Ethical dilemmas in social work and theories Essay Sample

This essay will turn to the ethical quandary faced by societal workers and how they address these ethical quandary when working with service users and carers. It will be illustrated that codifications of pattern and codifications of moralss are of paramount importance when covering with these quandaries as they are 1s that guide societal workers as to how they should seek and work out these quandaries. Social workers encounter ethical quandary every twenty-four hours during their work. Banks. in her accounts says these are happenings whereby a societal worker brushs two unwelcoming state of affairss and there is a struggle of moral values. and there is no clear pick as to which determination to do. ( Banks. 2006 ) . To lucubrate on this. Banks implies societal workers are ever in places where they have to work out personal and at times hard and painful issues every bit good as ethical opinions about public assistance of service users.

This is a immense challenge to societal workers as these determinations may be life altering to service users. hence determinations taken have to be justified with valid grounds. Facts entirely can non find determinations to be taken. hence ‘it would be impossible to do picks without values’ ( Beckett. Maynard 2005:7 ) . Social workers need to hold a strong value base when practising. It is. nevertheless possible for personal values of a societal worker to collide with those of her professional 1s. and in this instance jobs may originate. Banks refers to this happening as ‘conflict of moral values’ ( Banks. 2006:13 ) . Although it is indispensable for societal workers to ever follow professional values when personal values clash with them. personal values can non be erased wholly but these need to be kept under examination and ‘kept under reappraisal. and be unfastened to other statements and other ideas’ ( Beckett. Maynard 2005 ; 17 ) .

On the other manus societal workers use different theories to inform pattern. Deontology. besides referred to as Kantism is a theory derived from thoughts of Kant ( 1724-1804 ) . a philosopher. His belief was people ‘should be treated as an terminal and non as a agency to an terminal ( REF…… ) He meant people deserve regard and have to be valued a persons. non to be used so others benefit. He believed everybody should be treated every bit. His political orientation was to allow travel of people s spiritual positions and see reason as paramount. Rationality. he believed. do people cognizant and have a deeper apprehension of their responsibilities and how their responsibilities enlighten what they do to the universe ( Parrot. 2010 ) . One of the most of import rule of societal work. self-government. is portion of deontological position. Self-government is a right. and portion of what it means to be human. and therefore we have the basic moral responsibility to esteem and advance ( Beckett. Maynard. 2005 ) .

In Lola s instance if the pupil societal worker were to utilize deontological position to do a determination she will hold to value Rajiv as a individual. The theory s chief contents is respect for people ( Beckett. Maynard. 2005 ) . This point of regard is in understanding with the British association of Social Workers ( BASW ) codification of moralss. which points that societal workers should hold regard for human self-respect. value for every human being their beliefs. ends. penchants and demands and regard for human rights and self-government ( BASW 2010 ) . Besides the Human Rights Act ( 1998 ) is in direct line with the thought of deontology as good. The societal worker s function is to recommend for people like Rajiv by seeking to obtain the regard due to them as individuals instead than merely seen as jobs ( Beckett. Maynard. 2005 ) .

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Kant criticised the useful political orientation since it allows people to give a individual for the interest of the bulk. if there was proof the benefit of the bulk would gain the forfeit done to that one person ( Beckett. Maynard. 2005 ) . One other theory societal workers use is consequentialism. and these a group of theories whose thought is ‘what determines the rightness or otherwise of an action is whether the effects of an action are favorable or unfavorable ( Beckett. Maynard. 2005 ) . The thought is to do certain the good consequences outweigh the bad. Utilitarianism is one common one used. whose thought is based on the thought that ‘the greatest is good for the greatest number’ ( Beckett. Maynard. 2005 ) . This theory was formulated by Jeremy Bentham ( 1748-1882 ) . Bentham s rule of felicity was to ever make what will ensue in felicity of the bulk ( Clark. 2000 ) .

Postmodernists think there is no individual truth therefore moralss are non at all relevant in modern society. as they do non retroflex modern society and be given to disregard individuality. and ignore cultural diverseness but reinforce the oppressive and dominant voices of those in power ( Bowles. 2006 ) Bowles argues they are seldom used so they are non relevant at all Ethical theories are nevertheless problematic and normally intend different things to different people. It is hence indispensable for societal workers non to establish their determinations entirely on these theories. but make usage of Codes of pattern when faced with ethical quandary. Codes of practise are at that place so service users and carers are informed and cognize what to anticipate from societal workers and hence at that place will ever be trust between service user and client. Harmonizing to Banks. values are regarded as those beliefs people regard as worthy or valuable ( Banks. 2012 ) .

