Egan’s Skilled Helper Essay Sample

Many people will. at some point in their lives. find themselves in the function of a counselor without holding a true apprehension of the construct of reding or what the function of the professional counselor entails. There is a large difference between a professional counselor and a individual who uses some reding accomplishments as portion of their function. for illustration their function as a friend or co-worker. A professional counselor is a extremely trained person who is able to utilize a different scope of reding attacks with their clients ( Anon. 2001 ) . This is a 3-stage theoretical account or model offered by Egan as utile in assisting people solve jobs and develop chances. The ends of utilizing the theoretical account are to assist people ‘to manage their jobs in populating more efficaciously and develop fresh chances more fully’ . and to ‘help people go better at assisting themselves in their mundane lives. ’ ( Egan G. 1998 ) . Therefore there is an accent on authorization. Besides the individual s ain docket is cardinal. and the theoretical account seeks to travel the individual towards action taking to results which they choose and value.

This theoretical account is non based on a peculiar theory of personality development. or on a theory of the ways troubles develop. It is a model for gestating the assisting procedure. and is best used in working on issues in the recent yesteryear and the present. As with any theoretical account. it provides a map. which can be used in researching. but which is non the district itself. The Egan theoretical account and mentoring are non synonymous ; the theoretical account can be used in many sorts of assisting relationships. and mentoring/co-mentoring can be done utilizing other theoretical accounts. The theoretical account can and should be used flexibly. The theoretical account works best if attending is paid to Rogers’ ‘core conditions’ . the assistants approach to the talker being based on genuineness. regard. and empathy. and if rules of good active hearing are remembered throughout. The Egan theoretical account aims to assist the talker reference 3 chief inquiries: •’What is traveling on? ’

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•’What do I desire alternatively? ’
•’How might I acquire to what I want? ’
Not everyone needs to turn to all 3 inquiries. and at times people may travel back into antecedently answered 1s. For simpleness. we’ll expression at the theoretical account consecutive. However. the skilled assistant will work with the talker in all or any of the phases. and travel back and frontward. as appropriate. Diagram of the Model

Phase 1 – What’s traveling on?
Phase 1 is about supplying a safe topographic point for the talker to state their narrative in their ain manner. and to be to the full heard and acknowledged. It is about a infinite where a individual can hear and understand their ain narrative. It is besides approximately gently assisting them raise their caput to see the wider image and other positions. and to happen a point from which to travel frontward with hope. 1A – an expansive portion

The assistant encourages the talker to state their narrative. and by utilizing good active hearing accomplishments and showing the nucleus conditions. helps them to research and blossom the narrative. and to reflect. For some. this is adequate. for others it is merely the beginning. 1B – a ambitious portion

Since they are in the state of affairs. it can be hard for the individual talking to see it clearly. or from different angles. With the aid of empathetic contemplations and challenges. the talker uncovers blind musca volitanss or spreads in their perceptual experiences and appraisal of the state of affairs. of others and of themselves – their forms. the impact of their behavior on the state of affairs. their strengths. “I’d ne’er thought about how it might experience from my colleague’s point of position. “

1C -Focussing and traveling frontward
Peoples frequently feel stuck ; that is why they want to speak. In this phase. the assistant seeks to travel the talker from stuckness to trust by assisting them choose an country that they have the energy to travel frontward on. that would do a difference and profit them.

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Phase 2 – What do I desire alternatively?
Peoples frequently move from job to action. or job to solution. without reflecting on what they truly want. or in what manner their jobs might be chances. Phase 2 is about this. about assisting the talker to open up a image of what they truly want. and how things could be better. This phase is really of import in bring forthing energy and hope. 2A – a originative portion

The assistant helps the talker to brainstorm their ideal scenario ; ‘if you could wake up tomorrow with everything merely how you want it. like your ideal universe. what would it be like? ’ The talker is encouraged to broaden their skyline and be inventive. instead than reflect on practicalities. For some people this is chilling. for some liberating. “At first it was truly hard but after a piece I Jet my imaginativeness travel and began to acquire truly excited about what we could accomplish in the department” . 2B – a world proving portion

From the originative and airy insight. the talker formulates ends which are specific. mensurable. achievable/appropriate ( for them. in their fortunes ) . realistic ( with mention to the existent universe ) . and hold a clip frame attached. i. e. SMART ends. Goals which are demanding yet accomplishable are actuating. 2C – traveling frontward

This phase aims to prove the pragmatism of the end before the individual moves to action. and to assist the talker look into their committedness to the end by reexamining the costs and benefits to them of accomplishing it.

Phase 3 – How will I acquire at that place?
This is the ‘how’ stage… how will the individual move towards the ends they have identified in Stage 2? It is about possible schemes and specific actions. about making something to acquire started. whilst sing what/who might assist and impede doing the alteration.

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3A – another originative portion
The talker is helped to brainstorm schemes once more with suggestion and encouragement to believe widely. What people. topographic points. thoughts. administrations could assist? The purpose is to liberate up the individual to bring forth new and different thoughts for action. interrupting out of old mentalities. 3B – concentrating in on appropriate schemes

What from the insight might be selected as a scheme that is realistic for the talker. in their fortunes. consistent with their values? Forcefield analysis can be used here to look at what internal and external factors ( persons and administrations ) are likely to assist and impede action and how these can be strengthened or weakened severally. 3C – traveling to action

The purpose is to assist the talker program the following stairss. The scheme is broken into bite-size balls of action. Here the talker is making about all the work. bring forthing their action program. The assistant works with them to turn good purpose into specific programs with clip graduated tables. Whilst being promoting. it’s besides of import non to force the talker into stating they’ll do things to delight the assistant ( Keele University. ND ) . If the terminal point of bring forthing an action program has been reached. the experience of seeking it out could be the starting point for a follow-up mentoring/co-mentoring session. The work would get down in phase me once more. stating a new narrative. If an action program had non been reached. that’s all right excessively. and the theoretical account can be used over a series of Sessionss.

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