. EBP failing besides includes accessing of critical information on the research done.

The information gathered in research is printing in assorted resources like database. diaries. wellness magazines. newspapers. books and online. Therefore. users find it hard to entree particularly in work topographic point. In nursing. the clinical specializers and the physicians who own higher accomplishments in acknowledging jobs. analysing. and interpreting are far from range. Hence. they are hesitated to use EBP in their pattern.

Utility of Evidence Based Practice in my clinical Practice

Perioperative nurse must be knowing on sterilized technique. Reflecting on my experience being a perioperative nurse for five old ages now. to heighten better understanding on the importance of unfertile technique and the effects of non using unfertile technique. EBP is the best tactic. For case. EBP is based on surveies done on sterile technique and they show consequence for non using unfertile technique may take to surgical infection. EBP make perioperative nurses like me acknowledge importance of unfertile technique and we are accountable for patient’s safety. Hereafter. nurses could do decision-making on evidence-based in their pattern. It is important for nurses to be familiar with different determinations they partake and consider the effects associated with the determination made. It is besides of import for nurses to be given the necessary accomplishments required to enable them build the critical inquiries and expeditiously and efficaciously expression for the available survey grounds that best applies to these inquiries.

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The research on operating room nurse’s cognition and pattern obviously show that many nurses have non applied their cognition in pattern. Helpful information that I picked in this survey is the importance of sterilising the operating instrument. This survey based on surgical sites infections that are common in most operating suites. Globally. surveies shows that. 2-5 % of the patients undergoing operation suffer from surgically related infections. This definitely raises most hospital concern and wants more research to be carried out in order to place where the job lies. Surgical site infection causes many deceases during the operations. and that is the ground why different schemes like sterilising engineering came up.

Many patients have died because of septic surgical lesion and this calls for an grounds based survey to decide the prevailing job. EBP faces major accent from American Psychological Association ( APA ) . American Nurses Association. Occupational Therapy Association. and American Physical Theory association. In psychopathology. rehabilitation. medical specialty. psychological science. and other professional organic structures. loose organic structures of cognition apply. and this is a major drawback on their public presentations. Evidence based pattern begins with a profiling research which informs the professionals and their clients what works best for them. Easy entree to EBP information enhances both clients and the practicians to place their helpful intervention before intercession starts.

Methodology tool

The article that I will critic is on operating room nurse’s cognition and pattern of unfertile technique by Leodoro et Al ( 2012 ) ( Appendix 1 ) . I have choose this article as it has link with my profession and it is really knowing for me being a perioperative nurse. The critic tool that I have chosen is step by measure guidelines in reviewing a quantitative research survey by Coughlan et Al ( 2007 ) ( Appendix 2 ) . The methodological analysis tool applied in this survey was descriptive-correlation research method. The descriptive method describes the cognition and the extent of which the nurses applied the sterilisation technique in pattern. In add-on. the correlativity method is dissimilar relationships among the different variables used.

This survey was conducted in four infirmaries in Philippines and the consequences are based on replies by nurses with lasting employment. nurses who agreed to take part on this survey and nurses working in the identified infirmaries. There are three-part questionnaire consisted of demographics profiles of the participants. This portion carries 10 multiple-choice inquiries and 10 general inquiries with an expected mark of 20. and intended to mensurate the nurse’s cognition range utilizing sterilised instruments. Questionnaire 11 includes a checklist whereby the participants rated out of 5 points with 1 being last rate. The information analyzed through illative and descriptive statistics dwelling of frequence. standard divergence. per centum and mean. Reviewing Descriptive-correlation Tool

Analyzing research surveies require suited tool looking at the methodological analysis used. Tanner ( 2003 ) suggests these tools usually bear inquiries that aid the analyser in finding the different stairss followed in this research. It is noteworthy that some stairss are more critical than others. Descriptive-correlation tool applied in this survey is believable based on many factors. The research worker uses simple linguistic communication that is easy to understand without audience. This means there are no scientific slangs that sometimes pose a menace to the readers. The writers seem to understand the topic affair clearly harmonizing to the list of inquiries in their questionnaire. The questionnaire screen most elements related to the operating room’s pattern.

For case. manus rinsing. scouring. intraoperative stage and circulator function. The intent of this survey is critical due to several incidents that related to surgical lesion infection. In the article abstract. they mention the overview of their survey. including the research job which is in bar of surgical site infection and taint. unfertile technique demand to be implemented. They besides remark the sample. methodological analysis. determination and recommendations which is reference earlier in the demand for the nurses to command and protect the patients from surgical site infections. The grammar used in this survey is straightforward. easy to understand and consistently arranged. Normally. a reader like me demands an interesting research that motivates us to go on analysing. and this nowadayss good in the above-named analysis. There are certain factors that strengthen this research. which includes the designation of the research job. The hypothesis used is that most nurses have the cognition on unfertile techniques but due to some grounds. they fail to use it in pattern.

