Ethics, Responsibility or Sustainability in Business Essay Sample

In the globalisation epoch. everything seems to be developed and turn fast. The modern economic system is one of the great illustrations for the rapid development. Among the fastest growing rate in the universe of economic system. there are some critical issues which are ever threatened the companies. Ethical issues become the important factor which can impact positively and negatively on corporate operation ( Stephen and Timothy. 2008 ) . The companies which emphasize on the ethical rule have a opportunity to make the sustainable growing ( Vojko and Matjaz. 2009 ) . These companies besides gain both great repute and develop strong trade name image from ethical policies. On the other manus. companies which ignore moral rules tend to have negative feedback from clients. The unethical concern can non last in the sustainable manner. These immoral companies have a inclination to turn in the short tally and stop up eventually. Additionally. the public sector pays attending to the moral rules and concern moralss as the indispensable factor for all organisations ( Charles. 2008 ) .

Both net income and non-profit organisations seem to be monitored by public sector that is responsible for following the corporate public presentations. Accor Group is one of the transnational companies which focus on the ethical patterns in operating concern. Accor Group is the world’s elephantine hotel operator in 92 states with 3. 500 taking hotels such as Sofitel. Novotel. Mercure and etc. Accor Group provides a broad scope of services from luxury to budget for planetary clients. Harmonizing to the concern operation. Accor Group hires 160. 000 employees worldwide. In order to accomplish corporate policy. Accor Group implements the ethic policy in all sectors. This paper aims to analyse the ethical issues and sustainability policies implemented by Accor group based on the theory of concern moralss.

As the taking hotel operator. Accor Group has managed extended trade names and cordial reception concerns in 92 states through the universe. The type of concern owned by Accor Group includes operating and franchising hotels and hotel investing. Under the trade name of Accor Group. 3. 500 hotels are considered as the strong trade name which has powerful distribution system. The ultimate end of Accor Group is to supply hotel room services by maximize fees. effectual CRM and loyal-brand scheme. Harmonizing to ownership and investing sector. Accor Group has operated 1. 400 hotels via rentals. Accor Group is responsible for pull offing the plus portfolio through acquisitions. The trade name under Accor Group can be divided into three sections ; Luxury. Midscale and Economy.

Each alone trade name purposes to supply clients with great cordial reception experiences. The first section is called Luxury. Luxury section provides the sole services and develops flagship hotels through service excellence patterns and trade name values. This section includes the hotel trade name of Sofitel. MGallery and Pullman. Sofitel is the luxury hotel concatenation offering 120 hotels in 40 states. The hotel provides the service interventions for personal touch with first-class public presentations. MGallery is the upscale hotels with singular design and alone personality. Pullman is the up-market hotel trade name supplying clients who have executive life styles. The mark group is travellers from around the universe including concern and vacation trips. Besides. Pullman is the modern hotel for new coevals who truly enjoys hyper-connected life style. The 2nd section is Midscale. Midscale concentrates on trade name distinction and invention. Midscale section includes Novotel and Mercure.

Novotel: Novotel is recognized as the historical hotel trade name. The mark group is household and concern people. Mercure is the largest midscale hotel concatenation in the universe. Although Mercure is the midscale hotel. this trade name provides clients with sturdy quality and cosy experiences. The last section is Economy. Economy is recognized as the economic trade name and first repute concentrating on consistent quality and ultimate comfort. The singularity of this section is the advanced ornament with artistic manners. Harmonizing to managerial context. Accor Group is able to be successful in concern direction by strategic leveraging throughout 45 old ages in cordial reception industry. Accor Group has implemented the best-in-class distribution scheme for franchise and partnership direction. The distribution channels are operated by web-based cardinal engagement system and room-booking forepart. The on-line distributers have full connectivity with 14 million members throughout 28 states. These enable Accor group to set up great partnership and effectual franchise web.

