Effective Command On The Language Social Work Essay

Communication plays a critical function in everyone ‘s lives, and as one of the most indispensable tools for assisting mentally and physically challenged people, I can candidly state that communicating is non merely a simple tool but a requirement accomplishment that forms the pillars of a good society.

There have been drastic alterations in society over the old ages that caused most people to set and alter. There have been gradual imports and exports of huge races and civilization, every bit good as updates with Torahs to congratulate the alterations. In the universe today, I think most people would merely take and wish to hold a peaceable and pleasant society, but with all the alterations and diverseness occurrence, emphasis becomes a common result. So how do we decrease these emphasis and move to a solution or via media? The reply would look to be in holding a good line of communicating between people.

Communication is a critical accomplishment that revolves on every relationship in a society and on several degrees ; an person ca n’t accomplish anything without interacting with other persons through communicating, the same thought goes to an organisation can non work expeditiously without every staff communication and organizing with each other, as a society wo n’t boom if organisations in it do n’t hold a good line of communicating.

Every organisation has a intent, a ground why they exist and map. In line with this, there are people who guarantee that the organisation will keep the criterion of efficiency, comply with every demand, expression after its staff, and guarantee that the organisation itself will stay true to its intent. This is a short description demoing how the organisation I work for plants and how certain of import persons contribute to the development and being of the organisation.

The organisation that I work for, a Nursing place, is a portion of a larger organisation whose chief map is to make installations to help elderly, vulnerable, handicapped and ailing people in their mundane lives every bit good as provide nursing and medical attention when necessary. Aside from this, my organisation besides functions as a competitory organic structure in footings of guaranting and keeping quality of service as set by the Care Quality Commission ( CQC ) .

So how is the communicating rhythm relevant in the concern environment, specifically in direction? Well the fact is, in the concern environment, efficiency is indispensable to accomplish maximal result. And the lone manner to accomplish efficiency in an administration is by working as a squad and organizing with other co-workers, and this means pass oning with the people you work with, but in making so, one has to covey purposes and aims clearly.

Ideally communicating can be used both verbally and nonverbally ; In the administration in which I work, we follow a line of communicating based on the organisational construction ( as shown on figure 1.1 ) ; this works by straight pass oning information, jobs or questions to the individual above or below 1s place and go throughing it on until the job has been resolved. Communication is frequently used to uphold consistence in the service being delivered and in the nursing place that I work for, communicating between staff is normally done by utilizing tools like communicating books, proclamation board, beepers, and even nomadic phones when necessary ; treatments during indorsement and staff meetings are besides used to advance good communicating between staff. When it comes to pass oning with service users, the nursing place that I work for advocators the usage of communicating AIDSs depending on the status of the service users, for illustration. Picture cards are used to assist staff communicate with the service users with hearing jobs, along with the usage of pen and paper, hearing AIDSs, proviso of a composure and quiet environment and the similar. The organisation besides make usage of some engineerings such as computing machines, nomadic phones, call bells and the similar. With respects to pass oning with other organisations, senior staffs normally coordinate with other organisations by agencies of calling them, by directing electronic mail, or by agencies of posting letters or signifiers.

Feedback is likely the most indispensable portion of the communicating rhythm, particularly when 1 is working in an organisation where the bringing of service and repute to a great extent act upon the hereafter of the organisation itself. In order to see if the service users are satisfied with the services that they are having, the organisation that I work for prepares questionnaires and press releases to both take some positions from service users every bit good as encourage people to kick or raise questions in order to further better the public presentation and image of the organisation. In line with this, the organisation that I work for besides follow a rigorous guideline in coverage and documenting any incidences and jobs to the Care Quality Commission ( C.Q.C. ) and other external organic structures which are involved so as to join forces appropriate intercession.

Figure 1.1



Senior carer

Carer and other staff

Board of Directors


Regional Manager

Area Manager

Home Manager

Deputy Manager

Head of Care

But one should understand that communicating can be both harmful and good depending on how you use it. When used decently, communicating can convey proper information every bit good as advancing understanding but when used improperly, it may take to misconstruing and confusion. As an illustration, a simple gesture such as giving instructions should be an easy undertaking when communicating is used decently, but when other factors such as tones and gestures are improperly used when giving instructions, the receiver may comprehend the action as an act of menace, abuse, or other signifiers of negative behavior.

Verbal and non-verbal communications are really utile and effectual accomplishments when mastered but there is another component that needs to be considered when communication, and that is interpersonal communicating. There have been legion definitions on interpersonal communicating, but in my ain sentiment, interpersonal communicating merely pertains to how you present verbal and non-verbal communicating. In a sense, interpersonal communications are those excess elements which give grounds on one ‘s personality, feelings or purposes. This means that although communicating is a utile tool in an administration, one should maintain in head other factors such as linguistic communication, gestures, tones, and degree of formality can act upon the effectivity of the communicating.

