Erving Goffman Essay Sample

Explain Erving Goffman’s thoughts on the presentation of ego. What are the elements of “Presentation? ” How. for illustration. does a college professor engage in a written presentation of ego to a category? What about a professor’s office? What features of the office are used to convey information to an perceiver? Erving Goffman believed that when an person comes in contact with other people. that person will try to command or steer the feeling that others might do of him. The manner they might make that is by altering or repairing his or her scene. visual aspect and mode. ( The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life. ” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation. 13 July 2014. Web. 21 July 2014 ) Ways we do that is cut and colourise our hair. wear make-up. frock appropriate for where we are. and wear accoutrements.

The elements of presentation are public presentation. gestural communicating. gender and public presentation. Idealization. embarrassment and tact. and tact. Performance has to make with tone of voice. frock. gestures. and objects. Nonverbal communicating is body linguistic communication. facial looks and gestures. Gender and public presentation has to make with men’s and women’s functions and how they see each other. Idealization is how our actions reflect our ideal civilization instead than our motivations. Embarrassment and tact refers to accidents that can go on and abash a individual. Tact is when a individual helps person recover from an awkward incident. ( Macionis. 2013 )

Some illustrations of how a college professor engages in a written presentation of ego to a category are what there tone is like. there body linguistic communication. and how they dress. How a professor’s office engages in a written presentation is the points in the office might be considered “props” for illustration tabular array. documents and computing machine. Some illustrations of characteristics of the office that are used to convey information to an perceiver would be how organized they are. if the individual has images of others it show who they value. and the sum of work on their desk shows if they are difficult workers or non.

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Small things in life prove the manner Erving Goffman sees today’s society. I wouldn’t look the same traveling to the shop as I would a nuptials. We all change our visual aspect based on our milieus. The manner I act. my tone and about everything else alterations depending on the people I’m around. for illustration. I wouldn’t talk to my ma the same manner I would speak to my best friend. The manner you are depends on who’s with you at that minute.

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