The cardinal possible growing of Accor group is in European market but this trade name attempts to concentrate on economic system hotels in many states by using low penetrate rates and shifting scheme of economic system hotel trade names. The high possible market for of economic system hotel trade names by Accor Group includes India. China. and etc. besides. Accor Group applies the bespoke scheme so as to run into local penchants and enhance service flexibleness. In add-on. Accor Group is one of the taking cordial reception trade names which emphasize on the human resource development. Accor HR’s squads are specialized in the international endowment enlisting sector which enables to engage and retain employees efficaciously. Another alone HR rule applied by Accor Group is to encompass workforce diverseness.

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Besides. calling preparation plan is one of the successful schemes which can assist Accor to develop direction and gross revenues accomplishments for professional endowment in the cordial reception services in today’s universe. Even though Accor Group is successful in running cordial reception concern in the universe. the company attaches significance to non merely fiscal benefits but besides societal duty. Accor Group has realized that the sustainable growing of each concern depends on non merely fiscal successes but besides ethical values in operating concern. The ethical policy is the most powerful scheme which produces the competitory advantages for the trade name and spouses of Accor Group. The chief policy of corporate societal duty at Accor is sustainable issues of societal and environment. Besides. the ultimate end of this taking hotel trade name is to keep sustainable growing in the long tally. To accomplish this end. Accor has recognized that the human resource development is the critical factor for realizing this aim. As above. human resource development becomes one of the sustainable policies for this elephantine trade name.

All of the ethical patterns and CSR policies implemented by Accor Group are extremely related to the ethical theory of relativism and useful ethical model. The philosophical field of moralss called ethical relativism is aimed to analyze approximately ethical values and ultimate judgement based on each cultural sense. societal norm and personal feeling. Ethical relativism dressed ores on the manner to demo the serious challenges to ethical consideration such as concern moralss ( Laura. Joseph and Chris. 2013 ) . Harmonizing to relativism construct. there is no right or incorrect in ethical judgements. Ethical issues are merely the sentiment which can non be judged by legitimate manner ( Joseph. 2011 ) . Relativism plays a cardinal function in the international concern in today’s universe. It can non be denied that there are a plentifulness of ethical issues impacting straight on running concern globally such as kid maltreatment. corruptness. sexual favoritism and etc. Although these ethic issues are related to societal duty and moral rules. the credence and judgement are different in each civilization and state.

For illustration. the issue of kid labour which is working in the bad status with the really low rates may be accepted in some undeveloped states such as Cambodia. Laos and other eastern civilizations. On the one manus. this issue can non be accepted by many developed state and western civilizations. As above. the values and judgement of ethical issues are based on the different patterns of civilization norm. Another interesting illustration is sexual torment. The issue of sexual torment is hard to be justice based on same standard rules. The sexual torment can be the signifier of employment status. Some directors may experience that sexual torment is right while some adult females genuinely believe that it is perfectly incorrect. From the construct of ethical relativism. both of these sentiments and experiencing have equal cogency so it is hard to claim that sexual torment is ethical or unethical issue. Some people may reason that sexual torment is extremely relevant to the unjust patterns on favoritism. Both work forces and adult females have same equal right and chance in the workplaces.

Womans can a full right to deny unacceptable options or patterns which may be endangering to their lives. Anyway. some relativists believe that torment is perfectly incorrect since it is the unsuitable power relationship between employees or campaigners and employment. Harassment patterns are against unity and self-respect values of persons. Harmonizing to these grounds mentioned above. it can be conclude that ethical judgement based on ethical relativism construct are different because of different societies have different moral beliefs. There is no criterion of right or incorrect on the ethical issues in different cultural norms. Due to this fact. ethical judgement is considered as the challenging issues for all concern civilizations. The 2nd ethical theory is useful ethical model. Utilitarian is recognized as the modern theory which has monolithic impacts on the current universe. Particularly. this theory has influences on the economic sciences. political relations and public sector ( Mark. 2007 ) . Harmonizing to useful ethical model. the ethical actions rely on the effects of actions and policy of greatest patterns. In the concern. this theory emphasizes on the right or incorrect results of actions ( Steiner. 2012 ) . In the free economic system. the intent of concern is to fulfill market demand and customers’ demands.

