Don’t limit your child’s learning Essay Sample

“Don’t bound your child’s acquisition for she was born in another time” – Rabindranath Tagore

Right now I can remember some of father’s narratives which ever begin with “In our clip this was the case… . . ” and stoping with “……but today it is so different” . We are ourselves have witnessed this alteration the cell phone roar. the point com roar. we have lived through it all. The universe around us is on a changeless move and nil remains the same for a big sum of clip one can ne’er be certain that what exists today may be tomorrow. but even in this fast moving clip we can be certain of one thing: CHANGE. Change is something which is an all-time present force. the universe is recasting. invariably reshaping to set to alterations taking topographic point around us doing even more alterations ; therefore. doing a barbarous circle of ever altering.

We understand that things ever change and we accept this alteration. but why is it that we have limited our understanding to this alteration? Why do we non understand that like all things around us the time’s in which our kids are born besides alterations. Their demands are different. their environment is different. their ideas. their thoughts. They live in a clip when if you tell them that you lived without a Television. some may non even believe you because they find the Television to be a mundane mundane object unlike your childhood when it was a luxury. Bing a physician. applied scientist. even a civil retainer were at was considered a good profession which was in line with the society’s norms.

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Writing or picture or even moving were something which one merely dabbled in non took up as a profession. though there were ever exclusions but this was what fit the society’s norms and usually they were non really flexible Today the universe has progressively consolidated into one whole due to the increasing technological progresss and has been called many a different names one of them being ‘Global Village’ . the universe today has become a runing port where physical boundaries have lost their importance and assorted civilizations are invariably interacting and losing their singularity and intermixing into one.

With this blend the stiff societal norms are interrupting off. giving rise to newer norms and today the norm is: “Do what you do best” . it is the clip of specialisations and here specialisation does non intend specialisation as an applied scientist or a physician but instead even as a painter specialising with say abstracts or human figures or nature. The stating “sky is the limit” . fits todays times and chances really competently and yet we are unable to allow loose from our societal norms and are unable to accept this alteration in our