Employees’ Conduct and Freedom of Speech

Carl’s right to be a racialist and non be terminated

We live in the United States for a ground, and that ground is our freedom. We have many rights, which fall under the United States Constitution, which helps to protect our rights as U.S. citizens.

Carl is a difficult worker and it seems that he plays merely every bit difficult off responsibility every bit good. When Carl is off the clock he has a right to be a racialist if that is what he chooses, and he is non interrupting any Torahs. Carl states his group is ever peaceable, they have fun, and they are non a violent group.

Here is the ground that Carl had a right to speak to his employer the manner he did, they were s go againsting his First Amendment rights, which guarantees him the freedom of “religion, look, assembly, and the right to request or curtail their individual’s spiritual practices” ( “First Amendment” , n.d. , parity. 1 ) . Which besides guarantees his “freedom oflookby forbiding Congress from curtailing the imperativeness or the rights of persons to talk freely, andwarrants the right of citizens toassemble pacificallyand to petition their government” ( “First Amendment” , n.d. , parity. 1 ) .Carl has done nil incorrect, unless his employer made his mark an off responsibility clause that forbids him from engagement in these types of actions.

Do I believe that what a public employee does in their free clip should be of no concern to the populace bureau where they work?

This inquiry to me is non a yes or no inquiry because. I believe that one time you are a public employee that has “accepting public employment, you have foregone any privilege you may hold had as private citizens” ( Hudson, 2002, p. 8 ) , for illustration, a constabulary office, Prison guards and Administrations, Teacher, Judge, Public Defender, Prosecutor, Mayor, etc. Therefore, the public expect them to be on your best behaviour ever, because they are in the public oculus.

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Besides, some public bureaus do hold regulations about off the occupation activities, which they can or can non make on their ain clip, which might fall under at that place Ethical Behaviors policy, for illustration “Activities you can non prosecute in outside employment or any outside activity if it conflicts with your Government occupation, or if it could be prohibited by a jurisprudence or ordinance that applies to your bureau, or it might show a struggle because the outside activity would unfit you from executing a important sum of your Government duties” ( “Ethics-Outside Activities” , n.d. , parity. 1 ) .

Now, as stated before, I besides believe that it should be no, because despite what we might believe these persons are worlds as good and they will do errors publically and at the worst clip, but we as the spectators tend to bury that they are non perfect. There is merely one perfect individual, and he is in Eden, so why should we size up them when they do something on there off clip that we may non wish? So for me, I am straddling the fencing, and I can sympathize with each side, but I can non pick one side or the other because there are excessively many pros and cons statements for this issue.

So, public and authorities “entities have a constitutional right to privacy that protects them from most employer monitoring of, or even asking about, their off-the-job behavior, and hence, public employees are mostly protected from monitoring” ( Guerin, n.d. , parity. 2 ) . Besides, there are several Torahs in the private sector, which prohibits their employers from tampering into their employees ‘ personal lives off-duty from work.

There are some provinces that even went every bit far as to do a fundamental law intentionally that included an employee’s right to privateness, which would forestall their private employers from look intoing their off-duty activity. Some of those “states, including California, which has Torahs forbiding employers from taking any job-related action against a worker based on that worker ‘s lawful behavior off the job” ( Guerin, n.d. , parity. 3 ) .

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Does Carl’s place or position or his activity influence my thought?

Carl’s work place did non alter my sentiment, neither of him nor what he does on his off responsibility clip, nor influence my thought. But, the things that upset me and made me hold more with Carl was the attitudes of Lisa, who was utilizing company electronic mail to direct information about Carl to other employees in their office, and that Angie decided to travel on a fishing expounding by opening and following up the electronic mail about his off responsibility activity!

If they did non entertain the thought, and it was non obvious before that he was a racialist why should it count now? Carl, seem to make his occupation, has ever had a great public presentation reappraisal, and no ailments, so what he does on his off clip is no 1 ‘s concern. Therefore, he was right to province that, because he did nil wrong on his occupation or off.

I besides did non like the fact that the Angie and Lisa are shouting derogative remarks about Carl by saying “she wants the bigot fired” for everyone to hear. That is really unprofessional and should ne’er be done. They have merely now created a really hostile environment for Carl to make his day-to-day responsibilities without other dish the dirting about him, or worst.

If Carl was a police officer, would I believe otherwise?

Well, once more, my reply would be yes and no. Here is why, I know a batch of constabulary officers

and some attorneies who are my associates. I know a few of them have colour issues, affair of fact the African Americans and the Caucasian. I respect there experiencing, every bit long as those feelings do non traverse over into their occupations. I have experience that facet, and it is non reasonably. So, for me it would non count that is Carl’s pick and one I need to esteem.

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If I was Angie, how would I manage this state of affairs?

If I was Angie, I would maintain my information to myself ; because what he or she does on there off responsibility clip is no one’s concern. It amazes me how she came across this information, and why she chose to utilize it in this mode. They do non look to hold any bad history, but it does do me inquire if she excessively could be an clandestine racialist, and she merely showed her true colourss.


Carl is a racialist and he is happy being one, but he is non happy that his employer is prising into his off responsibility life, and I agree with Carl’s feelings and his right to be who he wants to be off responsibility. His life ne’er surfaced on his occupation, because he knew how to maintain them separate. I wonder how many of us have activities that we would non wish for our employers to cognize approximately, that we participate in on our off responsibility clip? Carl is a difficult worker and does his occupation expeditiously. He ne’er received a bad employee rating about his occupation public presentation. Carl is All right in my book, and his employer might desire to discourse with their organisation new regulations about utilizing company electronic mail for personal usage on the occupation, and possibly even add a sensitiveness category every bit good so that this will non go on once more.


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