However. in the world. the scarceness and ferocious competition are the great obstructions for clients to have everything they want from the free market. Harmonizing to this ground. bargaining system is used as a tool to maximise customers’ demands and cut down the restriction from scarceness and ferocious competition in the free market place. Particularly. useful ethical model can be applied to the decision-making procedure in the concern universe. For illustration. the enterprisers are ever challenged by ethical quandaries such as the balance of quality degree and acceptable net incomes. This ethical issue forces concern proprietors to concern about non merely net income maximization but besides just patterns in the pay degree. The company may utilize low-wage workers from abroad due to monetary value competition while it is important for them to avoid puting off local employees and supply them with higher wage.

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On the contrary. if the company ignores to utilize low-wage foreign employees. the company tends to lose ability to vie in the market places which may take to layoffs of high-wage local workers. Anyway. utilizing low-wage workers may cut down the criterion of life and buying competence in the market. From this point. the company has to see carefully on the determination devising of ethical patterns and competitory ability. In the workplace. useful ethical model seems to go of import for the organisation. Today. most of the workplaces are dynamic and flexible instead than the traditional 1s. Comparing to traditional organisations. team-working construct and coaction are the on the job manner normally found in modern companies. The employee engagement and legion advantages may do some struggles in the companies.

As supra. the ethical rules are defined as the action to cut down the immoral actions and better productiveness in the teamwork including public images. Anyway. useful construct is rather tough to implement and accomplish if there is no strong written policies. defined procedures and strong ethical civilization ( Tom. 2008 ) . Top-management support is considered as the critical factors to assist the organisation to accomplish in the on-going preparation policy in moralss and morality ( Fred and Michele. 2006 ) . Accor Group is one of the elephantine corporate which pay close attending to the sustainability policy and corporate societal duty. The company steadfastly believes that sustainable development can supply them with decisive competitory advantage for the corporate trade name. partnership. clients and full organisation. The sustainability policy implemented by Accor Group includes sustainable development undertakings such as PLANET 21. PLANET 21 enables ACCOR Group to heighten competitory advantages in trade name values and partnership.

The societal and environmental patterns established by PLANET 21 can assist the company to come in a phase of sustained enlargement in cordial reception concern. Furthermore. ACCOR GROUP has established Department of Sustainability Development in order to pull off PLANET 21 efficaciously. The Department of Sustainability Development enables to ACCOR GROUP to run the support map expeditiously through internally and externally communicating scheme. The sustainable development policy benefits ACCOR GROUP in these undermentioned facets. First. ACCOR GROUP is allowed to heighten resource productiveness. ACCOR GROUP can use the high potency employees throughout the universe and pull off the supply concatenation optimisation. Besides. sustainable work force policy helps the company to use employee potency and mange work force diverseness efficaciously. These aid ACCOR GROUP to non merely grow gross but besides cut down overall costs of concern direction.

Besides. the corporate societal duty through assorted sustainable policies enables Accor Group to heighten the competitory advantages. For illustration. PLANET 21 is non merely CRS patterns but besides effectual operational tool for hotel direction of ACCOR GROUP. This policy provides the great solution to the environmental job and energy crisis which consequences in the cost decrease. ACCOR GROUP enables to cut down the energy ingestion based on the corporate societal duty of the planetary sector. Additionally. ACCOR GROUP additions a immense benefit from the sustainable policies in the facets of talent direction. In the ACCOR civilization. the employee is under the just direction system and equal patterns in the corporate policy such as promotional program and calling growing. The ethical policy enables to increase the degree of employee battle and committedness. As above. ACCOR staffs are willing to work fruitfully and constructively for the organisation.