Some nurses bear the cognition but they lack the assurance to set this evidence-based research into pattern. There are four major grounds that limit the nurses from utilizing EBP. Retsas ( 2008 ) stated research studies similar to the above-named are usually complex. statistical. academic and nurses find it hard to construe or work with the research merchandises. The research article on operating room nurse’s cognition and pattern of unfertile technique is a survey that is markedly academic and statistical. This may do confusion to nurses during reading. The consequences are graphical and the nurse might hold jobs understanding it. This peculiar research is consistent and any nurse whether a alumnus or a trainee can easy associate to it except of the graphical consequence. Get downing from the debut. methodological analysis. participants. instrument analysis. consequences and decision. the survey is systematic with a great flow of intense cognition. The research worker clearly links each measure to the other with the aim of the survey. which follows with a literature reappraisal.

In their literature reappraisal. the research is instead shallow compared to other great researches. It is lacked of specific inside informations on the occasions where nurses have failed to use the engineering and the effects that follow. The literature failed to analyse the different surgical tools applied in the operating suites by the nurses. However. they identified the infirmary and the demand for the research. The literature should include the history of evidence-based pattern including when it began and why. The conjectural construction lacks in this survey. which is necessary for reader who needs to understand and analyse the research. The research workers did non travel in deepness into the capable affair although the debut had a good reappraisal of the hunt information. In footings of theoretical model. which is a necessity in most researches ( Basset & A ; Basset 2003 ) . the writer failed to place a conceptual theoretical account that would help the reader as counsel.

The research paper is lacked of proper relationship between different constructs in its literature. However. most theoretical models work best in experimental and quasi-experimental researches unlike in descriptive surveies similar to the above mentioned. Harmonizing to Dale ( 2005 ) in every research. it is critical to place the chief inquiry and this was non seen in this research. For illustration. the research worker should hold asked how competent the direction of the operating room is in educating their staffs on unfertile technique. This would help the researches in analysing the state of affairs because the failure to pattern sterile technique could be perioperative nurses non sent for uninterrupted instruction taking to deficiency of competence. These inquiries are likely to come from patients or the nurses themselves. The inquiries may deduce from the customary patterns or from different literature. The sample in this survey. for me the size is comparatively little compared to the many operating suites in Philippines.

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Anyhow. the pick of participants in respects to age group. and gender is great. In footings of experience. the research worker should hold picked people with longer experience in the occupation. Most of the participants are below five years’ experience in this research. The attending for educational preparation of these participants is every bit hapless so it could non supply a conclusive consequence. The distribution of the sample is besides unequal because female participants are 73 % compared to their male opposite numbers who are at 23 % . A bigger sampling in all classs would hold provided a better information analysis. This survey was carried out in infirmaries and opportunities for the nurses were familiar with the topic at manus. However. the participants were from merely one-region infirmaries and different issues may hold limited their voluntary information.

At times. the participants are non certain of their confidentiality. despite them subscribing confidentiality signifiers ; they still have the fright of being exposed. The nurses could fear bullying from the higher-ups. and this drives them to give false information in favour of the organisation. The research worker got the blessing from the moralss commission at Samar Provincial infirmary. and the other infirmaries before they began carry oning their research. No participants were forced or harm during the study. Neither there was any prejudice because the respondents were non selected purposively. In the operational definitions. the research worker ensured that the reader to the full comprehended the survey by using simple constructs and footings in the research ( Parahoo. 2006 ) . The research workers have used clear and simple apprehension footings to transport out this survey.

The research design used in the research on operating room nurses’ cognition and pattern of unfertile techniques is a descriptive-correlation method. which is a recent method of survey that is really effectual. This is because it integrates the description of the nurses’ cognition and the extent at which they pattern the usage of sterile technique together with a correlativity analysis demoing the relationship between the two variables. However. most of these surveies relate because the nonsubjective respects forms in group behaviours. inclinations. norms. and belongingss ( Robson 2002 ) . There is a possibility of outlook to take topographic point as most of the researches done clinical credibleness because these research merchandises are non conclusive. This is a major drawback for nurses to hold in using the consequences ( recommendation ) which besides decrease the assurance in the merchandises used for the study like the questionnaire and the sample. In my sentiment. the survey did non win to offer a proper clinical way and so the nurses prefer non to utilize them. Most nurses prefer a research that is more normative and clinical refering their work topographic point.

The information aggregation is similar to a quantitative methodological analysis of research whereby different informations that includes questionnaires. interviews. and observation tools used. These tools are appropriate with the survey purpose. Then once more. questionnaires are prevailing with different sets of closed inquiries and few with multiple picks and others with direct replies. The overall dependability and cogency was discussed in the failing and strength of the survey done. It was describe as good but non perfect. Its cogency. which is its ability to mensurate the content ( Wood et al. 2006 ) . is downcast due to the figure of samples were deficient ( 21 participants ) and besides from one part merely. For the tool’s dependability. Wood et Al ( 2006 ) stated dependability is to accurately step and systematically mensurate the theory which being studied which was done in this research. The research workers have ever emphasized on the extent of sterile technique pattern throughout the survey.

