EPOS and EFTPOS Essay Sample

Note: this may be short. but is merely explicating the advantages and disadvantages of EFTPOS and EPOS. I hope this could assist some of you in someway or another.

EFTPOS means Electronic Fund Transfer at the Point Of Sale ; this is used for people who want to buy things with recognition card. EPOS is the abbreviation for Electronic Point Of Sale. the bookstore boulder clay system used for gross revenues informations and stock control ; this is chiefly for people who pay with hard currency.

EFTPOS is rather good for big company. and for people who like to pay with recognition card over the phone or over the net. This can be good as it is fast and speedy. nevertheless it can besides be unsafe and sometimes abashing. This is because if utilizing a recognition card at a store. the proprietor could be rejected because of an over bill of exchange. or if paying over the net. a hacker could see all the recognition card inside informations and could take money or diverse the money from the purchaser to the hacker. However EPOS could be easier. this is because you can pay upfront and non hazard of holding your inside informations being seen. but you do hold a hazard of your money being stolen or holding it lost. if it were a recognition card you could easy lock it and forestall the stealer from accessing your bank history

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