However. there are many grounds why ACCOR may neglect to establish CSR policy. First of all. some stakeholders seem to be non interested in CSR policies. Some of them pay attending to merely corporate and private benefits while societal advantages are ignored. They use moral policies as the advertisement tool to advance their merchandises and services. Due to this fact. the local community and public benefits can non derive any advantages from ethical policies. For illustration. CSR policies may be distorted by some stakeholders who are non interested in the existent results of this policy. CSR is implemented for maintain corporate repute and trade name consciousness. Due to this fact. ACCOR may neglect in accomplishing the ultimate end in establishing CSR policies. Another ground is disconnected scheme. Ethical policies and CSR may neglect to establish in the practical manner because of no links between policy and strategic planning. One of the common jobs which are endangering to the success of CSR execution at ACCOR is the disjunction between direction policies and employees.

The inadequacy in pass oning system between corporate leaders and employees may take to the misunderstanding of CSR policies in the practical manner. Particularly. the operational staffs which are the cardinal success factors for successful CSR policy seems to hold non adequate communicating with executives. Missing of adequate communicating enables executives and operational employees to hold hapless chance to recognize the corporate policy. As above. the ill-defined apprehension in CSR and ethical values may be the great obstructions for corporate and society benefits. Due to this fact. ACCOR group can non cut down the energy costs and fiscal budgets while the failure in CSR policies can impact on the corporate advantages such as gross decrease and negative impacts on ACCOR’s trade name. All of these above grounds obstruct the sustainable growing of organisation and priceless patterns which can better the corporate advantages. working life of staffs and a whole community.

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All in all. the civilization of moralss is necessary for all sorts of concern to last in the uncertainness in the dynamic universe. Besides. the corporate moralss can assist companies to make the sustainable growing in a long tally. Particularly. in the great recession. every organisation has realized that merely fiscal benefits are non the ultimate end for concern endurance. It is critical for them to concentrate on the ethical construct instead than fiscal results. As above. ethical patterns are widely used in both non-profit and net income organisations. Corporate leaders have the full duty to implement the construct of CSR. ACCOR GROUP is the taking trade name of hotel concatenation which focuses on the ethical rules in concern operation. The company is willing to concentrate on the CSR rules for non merely legal responsibility but besides moral rules in running concern. For illustration. the company prevents child usage policy on the same criterion of planetary enlisting.

Besides. the company ever concentrates on the transparence of concern operation. In each concern procedure managed by ACCOR GROUP aims to keep the transparence and equality. All of the ethic operations applied by this taking trade name can assist them to accomplish corporate aims in the long tally. Furthermore. the company can keep the strong relationship with local community and environment. In the hereafter. an inaugural guideline of standard CSR will be required to demo in the populace. The strong CSR rules in each company will let employees to prosecute in the setting process of CSR. ACCOR GROUP should go on and develop the policy of sustainability and ethical values. The company can implement the new scheme of local community in order to increase the local employment and offer calling chance to them. For illustration. ACCOR GROUP should supply the ethical preparation classs for employees throughout the universe.

Every staffs in all places should be encouraged to affect in the CSR activities. Besides. they should hold the chance in the corporate battle in design the CSR activities and other ethical policies. The employee battle enables employees to recognize the nucleus rules and values of ethical patterns in running concern. Besides. ACCOR GROUP should stay by the fiscal jurisprudence to avoid improper patterns in the deceitful fiscal studies. The employees should be extremely motivated by ethical behaviours while executives should be responsible for moral behaviours in the fiscal studies. The corporate leaders at ACCOR are important to be consistent with the good administrations and CSR rules in running concern for the sustainable growing. In add-on. ethical quandary is one of the jobs which are the great challenges in many MNEs. Most of them are challenged by some ethical quandary on concern patterns such as just payment. Ethical quandary is the common jobs found in the modern concern patterns. It is found that the ethical quandary can take to serious effects on concern direction. Due to this fact. ACCOR should be cognizant of the moral struggles which may happen in the existent universe of concern uncertainness.

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