Educating Rita – Willy Russell Essay Sample

Educating Rita trades with many cultural issues. Some of these are addressed in a serious mode. while others are presented humorously.

By such cultural issues. the drama is given an equivocal tone. with a temper which is serious yet in many topographic points amusing. By analyzing illustrations of both amusing and serious points we may understand more clearly which are more effectual. and cardinal to the drama. as a whole.

At really get downing of Educating Rita. the cultural differences between Frank and Rita are illustrated.

Frank asks Rita her name in a mode which is natural for a Middle Class adult male.

“You are? “

Rita doesn’t understand and returns.

“What am I? “

Even after Frank repeats the inquiry Rita still doesn’t understand.

“I’m a what? “

Soon. Rita shows us once more how different her background is from Frank’s. No respectable member of Middle Class Society would depict a spiritual bare picture as “erotic” . Rita declares.

“Look at those breasts! “

Of class it is most improbable that this picture “was the erotica of its day” .

Working Class Culture is once more evident in Rita. with its sexual insinuations.
a really short while after the first incident.

Rita declares that Howards End “sounds filthy” .

Rita interprets the rubric. Leslie howards End. with Working Class allusions. which are most inappropriate for such a book. This misinterpretation is instead diverting for the audience but less so for Frank.

We do non hold to wait much longer for Rita to misconstrue Frank once more.

Frank refers to the celebrated poet. Yeats. Rita. though. assumes that he is speaking about rather another Yeats:

Yeats “The wine lodge” .

Most predictably. Working Class Culture shows itself once more. in Rita. a small subsequently on. Again. Rita Judgess a book by its rubric. falsely. with sexual intensions. In fact the content of the book could non be farther removed from Rita’s outlooks.

Rita decides that Of Human Bondage “sounds dead perverted” .

One may be certain that Somerset Maugham was believing of a really different type of bondage.

Rita proves more mature in the 2nd act and supply one with few illustrations of the clang of Working Class and Middle Class Culture. Therefore. all highlighted illustrations come from the first act.

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In the class of the drama. it becomes evident that. among the Working Classes. instruction is regarded as unimportant. particularly for adult females. Surely. farther instruction such as Rita is having would be frowned upon.

Rita tells Frank that “Studying’ was merely for the wimps” . Bing “different from me mates” was “not allowed” .

Some manner through the first act ( I. v. ) we discover merely how strongly the Working Classes feel about instruction. Rita brings Frank the intelligence that Denny “burnt all me books” . Rita asks.

“Why can’t he merely allow me acquire on with learnin’ ? “

However. it is merely Rita’s female parent ( along with Rita herself ) who sees that there is a better manner of life. As she declares on the manner place from the “pub” .

“… we could sing better vocals than those”

She despairs that she could hold done better with her life than “singin’ some song” which she had “learnt from the juke-box” .

However. she stopped shouting without much persuasion.

“Ten proceedingss subsequently. Denny had her laughing and vocalizing again”

She realised that she has wasted her life but has non the strong belief and finding necessary to really alter anything.

As a related illustration. we can look back to Rita inquiring a client at the hairstylist. “Do you know ‘Peer Gynt’ ? ” After Rita “told her all about it” . though. “she was dead interested” . Rita tells Frank. “There’s tonss of them unit of ammunition by us who feel” :

“I want I could travel off searchin’ for the meanin’ of life. “

The Working Classes know that they could make better but none but Rita actively seek out a better life.


Early on in the drama ( I. four ) Russell addresses what Rita calls “that Working Class Culture thing” . Frank seemingly feels that every manner of life is every bit acceptable. For Working Class Culture you need merely to “look around you. “

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However. in Rita’s sentiment. there is no such thing Working Class Culture. She argues that. as “round our way” the people have “got no culture” as they themselves are non cultured. Rita declares:

“I merely see everyone pissed. or on Valium. seeking to acquire from one twenty-four hours to the following. “

Frank answers. politically right. as any member of Middle Class society would.

“Yes. but there’s nil incorrect with that [ Middle Class Culture ] if they’re content with it. “

Rita. seeing it from a Working Class position. declares that “they’re not” content with it. As Rita so competently puts it: It is…

“Cos there’s no meanin’ . “

In “the yesteryear. y’ know. the war. ” one felt that “there was some meanin’ to it” . Yet now. while “they know that they’re better off” . they feel that “they’ve got nothin’ every bit good. ” So. seemingly. for the Working Classes. their lives have “no meanin'”


In the class of the drama. the places of Frank and Rita alteration well.

Rita begins the drama as an ordinary Working Class miss but for her passion to larn – to populate a better life. This is made evident by her usage of linguistic communication and her unworldly idiom.

However. she struggles to make this and at one point feels a “half-caste” – experiencing neither of Working Class or Middle Class society.

Rita finally develops to the phase of being about a Middle Class immature adult female. at least on the exterior. Rita knows “what clothes to have on. what vino to buy” and which “books to read” . Rita is being mercenary.

She doesn’t realise that the Middle Classes are non mercenary. One may be oneself. so she can be Rita and still be respectable. For illustration. she could hold come to Frank’s dinner party and still have been herself. She feels insulted and that she could merely hold been entertaining as “a clown” .

She has forgotten that “if you want to alter y’ hold to make it from inside” . In fact. Frank declares himself to be “Frankenstein” . He feels that he. like Frankenstein. has created a monster – out of Rita. He besides refers to earlier in the drama when Rita’s female parent declared. “we could sing better vocals than those” . Frank goes every bit far as to state that it is non a “better song” but simply a “different song” that Rita is singing and that it sounds “hollow and tuneless” .

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It is merely when she drops the pretentious speech pattern and the clichés that Rita returns to being Rita. Rita has developed indoors. though. She has grown to appreciate literature in a critical mode and she now has pick in her life – she can remain with Tiger and “his mob” . she can “go to me mother’s” or she can come with Frank. It is merely with development that she has gained these picks and freedom. Rita has now developed into a respectable adult female. with tact and adulthood. like any Middle Class adult female.

While Rita rises in societal standing. the contrary happens to Frank. Frank begins as a respected. if dissatisfied. instructor. He has household and a steady occupation. However. Frank’s inevitable ruin is brought approximately by a defect in his character – his imbibing job. This leads to him fring his married woman and really about his occupation. He now has nil to populate for

By the terminal of the drama. Frank is the 1 who. like a member of Middle Class society. has “no meanin’ to life. ” Rita. interim. is now every bit respectable as Middle Class adult female. So. in consequence. Frank and Rita have about traded topographic points in society. In the sense that it is a defect in his character that leads to his ruin. this drama is. for Frank. a calamity. Of class. the rearward holds true for Rita.


The drama is made more gratifying by assorted humourous effusions. from cagey humors to diverting misinterpretations. However. it is the serious points and issues raised which are more effectual. It is basically a serious drama covering with many serious issues.