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In the administration in which I work, there are assorted methods of communicating used to relay information throughout the workplace and one ca n’t assist to believe that these methods differ with respects to effectiveness. In my sentiment, verbal communicating is rather convenient and efficient, but can in a manner be uneffective since I work in a topographic point where there are huge differences and diverseness of linguistic communications, verbal communicating has a inclination to be a cause of misconstruing or misinformation. Non-verbal communicating on the other manus such, as the usage of attention programs, communicating books and other paperss, are good known to be really boring and tasking work but besides a good signifier of certification and communicating every bit long as everything written down is legible, accurate, and concise. Along with certification, there are besides other signifiers of non-verbal communicating which deals with the interpersonal side of basic communicating. These include organic structure linguistic communication, gestures and demeanor. These signifiers of linguistic communication are frequently taken for granted but can hold a damaging consequence if non used decently, for illustration, a co-worker speaking to a relation of a service user with her weaponries crossed may be perceived as person who is defensive or person who is non unfastened to a conversation.

So in a manner, communicating is a dual border blade which should non be taken lightly for terrible effects may originate from improper use.

Undertaking 2 – Report

Organizations are specialised aggregation of people, structured and specifically managed to execute certain undertakings to accomplish a certain end. Organizations may hold certain distinguishable characters and parts that would hold to join forces with each other in order to work expeditiously. Knowing that organisations rely on the corporate attempts of the units of people working in it, it puts accent on the importance of good communicating and apprehension within the work environment by puting up communicating guidelines, integrating importance of communicating in policies and continuing good chumminess in the organisation.

The organisation that I work in besides relies on different organic structures which contribute to the day-to-day patterns of the establishment. These organic structures include the Board of the managers, who oversees everything and decides on the overall class of the organisation, the directors who works under the board and facilitate and pull off the different map of each nursing place, the deputy director who works manus in manus with the directors and help the directors running the nursing the places. Besides there are different staffs that work in the different sections such as the wellness attention suppliers, who straight works with the occupants and are responsible in the bringing of attention, the kitchen staff who prepares the nutrient for the occupants, the care and house servants who ensures that all equipments and installations are clean and in working order. There are besides outside organic structures who work with the organisation such as the providers of goods which may include nutrient supplies, medicine supplies and equipments.

In footings of the organisational construction, the organisation that I work in is led by a partnership between a Board of managers and the Council. These organic structures are responsible in placing the ends and lending to the determination devising, steering the class of the full organisation. Our organisation besides has regional and country directors who works under the board of managers and serve as the span between the board of managers and the directors and/or staff in the different nursing places. They besides manage the different nursing places at a certain country by monitoring, organizing and implementing the determinations of the board. The concatenation of bid so comes to the directors of our Nursing places who are the 1s easing and pull offing all the inside informations and work that goes around the nursing place. They besides have forces working under them to help them in their duties. The deputy directors work in behalf of the directors and aid the directors in his or her duties. And eventually under the deputy directors are those forces who work in different sections such as nurses, wellness attention helpers, care work forces, house servants and the similar.

To map as an effectual organisation, the organisation itself has to pass on with the interest holders. Stakeholders can be a individual, a group, an organisation, or system who affects or can be affected by an organisation ‘s actions. Examples of stakeholders include the authorities, the employees, the clients, the providers, the community and the proprietors. The authorities are involved in a manner since they have to implement regulations and ordinances every bit good as guarantee the Nursing place is up to standard every bit good as up-to-date with their revenue enhancement. The employees affect the organisation since the organisation itself relies on the value of their employees. The employee ‘s chief function is to execute their duties every bit good as follow the set policies of the organisation. Other issues that influence the organisation are rates of wage, compensation, and the quality of the people who works in the organisation.

With respects to the clients, the organisation that I work for chiefly focal point on the people who needs assistance, largely the aged and the ill or people with physical disablement. These people have great influence on how the organisation grows or autumn since they are the 1s who uses, wages for and besides evaluate the services that they are having. The providers on the other manus work in partnership with the organisation that I work for to present best possible result. This includes the G.P. , the druggist, the company in charge with nutrient, the linemans and pipe fitters, every bit good as the people who gets involve in particular activities.

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The community is a critical stakeholder since the organisation has to work together with the community in order to accomplish its intent. The organisation will necessitate rely on the community for its supplies, and employees every bit good as clients and follow the jurisprudence set by the society.

