Elder Care Case Study Essay

Mr. Trosack is a 72 twelvemonth old adult male who fell down a long flight of stepss a month ago. underwent a entire hip replacing and is in demand of a discharge program. He completed two hebdomads of rehabilitation in the infirmary for his hip every bit good as diabetic instruction for his new oncoming of Diabetes. It was besides discovered during this hospitalization that he needed to get down taking medicine for high blood pressure. Both he and his household are in denial about what it will take to acquire him place and present the attention that is needed.

Healthcare Issues and their Importance

Discharge planning and direction with an aged individual can go really complicated and should be approached with an unfastened head and the willingness to compromise with the household and patient himself. maintaining in head that the safety of the patient is top precedence. Before Mr. Trosack can safely be discharged place several issues have to be considered. It is of import that the instance director meet with the patient. his household every bit good as happen out about the inside informations of where he will be traveling and how much aid from household and friends is available and reliable. One of the issues that needs attending is his physical readying to travel back place. In his current province. he is non able to take attention of himself without aid. Based on the interview of his boy and girl in jurisprudence. every bit good as taking into consideration their deficiency of aid prior to the surgery. it doesn’t appear that they will be able to see him frequently or systematically. That will non work instantly because Mr. Trosack will necessitate day-to-day aid. for several more hebdomads. A rehabilitation centre may be his best option in order to guarantee his safety and avoid another autumn.

He will be able to go on physical therapy Sessionss in order to go on to better every bit good as unit of ammunition the clock aid when needed. He would have more step mounting preparation. hip beef uping exercisings every bit good as pace preparation. Attending the rehab plan would besides let him to socialise with people confronting similar obstructions and seting to a new manner of life. An Occupational Therapist ( OT ) can be consulted to help with seting to his activities of day-to-day life. Continued monitoring of his new medicines every bit good as excess aid with blood sugar monitoring may assist him cover with the denial of his new oncoming of Diabetes and Hypertension. The specializers at the rehab centre will be able to measure and find when Mr. Trosack is ready to travel place and can be independent with minimum aid. Fixing him decently the first clip can avoid other accidents every bit good as motivate him to maintain working on his strength and endurance.

Another of import issue to see before discharge planning is the safety of his place. Assessing and doing alterations to his life conditions is a must. After the safety appraisal was completed it was obvious that alterations had to be made at place to suit a individual with new disablements. Since the flat is cluttered. it must be cleaned up. There are several “memorable” hoarded wealths that he has at place ; soon they are jeopardies because of their location. They do non hold to be thrown out but they do hold to be moved. The kitchen. bathroom. life room. entry manner and one sleeping room all need to be free of throw carpets. collectibles and furniture that blocks the transition of a Walker.

There are two suites in his flat so one should go a storage country for all of the jumble until Mr. Trosack has moved beyond a Walker or cane. The bathroom needs to hold lasting safety tracks installed near the lavatory and bathing tub or shower every bit good as a non-skid applied to the bathing tub surface. The medicine cabinet should be cleaned out and all expired or unneeded medicines discarded or returned to a pharmaceutics. The kitchen is in good order but the icebox needs to be cleaned and the expired nutrient thrown out. The living country demands to hold minimum furniture and placed so things are easy accessible and non in the flow of traffic. Night visible radiations or gesture detectors need to be added to avoid a autumn when he gets up at dark to utilize the bathroom. Addressing the steps is non a simple solution.

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Equally long as Mr. Trosack is able to walk those stepss following a discharge from the rehab so he can travel back place. Side rails on both sides need to be unafraid and easy accessible to him at a safe degree for him to keep on to. Some flat composites have added lifts or lift chairs. if that is an option so that would be antic. These issues need to be references to avoid another hurt at place such as a autumn. Mr. Trosacks new diagnosing of Diabetes and Hypertension need to be addressed. There are many psychosocial issues with his new disablements and diagnosing. These are of import because he needs to be able to accept his disablements and take attention of his wellness. in order to avoid serious complications. heal and header. It is clear that Mr. Trosack is holding a hard clip accepting his new medical diagnosing every bit good as non being able to be independent.

