Does Un Succeed Or Fail In Its Role


These yearss many people are stating that the UN is overburdened and powerless. At the bosom of this crisis is the sudden enlargement of UN engagement in hot-spots across the Earth, attached with a turning figure of abashing failures and some singular successes in its missions to maintain peace, security and to guarantee the protection of basic human rights and economic and societal sustainable development in the international field. The grounds behind UN successes and failures of UN public presentation in peculiar states: Middle East struggle ; Kampuchea ; Somalia ; and Haiti, will be discussed as followers.


UN Security Council is the main organ of UN system. UNSC is the instigator of the peace of the Peace Operations. One of the noteworthy successes in Middle East, UN has deployed its Peace Operations in deciding the struggles. Arab-Israel struggle is one of the most terrible jobs. To state in short the struggle between the Arabian and Israel is about contending to busy the same land. For centuries so far since the two parties ne’er find the solution, in June 1948 the UNSC ordered the first UN Peacekeeping Mission called “ UN Truce Supervision Organization ” to West Bank, Gaza and the environing Arab provinces to oversee the armistice between the Israel and Palestine Arab. As consequence it has reached to the constitution of State of Israel. Since so, the UNTSO has played supervising and observation function and has besides acted as mediator for the hostile parties in the part. The UNTSO remains in operation until today.

The other success of UN is the mission in Lebanon. In 1978 UN commanded the UN Interim Force in Lebanon ( UNIFIL ) in order to reconstruct international peace and security in the part following the war between Israel and Lebanon. The operation remains go on its mission until today.

Another success is the UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia ( UNTAC ) . This Peacekeeping mission established in Cambodia from February 1992 till September 1993. With its attempts UNTAC has come up with some accomplishments: the forming conducting free and just elections, the taking the Kampuchean struggle as a beginning of regional tenseness and presenting the land for Human Right and Democracy Practice.

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In Human Right, the UN plays cardinal functions in puting human rights criterion, so monitoring, promoting, and enforcement the human rights criterions. Refering to the Human Rights issues, UN has played a really of import function in deciding the job in South Africa which is one of the most achievement of UN. In 1948 South Africa adopted the Apartheid Policy which lawfully separated and caused major favoritism on black bulk and the white minority. The policy was privileged to the white beginning but the rights of the black were massively violated. This job evoked international community and provoked run against the Apartheid Policy. Chiefly, UN approved the countenance and isolated the South Africa. Furthermore, in join forcesing with NGOs that working for human rights issues, provided assistance to group defying Apartheid and played a cardinal function in publicising and educating the universe about Apartheid. Scholarship were given to the black South African pupils, imperial assistance were provided for those imprisoned for Apartheid related offense, resettlement was offered for the refugees from the government. As consequence Nelson Mandela who was a leader of the African National Congress ( ANC ) was freed from prison. More significantly, the run was successful, changed the South African changed government from white control to black bulk regulation. Even though, racism persists to some extent.

Another accomplishment of UN under the ECOSOC organ has shown its potency in taking universe economic advancement. For instant the Bretton Woods system, the international establishment which consists of World Bank, IMF, WTO have been deriving best accomplishment when trade and fiscal flows occur more freely. World Bank ‘s orientation listing from supplying loans to major substructure undertakings, basic human demands, private sector engagement, environmentally sustainable development, poorness decrease and good administration. Besides, IMF proctors planetary fiscal system. Its cardinal function is to stabilise international exchange rate by supplying short term loan and acts as an intermidiator between creditors and debitors states. As consequence IMF has played in transforming Russian and other communist states to market economic system. During Asiatic fiscal crisis, IMF has pooled fund to Asiatic states, particularly Indonesia. Another critical histrion, WTO adopts four rules: support trade liberalisation, none favoritism in trade ( provides MFN ) , reciprocality allowing others the same grant they expansive you and uses duty to protect place market.

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However, when UN has succeeded in many peculiar issues, it has encountered the failure in the undermentioned instances. First, associating to Peacekeeping in Somalia owing to hebdomad authorities and many ethnics conflict in the part, UN faced many dead ends to enable it mission in work outing the job. For case, after the killing the 23 of Pakistani solders in 1993, UN Operation in Somalia ( UNOSOM II ) gave up it attempt. Following twelvemonth, 1994 United States withdrew because of the 18 Americans were killed by the Somalia soldiers.

Following this instance, the US decreased some sum of part to the UN, halted the landing of American military personnels, and advisors in Haiti where they were to take part in the UN- aided passage to a democratic government- because demonstrators in Port-au- Prince threatened to make “ another Somalia ” .

Refering to Human Rights, UN has failed to find the clear boundary of human rights. Human Rights are believed cosmopolitan harmonizing to western sentiment. But in Asiatic sentiment it advocates cultural relativism. The subject remains an reply debated because it is non clear that whether all human rights are cosmopolitan that is applicable to all people in all topographic points, faiths and civilizations. The rule of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( UDHR ) and other human rights paperss presented Western values. The Western states accused of utilizing those rule to rule and interfere in internal matter off Asiatic states.

Refering to economic crisis for case in 2008 the root cause spread from US supplying mortgage loan heedlessly to the clients. When the existent estate monetary value get down, the clients could non pay back to the bank of which the bank has to impound their belongings. The market, as a attendant deficiency of liquidness money and the economic crisis occurred. The halfway bank had to publish more currency which led the cost of good increased. Consequently, it caused the rising prices. The economic crisis affected non merely the US but besides other members of WTO. This instance seemingly shows the UN inefficiency in intercession to reconstruct the crisis.

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Another noticeable instance of the failure of UN is that when UN wants to make the solution so even of the P5 exercises its veto power lead to UN confronting deadlock right off.


In decision, UN has accomplished many accomplishments. However there are some failures parallel with this success. In my sentiment, UN has to do some reforms to be an effectual and efficient international establishment to react to the planetary issues. The solutions have to be taken into consideration to react to some failures UN should restrict P5 veto power, oblige the member provinces to lend the wage one-year fee on a regular basis in order to avoid the fiscal crisis. Refering to human right jobs the instance particularly in Asia UN should command the member states adopt the regulation of set by UN which protects the rights of all human being to avoid the Human Rights misdemeanor and favoritism. In other word, the ace power should perpetrate to portion the kindness systematically for the great interest of universe involvements. As UN has reached to the point of today with immensely accomplishment, even though UN fails in some instances which are ineluctable, I believe that UN still traveling frontward because UN is important international establishment that plays a really of import function to convey the universe to integrity and portion common planetary involvement.