Communication is one of the most critical tools used in an organisation. For some it ‘s merely a agency of go throughing on information, but communicating has been taken for granted in tonss of grades. To counterbalance for single lacks in squad public presentation, changeless watchfulness is required ( Â Militello, Kyne, Klein, Gethchell, & A ; Thordsen, 1999 ) . Communication non merely conveys waies, it besides provides synchronism and is the key to understanding colleagues, subsidiaries, staff and clients likewise. Though communicating is frequently used to acquire positive consequence, it can be besides used negatively. Some ways where we can utilize communicating negatively is by utilizing it as a agency of maltreatment. Verbal and psychological maltreatment is one of the most common signifier maltreatments in the universe. This can be demonstrated by simple rise of voice, stating disgusting words, and conveying negative gestures ; and all of this may do a long disabling consequence on the people having this maltreatment. Other ways are by dish the dirting, speaking behind peoples back, and lying which may do jobs particularly in an organisation.

There are many ways to utilize communicating in an organisation, whether it ‘s through phone, facsimile, electronic mail, missive, or whether verbally or through gestures, and all these AIDSs in organizing interpersonal relationship within an organisation. An interpersonal relationship is an association between two or more people that may run from fliting to digesting. Interpersonal relationship at work constitutes the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours interaction between colleagues, or directors and employees.

The positive facets of interpersonal relationship lies on societal support, as it counterbalance other negative psychological factors at work. Some illustrations of these are backup, personal feedback and grasp. Although societal support is intended to positively reenforce people, there are ways it can take to emphasize in relation to the degree of support expected from co-workers, employees, or supervisors. Since the norms and traditions of interpersonal interactions will put the criterion to what we consider minimal degree of support, this may do emphasis due to a feeling of loss of security.

Another interpersonal jobs found in workplace is struggle, which may intend simple statement or dissension but can be caused by a figure of grounds, runing from cultural differences, behavioral jobs, to conflict of thoughts. Though relationships in workplace are non ever perfect, there are policies that promotes equality and Torahs that protects people ‘s rights.

In the organisation that I work in, there are legion struggles and jobs that normally arise between colleagues. Some of these are caused by barriers in communicating like holding a difference in societal differences. Some people may take things the incorrect manner, like a little rise in tone of voice may be interpreted as aggression. This is one of the most common misinterpretations in our workplace and is normally resolve by pass oning with each other, or in supervising. Dish the dirting and lying are besides some jobs seen in my workplace, these issues on the other manus needs a more steadfast intercession. Normally this is resolved by garnering all the people involved and screening it out with a line director.

Problems in the organisation that I work in, non merely happens between staff or colleagues, there are besides times when we have jobs pass oning with our service users. As you could conceive of, most of our service users are old, frail, some with hearing or sight jobs and some with cognitive jobs. These are barriers of communicating which require a more originative attack. In some instances like holding service users which are blind or deaf, we use particular tools to pass on with them like holding images and white boards to assist them convey themselves, or to utilize particular techniques such as gestural linguistic communication or simple gestures to pass on to them. Peoples with cognitive jobs normally require more forbearance and apprehension but uses the same attack as good, unless specified otherwise.

Taking the available resources, the identified jobs, and the overall status of nursing place that I work for, the undermentioned recommendations were presented:

Better the relationship between staff and their line directors to promote unfastened communicating that will assist place possible struggles between staff.

Remind all forces of the policies with respects to favoritism, managing of ailments and struggles, and policies about supervising and assessments as this would guarantee efficient direction of internal jobs.

Hold regular floor meetings and general staff meetings as this would give every staff the chance to show themselves and their positions of the establishment.

Enforce policies that encourage equality among staff like talking English in the establishment, ask foring each section to show their concerns and positions and promoting every staff to go to preparations and meetings.

Better the system of managing ailments and questions by fixing ailments signifiers and demoing instructions of how to do ailments and the procedure of how it is handled and resolved.

Identify and interview staffs who are identified to interrupt chumminess between staff, and taking appropriate actions when necessary.

Keeping events and activities that encourage good relationship between staff.

Undertaking 3 – INTERPERSONAL Communication

Communication with others is a critical accomplishment in mundane life ; hence it is indispensable that one have clear thought on one ‘s ain capablenesss in footings of communicating. So how do we measure our communicating accomplishments? Well there are assorted ways to acquire an thought on our pass oning capablenesss but I believe that the most effectual and accurate manner of deriving an thought about it is by take parting in communicating trials such as Pearson ‘s trial for English and I.E.L.T.S. ( International English Language Testing System ) . These trials will give you an thought on your abilities to pass on and rate them on several standards specifically in listening, reading, composing and talking. The fact is though, most people are apathetic when it comes to holding complicated tests like the 1s said earlier, and the thought of paying for some trial to measure yourself for personal grounds does n’t truly assist. Fortunately though, I was able to take part in an I.E.L.T.S. test on the 17th of April 2010 and was able to acquire a good consequence. To sum it up, I ‘ve been rated in 4 classs, listening, reading, composing and speech production and scored 8.5 in hearing, 7 in reading and 7.5 in both authorship and speech production. So what do these tonss mean? Well 8.5 agencies a really good user to an adept user, 7.5 means a good user to a really good user and 7 agencies a good user.

