Endocrine system Essay Sample

The posterior hypophysis ( or posterior pituitary ) comprises the posterior lobe of the pituitary secretory organ and is portion of the hormone system. Despite its name. the posterior pituitary secretory organ is non a secretory organ. per Se ; instead. it is mostly a aggregation of axonal projections from the hypothalamus that terminate behind the anterior pituitary secretory organ. It is where neurohypophysial endocrines are stored and released. little egg-shaped hormone secretory organ that lies at the base of the encephalon. It is sometimes called the maestro secretory organ of the organic structure because all the other hormone secretory organs depend on its secernments for stimulation ( see hormone system ) . Your organic structure is in a changeless province of alteration. Your bosom rate. blood force per unit area and organic structure temperature all alteration in response to what you do and your milieus. Your organic structure has particular systems that invariably monitor these and other critical maps. Not merely must these systems proctor alterations. they must besides react and assist the organic structure to reconstruct balance. One of these systems involves the hypothalamus and the pituitary secretory organ.

The hypothalamus receives information from many beginnings about the basic maps of your organic structure. It uses the information it receives to assist modulate these maps. One of the ways the hypothalamus does this involves commanding the pituitary secretory organ. The hypothalamus does this by utilizing its ain endocrines to pass on with the hypophysis.

Among the things monitored by the hypothalamus is the degree of assorted endocrines in the blood. The hypothalamus has particular cells which receive information from the organic structure bespeaking how much of each endocrine is present in the blood stream. When these endocrines bead below a peculiar degree this stimulates the hypothalamus to let go of endocrines. These endocrines travel to the pituitary secretory organ. moving as the signal to the hypophysis to bring forth one or more of its endocrines. The endocrines produced by the hypophysis are released into the blood stream. The blood stream transports the pituitary endocrines to other endocrinal secretory organs. such as the thyroid secretory organ.

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The pituitary secretory organ endocrines may so excite their mark endocrine secretory organs to bring forth their ain endocrines. These locally produced endocrines do the existent work of modulating your organic structure. For illustration. endocrines produced by the thyroid addition the body’s metabolic rate. In some instances. high degrees of locally produced endocrines halt the hypothalamus and pituitary let go ofing more of their ain endocrines. This rule is called negative feedback. and it prevents endocrine degrees from lifting excessively high.