Some values are personal. yet some are culturally/ societally shared. Our personal values form during personal and societal development ; besides yesteryear and present experiences act upon them. Ethical motives is that which society considers as right. yet values are that which is considered as good by society ( Dubois. Miley. 1996 ) . ln the UK codification of moralss have been produced by the British Association of Social Workers ( BASW ) . On the other manus the GSCC has produced two codifications of behavior. BASW came up with five basic values and these include societal workers to advance regard for human self-respect. pursue justness. through service and humanity. intergrity and competence ( Beckett. Maynard. 2010:77 ) Under the GCSS there are six points to observe and these include protection of right. publicity of independency. regard of rights continuing of public trust. every bit good as answerability. and all these are to use to service users and their carer. Social workers have a responsibility to follow the GSCC codifications of practise. and these are ethic models for them.

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These codifications enable societal workers to do opinion to their practise against an unethical criterion and service users. because they are informed are able to understand what to anticipate from their societal worker. A societal worker who breaches these codifications is likely to be removed from societal attention registry and can non rehearse thenceforth. Professional societal workers are responsible of their committees and skips as they hold a place of power and trust vested upon them by the province. therefore doing moralss an of import factor in answerability. ( Hugman. 2008 ) . Parrot ( 2010 ) says values are of import because they give a common set of rules to societal workers. and this enhances societal workers development in their pattern.

He goes on to state they give counsel to professional behavior. give societal work an individuality and protect service users from maltreatment ( Hugman. 2010 ) Valuess can non be separated from power ( Beckett. Maynard. 2005 ) . Foucault reference that power has the ability to specify what constitutes truth. and Marx argues that the governing category in any given society a. ever determines society s values. and these are normally those that promote their ain involvements ( ( Beckett. Maynard. 2005 ) Social workers work with the vulnerable. who are less powerful. yet they are frequently employed by the province which is a major Centre of power in society ( Beckett. Maynard. 2005 ) . it is at that place for clear that societal work can non disregard the construct of power and authorization. every bit good as the ides of anti-oppressive pattern ( Beckett. Maynard. 2005 ) .

The large inquiry is how can societal workers work for the province. which is responsible for hapless lodging. unemployment. low benefits. low minimal rewards and overcrowded schools ( Beckett. Maynard. 2005 ) . It is truly hard for societal workers to implement authorities policies and on the other manus be a force for societal alteration. hence societal workers find themselves in ethical quandary. Social workers do hold power in their ain right. e. g. when they have to step in in household under kid protection policy. Beckett. Maynard. ( 2005 ) says the fact that societal workers do at times remove kids from their households means households at times give them that power where parents experience obliged to fallow the wants of societal workers ( Beckett. Maynard. 2005 ) . Other powers societal workers have involve the fact that they are working with vulnerable people. every bit good as the fact that they control entree to services and resources to service users.

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The fact that societal work is a profession makes societal workers be considered to hold certain powers from the belief that they have certain cognition and accomplishments. ( whether or non they do hold these ) Misuse of power is something every societal worker will happen themselves in unless if they are truly careful. Examples are when a societal worker find themselves in a enticement to overly claim they know the truth. yet they do non hold grounds for it. e. g. when a societal worker claims they are certain a kid has been abused when there is no tangent grounds for it. but they are merely utilizing their intestine feeling ( Beckett. Maynard. 2005 ) . when a societal worker uses their professional place to enforce their positions of things over positions of service users. e. g. when a societal worker is supporting herself against a ailment from a service user. they might utilize their position and accomplishments to win the statement ( Beckett. Maynard. 2005 ) There is an issue of attention and control in societal work.

While these two are conflicting duties in existent life. in societal work they are non needfully in struggle at all. An illustration is where people are at hazard due to their deficiency of power societal workers with a responsibility of attention may hold to exert control in order to protect them ( Beckett. Maynard. 2005 ) . Beckett. Maynard. ( 2005 ) argue that control is non the antonym of attention when suitably used. e. g. if governments had removed Victoria climbe from her aunty. that would non hold been oppressive act ( Lamming. 2003. ) As a societal worker it is of import for me to be cognizant of my personal values and how they influence my determination devising in a professional scene for future pattern. In order to pattern professionally. cubic decimeter must be witting of my duties in following the professional codifications of pattern.

My ain values come from my upbringing. particularly the society cubic decimeter grew up in grew up in Africa. in a little community where everybody was a Christian. When turning up values instilled in every kid were largely from the bible. One poetry every kid was taught at Sunday school is Ephesians 6 poetry 1 which provinces that kids should obey their parents as this is right. The instructions were that we should honor our male parent and female parent. as this is the first commandment with God and your yearss will be added on Earth. Parents were feared. and it was unheard of to reason with any grown up. whether it was your parents or merely a neighbor.