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An alternate manner of measuring one ‘s ain ability to pass on would be to socialise with other people try to measure your communications accomplishments based on their reactions and remarks. Still, personally, I would utilize the standards set by some communicating testers like I.E.L.T.S. since ideally, they focus on indispensable accomplishments necessary for having ( reading and listening ) and presenting information ( speech production and composing ) . I would nevertheless utilize other methods on hiting myself and alternatively of utilizing complicated hiting systems, I decided that the best manner to measure would be to merely observe down both strong points and weak points of my communicating accomplishments based to peoples feedback.

I ‘ve asked random people, chiefly my friends and co-workers, for their feedbacks sing my communicating accomplishments and stop up with this:





Fast decryption accomplishments

Good attending to inside informations

Extensive vocabulary

Inaccuracies when seeking understanding people with strong speech patterns


Deep comprehension of thoughts

Impressive planing abilities when looking for particular inside informations

Poor attending span

Some inaccuracies


Effective bid on the linguistic communication

Extensive usage of vocabulary

Good usage of emphasis and modulations

Good sense of formality

Careless in building



Creative usage of vocabulary

Good grammar

Appropriate usage of punctuations and Markss

More than capable in building of sentences

Hand authorship could be more legible

Could be more direct at times

Careless at times when it comes to formality

As shown above, I ‘ve collected simple feedbacks from friends and co-workers and made an lineation of some of my positive and negative points with respects to my communicating accomplishments. And as shown from the consequences, there has been greater positive feedback on all four classs which may bespeak that I am an effectual communicator though I still have to analyze both positive and negative feedbacks to acquire a clear image of my capablenesss as a communicator.

In listening, I ‘ve been given feedbacks as person who is able to absorb elaborate information rapidly with good degree of comprehension. Peoples say that I ‘m easy to speak to since I can understand and follow instructions rapidly, every bit good as clasp on to of import inside informations. On the negative side, I am weak when it comes to pass oning with people with certain speech patterns and people who speaks rapidly. Although this may be a job normally faced by some people, it is still a point to work on in order to better my listening accomplishments.

On reading, I ‘ve decided to measure myself by reading a short book and comparing my feeling of it with how other people understood it. I ‘ve determined that I have effectual comprehensive accomplishments to understand of import written information but I ‘ve found that I lose focal point after reading for a piece and acquire tired easy. Furthermore, after a piece, I start planing which sometimes makes me lose path of the information written.

In footings of speech production, legion co-workers have given positive feedback, stating that I have good bid of the English linguistic communication and seem comfy every bit good as natural when talking English, although many had commented that I ‘ve developed an American speech pattern which was non appealing. Furthermore, on the negative side, it was observed that in speech production, I demonstrate signifiers of hesitance by stating either “ Aaaa ” or “ Umm ” when speech production.

In authorship, several co-workers had pointed out that I was good at building thoughts when authorship, showing proper format when doing studies and essays and besides use punctuations suitably, but it has been said, I sometimes misuse some punctuations and marks every bit good as have a obscure calligraphy.

Most alteration for betterments are response to identified defects after contemplation and Self rating. Self appraisal is an of import technique that could signal a alteration in a individual ‘s interpersonal accomplishments which may be the finding factor for success or failure.

After analyzing the information gathered, I can state that overall I am a good communicator with good bid of the English linguistic communication every bit good as a individual with huge vocabulary to back up my communicating accomplishments ; but there are issues that needs to be addressed peculiarly attending to detail when reading, acquiring used to listening to conversations with a certain speech pattern, avoiding doing sounds when hesitating, calligraphy and attending to formality when necessary. Overall, I conclude that betterments on communicating are come-at-able with minor attempts and doggedness.

Some activities which may help in bettering my communicating accomplishments would be acquiring involve with preparation or squad edifice exercisings, start a wont of reading, socialise with other people more, making simple exercisings such as listening to music or watching English films, practising authorship and the similar.

By placing the strength and failing of my communicating accomplishments, I ‘ve gained some understanding on what I need to better and what other people expect of me ; this in bend gives me an thought on what I need to accomplish if I want to go a good director of an administration or even merely to go a good and effectual communicator.