His remarks about being able to manage it all himself at place but yet pass oning his defeats by holding to take medicines and non being able to acquire up and down the stairs speak volumes. Continued diabetic instruction may assist him understand the importance of nutrient picks and listening to his body’s signals of low or high blood sugar degrees. Even after discharge from the rehab centre Mr. Trosack should go on holding a place wellness nurse in for periodic visits since it may be hard to acquire to doctors’ visits to look into blood force per unit area and blood glucose. A portable glucose proctor and automatic blood force per unit area should be purchased and kept at place. The mental readying and get bying mechanisms will necessitate to be addressed prior to go forthing the rehabilitation centre. Denial from the patient and household tells the wellness attention squad that learning demands to be done in all countries and with all heath attention squad members.

Team Members and their Functions

Discharge planning for an aged patient requires a squad of wellness attention professionals every bit good as household members working together in order to hold a successful passage to place. The instance director demands to be in charge of forming the squad and following Mr. Trosacks advancement in order to direct the squad based on his altering demands. A Physical Therapist has been working with Mr. Trosack in rehab and that work needs to go on. He needs to better step mounting and increase his strength. He will necessitate to work on a generalize exercising plan every bit good as specific pace. balance and coordination to assist him go independent at place. He will necessitate to larn to utilize a Walker and cane. Research supports the most effectual intercessions to pull off falls hazard are those that incorporate exercising and that exercising plan demands to be structured. progressed. and must accomplish the minimal dosage of exercising ( Shubert. 2011 ) . An Occupational Therapist ( OT ) should be involved with measuring Mr. Trosack and doing certain he and his house is ready for his return.

Occupational therapy services include comprehensive ratings of the place and other environments and recommendations on equipment and preparation every bit good as counsel and instruction for household members. They try to accommodate the environment to suit the individual. ( “AOTA. ” 2012 ) . Mr. Trosacks son or brother should work with the OT to organize the bathroom safety bars and no skid flooring every bit good as doing certain all extra furniture and collectibles are placed in the 2nd sleeping room. A dietician should educate him on how to fix diabetic and bosom healthy repasts. Diabetic instruction is so of import for patients populating entirely. If he does non take his diabetic diet earnestly he may stop up with inconsistent blood sugars which in bend can take to unstable mental position and generalized motor failing.

A Social Worker will be able to help Mr. Trosack and household with fiscal and societal demands. The Social Worker can help with finishing paperwork for fiscal aid and medical equipment demands. Mr. Trosack may be able to acquire fiscal aid for medical equipment such as safety bars for his house. stair lifts. and exercise equipment. The societal worker can besides help in acquiring him meal bringing and acquire the patient involved in some societal activities. Organizing household visits and household aid should be done with the Social Worker and should be coordinated based on deficiency of outside aid.

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Social workers are challenged to enable patients and households to hold control over determination doing sing their discharge planning ( Kadushin & A ; Kulys. 1993 ) . They are trained to assist patients and households help themselves. The societal worker can assist the household place resources such as place wellness AIDSs to come to the house when household can non. Social Workers are besides trained in guidance and may be able to assist the patient and household header with the passage. A Home Health Agency could direct in a Registered Nurse ( RN ) . Licensed Practical Nurse ( LPN ) or a Certified Nurses Assistant ( CAN ) to supervise blood sugars. proctor blood force per unit area. proctor medicines and go on learning on all of those every bit good as aid in his Activities of Daily Living ( ADL ) . This squad needs to work with Mr. Trosack’s doctor who oversees the program of attention. helps find services and aids if consults or studies needed for insurance grounds.


Safety one of the chief concerns when dispatching a patient. The instance director needs to cognize that the patient is ready and equipped to do a smooth passage so he will non be readmitted to the infirmary shortly after discharge. As discussed in the appraisal. Mr. Trosack can non be discharged place because of several safety concerns. He is non strong plenty to mount the steps. his place is non ready to have him in its current province. he and his household are in denial of his demands. and the squad has non been established to help him. so it is non safe to direct him place. If he is able to go on Physical Therapy he should derive adequate strength to mount up and down one time he arrives place.

