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1 ) The subfields of anthropology seem rather diverse in their specific topics and methods. Why. so. are they all considered parts of the individual subject of anthropology? What ties them together? Anthropology is an extended subject. It is so wide it had to be split into four subfields ; Archeology. Biological ( Physical ) . Cultural. and Linguistic anthropology. The definition of anthropology is “the holistic. scientific survey of human kind” ( Park. 2014 ) . Parks ( 2014 ) provinces. every anthropologist wants to cognize why we have a inclination as worlds to act as we do. alter invariably. hold different cultural behaviours and the ability to invariably germinate. Anthropology answers these inquiries from the different subfields.

“Archaeology examines our past ways of life through the reading of material civilization. organic remains. written records. and unwritten traditions. Biological Anthropology trades with the development of the human organic structure. head and behaviour as inferred through survey of dodos and comparings with behaviour and anatomy of other primate species. Cultural Anthropology explores the diverseness of bing human ways of life. how they work. how they change. and how they interrelate in the modern universe and Linguistic Anthropology examines the construction and diverseness of linguistic communication and related human communicating systems” ( Sanoma State University. 2014 ) . Even though the subfields seem rather diverse they do hold similarities that tie them together. Harmonizing to the American Anthropology Association ( 2014 ) . “each subfield applies theories. employs systematic research methodological analysiss. formulates and trials hypotheses. and develops extended sets of informations. “


“Anthropology: researching the homo in all of us. ” ( December 12. 2012 ) . American Anthropological Association. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. thisisanthropology. org/about-anthropology Parks. ( 2014 ) Introducing Anthropology an Integrated Approach ( 6th erectile dysfunction ) . McGraw Hill instruction Sonoma State University. ( March 5. 2014 ) . Anthropology consist of four ( some would state five ) subfields. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. sonoma. edu/anthropology/home/subfields. hypertext markup language

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