Ethical Decision Reflection Essay Sample

Making ethical determinations requires an single to see many factors. Ethical motives are of import because any critical determination requires the determination shaper to see their ain beliefs to some extent to do an accurate and effectual determination. Other factors to see is what is incorrect or right. good or bad. and legal or efficient. An ethical determination that I had to do was with my current employer. My occupation is really generous with giving to the employees. and their policies are indulgent. As employees we have entire entree to the full installation including the kitchen. I noticed that one of the kitchen workers who worked the latest displacement took bags place with her everyday. It raised some guess in my head but I ne’er raised the issue because I am cognizant that as staff we can take place leftovers and we can besides order majority points through the concern office. However. one twenty-four hours when I came to work we had a staff meeting about things being losing from the kitchen runing from deep-freeze bags. flavorers and staff of life to boxes of meats. and pots. At that point that employee came to mind. nevertheless. I didn’t say anything I merely hoped she would halt. About 2 hebdomads later it happened once more.

That’s when the decision maker made the determination to counterbalance all keys from everyone but the kitchen staff and planned on adding cameras in the kitchen. Sing what I had been detecting from that one staff member and how the state of affairs was impacting non merely the full installation and staff. but the occupants every bit good because that is their nutrient. I decided to talk up. I realized that even though I was non involved. it became my concern. At the terminal I knew I did the right thing and it benefited everyone. even the stealer. The administrative staff was able to happen that individual apt for the loss and disregard them. The other staff didn’t have to worry about being a suspect. and the occupants were no longer being victims of larceny. Equally far as the occupation of class that employee had to pay them back. and this ordeal became a aftermath up call for the disposal to set some policies in topographic point alternatively of entirely trusting on single trust. Sometimes when people realize there isn’t a policy or much supervising they manipulate and abuse the operation.

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