In his place. many countries need to be cleaned of jumble so he doesn’t trip or autumn. He will most probably be utilizing an assistive device such as a Walker or cane and they can easy go caught up in carpets or furniture. A clear way around the flat in required and gait preparation will be portion of his therapy. Taking into consideration all the safety issues that will find another autumn or even more serious complications it should be strongly suggested by the instance worker that Mr. Trosack continue in an inmate rehabilitation installation in order to give him clip to better his strength. wellness and get bying mechanisms. This will besides give him and his household clip to treat his demands when he comes place every bit good as acquire the place and services needed.

Discharge Plan Needs

Family is a necessary portion of discharge planning. In this instance. Mr. Trosacks merely household member isnot able to help him adequately to run into his demands and avoid an hurt or readmission. His boy and household are excessively busy and his brother is aged. Depending on this household for necessary day-to-day demands is non realistic. Along with non being prepared physically. they appear to be in the same head frame as Mr. Trosack sing the denial of new medical diagnosing every bit good as his physical limitations. Teaching demands to go a precedence and the squad may be able to assist with realistic ends for the household. This is where the societal worker and place wellness nurse could be of most aid.

Mr. Trosack will necessitate to hold some kind of “meals on wheels” bringing of nutrient when he returns place. It may be impermanent but should get down out that manner to avoid losing repasts. After he is comfy and capable of fixing his ain nutrient he may choose to hold the food market shop deliver a few times a hebdomad. Besides grocery bringing should be requested. The household can assist make some of the legwork for his reaching place. They need to be educated on what are needs and wants for a patient coming place from a hip replacing so that they know what they need to make and what they need to outsource to private bureaus. Educating them will hopefully let them to see that Mr. Trosacks is in demand of aid even though he denies it.

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Social Isolation

Our mental and physical provinces of wellness depend on each other. After any life changing surgery older grownups end up socialising much less if their activities of day-to-day life are affected. In Mr. Trosacks instance. he will necessitate to remain in physical rehabilitation longer and will non be every bit independent as before the autumn. A limited physical mobility normally means limited societal interaction. Limited societal interaction can diminish his motive to go on exerting and beef uping his organic structure and could take further to depression. Familiarity and stableness are indispensable in order for him to be able to get by and mend ( Nichols & A ; Riemer. 2008 ) . His societal interaction with his household may be strained because they are focused on assisting take attention of his physical demands and non focused on express joying. holding merriment and enjoying clip together.

Psychological Factors

A human’s ideas. feelings and attitudes all influence their behaviours ; those behaviours so begin to find how they will manage emphasis. Having a hip replacing is thwarting and nerve-racking for patients and households non merely because of the physical alterations but psychological. Mr. Trosack is used to caring for himself and is now non traveling to be able to make that. The sudden life style alteration is an added stressor that he needs aid to get by with. “If emphasis becomes relentless and low-level. all parts of the body’s emphasis setup ( the encephalon. bosom. lungs. blood vass. and musculuss ) become inveterate over-activated or under-activated. Such chronic emphasis may bring forth physical or psychological harm over time” ( University of Maryland. 2009 ) .

Mr. Trosack should be encouraged to acquire some cognitive behavioural therapy either one on one or back up groups one time he is traveling about more easy. It will be of import for the wellness attention squad one time Mr. Trosack goes home. to actuate him to maintain up with exercisings. proper diet. relaxation techniques. and continually monitor stressors involved. Mr. Trosack has already shown marks on denial with his new medical jobs. He is non happy to hold to take medicines and if he does non acquire aid to understand and accept his new medical conditions he will run into an even further disenabling province. He has lived in his place for many old ages so it is best to make everything possible to do that happen.


As stated earlier. the inpatient rehabilitation centre is the recommended topographic point from Mr. Trosack to travel to before heading place. He needs the excess attending and encouragement in order to be able to take attention of himself. He is non strong plenty to travel back to his house nor is his house ready to have him. His household support is will non be consistent. soother agreements need to be made for repasts and transit every bit good as activities of day-to-day life. He may non accept the thought of more rehab because he truly wants to acquire place but hopefully after learning him the importance of making things rights the first clip to avoid another autumn. he may hold. He besides needs to be assured that the squads end is to acquire him place every bit rapidly as possible. so the harder he works the faster he may acquire place and go more independent. The squad needs to seek to avoid holding him travel from the topographic point he has lived in and loves.

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