This survey had a pilot survey. which assisted the research worker in doing some accommodations in their research. The researcher’s informations analysis is a well-analyzed methodological analysis since it is non complex and dashing. The evaluations are clear and easy to understand. For case. they used descriptive statistics that include the per centum. frequence. standard divergence and mean. The reading of the consequences included 0-7 as “needed improvement” . 8-10 as “fair” . 11-13 as “good” . 14-16 as “very good” . and 14-16 as “excellent” . This is rather an easy reading and anyone is able to analyse and understand. These are illative trials and it helps the research worker in placing the relationship among variables. The research worker discussed the findings in simple and clear footings. The research worker has a logical flow of information and the hypothesis is clearly supported by these findings. This survey bears significance in its findings as per Russell ( 2002 ) . and the research worker specifies every consequence without generalising it.

They reported each subdivision independently whether it could be gender. age. experience and figure of preparation attended. As reference earlier. the perioperative nurses have cognition of utilizing unfertile techniques but seldom use them in pattern ( Luo et al 2010 ) . The research besides concluded that half of the nurses had the cognition on unfertile technique. In Goiana infirmary. 75. 6 % seemed to understand the standard precautional steps on surgical site infection ( Melo et al 2006 ) . Most researched paperss have no mentions. which makes them less favourable.

There are known positions on handiness of information and they include the humanistic political orientation which involves the impression that human resource is most accessible. There is besides a strong belief that local information derived from locally developed engineerings is more accessible. The latest engineerings information can be retrieve from internet easy accessible. However. the research worker did non advert much on recommendation for nurses to use unfertile technique in pattern which is critical in steering the readers.


The study’s hypothesis that bulk of the operating room nurses have the cognition on implementing unfertile technique. but rarely use it in pattern have been achieved as terminal consequence of the survey. The findings confirmed that the nurses held a strong cognition of the usage of sterile technique harmonizing to the tabular array 6 that showed the correlativity between cognition and the extent of usage of unfertile technique by the participating nurses. The treatment is clear and good elaborated in simple footings. The research worker explains the implicit in causes on why nurses seldom apply the cognition into pattern. The issue of occupational civilization where inquiring is unpopular should be contested. and the nurses should inquire any inquiries in the event of uncertainness. The information on sterile technique and importance of it should be taught to nurses by directing them for educational preparations or stress it at all times in work topographic point. This information should be accessible particularly the evidence-based literature in order for the evidence-based pattern to be implemented.

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For case. books related to runing room and patient’s safety should be kept in operating section where nurses can entree them anytime when needed. The research workers besides discuss on the strength and restriction of their survey which is appropriate as it helps the reader determine the dependability of the survey and besides the pick to implement it or non. The strength of the survey is to guarantee there was no choice bias ; the respondents were inclusive of the full population of operating room nurses in four identified infirmaries for the probe. Nevertheless. a wider assortment of infirmaries would hold added this strength. Furthermore. the research shows that the probe is from one state merely. which weakens its strength. The treatment besides noted the failing in the questionnaire method of research because it lacked some inside informations like. It is besides clear that some participants fear stating the truth despite their secrecy confidence.

However. the research treatment is clear on its demerits. and although it does non offer any suggestion on a farther research. it is critical to hold a more elaborate survey on the same issue. Most research workers offer recommendation because their researches are non conclusive which this peculiar research worker failed to use. The referencing in this survey is really accurate particularly on the in text commendation. Most researches fail to offer the in text commendation and leaves the readers fighting on turn uping the referencing. The higher figure of mentions. the stronger the research perceives. Different methods of researches that are evident-based tend to hold lack support from most readers.

This research had 18 mentions. which is the mean figure. required for any research. However. more mentions would hold strengthened the research. This survey has much merit but the method requires rating. The sampling requires a larger demographic part in order to suit more representatives of the participants. It is important for perioperative nurses to use their cognition on unfertile technique in pattern. If unfertile technique is non applied during surgery it may take to surgical infection which will harm the vulnerable patients which may besides do decease if non treated good.


The survey on operating room nurse’s cognition and pattern of unfertile technique is a critical research globally and it was reasonably conducted. Further research is recommended because this job continues due to frequent alterations in engineering and direction. The nurses should implement a more basic function in services through application of their accomplishments while turn toing inquiries from outside clinical scope. This would in return increase their service demands from the environments. For accomplishments development. the nurses should complement their hands-on map within the section. These nurses should be able to use their developmental merchandises efficaciously in order to turn out everyone else incorrect. Peoples have failed to acknowledge the attempts applied by the nurses. The direction and the clinical experts need to acknowledge and appreciate the nurses’ attempts through understanding their accomplishments. After all. the direction should guarantee the nurses knowledge. resources. and accomplishments are readily available in order to help execution. This lone happens if the research information is first-class. with lucidity and adequate strength to impede any uncertainties from referees.

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