Duties of a Student Essay Sample

The period of life. which we spend to have instruction in educational establishments. is called student life. It is non merely the best clip of a man’s life but besides the seedtime as the success and felicity in our life depend on how we have spent our pupil life. That is why. this life is the life of work. of responsibilities and duties if the ulterior portion of life is to be a life of accomplishment and success. But what precisely are the responsibilities of this life? Giving a satisfactory reply to this inquiry needs a instead drawn-out treatment.

It is said. “Man has three responsibilities – responsibility towards God. responsibility towards parents and responsibility towards world. ” I think. a pupil has to make all these three responsibilities including an excess responsibility. i. e. survey. The first and first responsibility of any pupil. as everyone opines. is survey. The chief survey class of a pupil consists of the books or stuffs he / she is supposed to analyze. These are doubtless. the primary beginning of cognition for pupils. Since these are pre-planned and prepared harmonizing to their specific demands. they should first learn from them. A broad scope of other mention every bit good as non-reference books. novels. play. poesy. magazines. articles. nevertheless. will be considered every bit of import in this respect.

After that. a pupil should state his supplication on a regular basis as praying wont creates all the qualities of humanity like honestness. truthfulness. modestness. niceness. promptness. subject etc. He should bear in head. what Mahatma Gandhi remarks. “Real instruction consists in pulling the best of yourself ; what better book can at that place be than the book of humanity. ” He should go through his clip in a systematic manner. which will assist him to follow the regulations of subject and promptness to the latter. He should take portion in games and athleticss to maintain tantrum besides. It helps him to hold a sound organic structure and accordingly. he can develop a sound head. He besides should take in argument. treatment. seminars. and symposium. which will widen his cognition.

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A man’s character is much more influenced by his comrades. So it is the first responsibility of all the pupils to blend with good friends and give up bad company at all costs. A pupil can travel on jaunt and field day with his fellow pupils by which humdrum will be derived. A pupil should obey his teacher’s direction to the missive. Parents are the most sympathizers of a adult male. So he should ne’er be out of control of the society. A pupil has to acquire involved in the wale and suffering of his ain household. A pupil should go a existent nationalist. A pupil can render many societal and benevolent activities. He can learn the nonreader people.

He can assist them understand the importance of household planning. malnutrition. sanitation. detonation etc. During the clip of natural catastrophes. he can function the affected people by giving them nutrient. shelter. medical specialty. pure imbibing H2O. apparels etc. He has to cognize how to place himself with the whole state with regard to assorted facets of its pride and lacks. That is. he has to turn a sense of belonging. Though. pupil should non take active portion in political relations. they should take a bold base at the clip of natural demand and put everything right. They should bear in head that lone pupils can do a state great. So they should be careful to achieve the qualities of a worthy citizen.

There is no rose without irritants. no right without responsibilities. and no pleasances without strivings. No admiration so that a pupil has to dispatch responsibilities to his ain ego. to his parents. to his household. to his state and to the broad universe. Mistake one time committed in this period can barely be recovered. The success of our life depends on the best usage of our pupil life.

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