Do Schools Put Too Much Pressure on Kids Essay Sample

Yes. it’s true that school put a batch of force per unit area on childs. School kids are ever seen transporting a immense bag of books and notebooks along with them. Though it’s a category 1st child or a category 10th child. all have immense load of surveies. Nowadays everyone wants to come foremost and no organic structure wants to be the last. Every organic structure merely negotiations of Markss and syllabus irrespective of larning things in a better and appropriate manner. Children ever want to hit higher and higher. Even the parents besides want their kids to be amongst the toppers. For that they spend 1000s rupees on their kids surveies and on their better life conditions so that they can analyze in better and efficient manner. This increases among pupils a spirit of competition and they sometimes work even more difficult to turn out themselves.

But this does non make title-holders but it merely puts a batch of load on school kids. Childhood is a clip when childs grow and become mature. Their mental and physical degree grows and they are able to larn and research new things during that clip. But in schools a immense force per unit area of surveies and work are put on kids. And they merely study in schools. Schools. particularly. private schools follow a peculiar course of study and a good defined form as harmonizing to assorted establishments or boards like CBSE. ICSE. etc. This puts an huge force per unit area on schools which have to finish the course of study on clip. and finally taking to undue force per unit area on kids. This sometimes create a negative impact on kids because they sometimes make themselves so busy that they forget other of import things in life like playing. reading other diaries and books.

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All this is because of their feverish school life because schools put a batch of force per unit areas on surveies merely instead than doing kids take part in other activities. This is a truly bad thing as kids don’t acquire exposure of outside universe and they are ever seen larning for their trials. making assignments and prep and merely those undertakings which their instructors give to them. This makes their life truly busy and they are so much miserable that they can’t do any other work. Nor they can watch educational Television channels such as find. national geographical etc. because they don’t have clip for anything. All this is because of their school which put undue force per unit area on childs. Assorted studies are done for school kids and it is seen that kids carry a immense leaden bag to school daily. This is non a good thing at all.

In foreign states pupils are provided cabinets in the school premises so that the kids don’t have to transport heavy bag with them daily to school. They merely have two carry on prep transcripts merely and that excessively small one. But this is non the instance in India because as we are ever of deficiency of resources. schools can’t provide them cabinets system. But this could be good thing for the development of India. Not merely this. kids ne’er enjoy their summer and winter holidaies because they are ever provided with immense sum of prep and assignments for the holidaies. The prep is though knowing but side by side clip consuming besides because childs couldn’t bask their holidaies because they have two do prep.

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They can’t travel to relatives topographic point because they have homework. Though “A pupils life is the toughest life” but their must be some relaxation to it because if they are put into a batch of load so they can ne’er accomplish success. Because this is justly said that “A excessively must stretched twine is becomes strong up to a certain bound. after that it breaks. ” So a student’s life in a same manner is really suffering and they must non be so much stretched that it creates negative impacts on them.

The chief ground of pupils perpetrating self-destructions is this merely because some kids can’t take force per unit areas put by their school. so they take incorrect stairss like self-destructions and some go into drugs and all such bad activities. Though schools take a batch of attention of the childs but so besides they are frequently put into bad wonts when they are in school itself. But it shouldn’t be the instance because as schools are ever referred as temples so kids should ne’er be disadvantaged because of that. Besides kids ever enjoy when they are in school because they ever go to school to larn sometime. non to acquire overburdened. Hence schools should ever make sometime to get by with this job because kids being the hereafter of our state should ne’er be mistreated. Besides overburdening of kids with work is against the regulations and ordinances of assorted NGO’s and organisations.

Something should be done for the improvement of school childs like they should be given lesser prep. They should be made to make written work in school merely because written work is the lone thing which consumes a batch of clip. If written work is done in the school itself so the kids will merely hold to make larning work and activities at place. Besides kids should be ever be encouraged to larn non to jam things because we can’t cram everything but can understand things and this is the best manner because want of all time we cram will be lost from our heads one twenty-four hours but whatever we learn and understand will remain with us everlastingly.

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And this cramming of things is the most feverish portion for pupils and this sometimes make a bad impact on them. For example- we ever learn and understand mathematics. so it stays in our head everlastingly because we have learned the constructs non jam them. In the same manner we sometimes jam a lesson so it one or the other twenty-four hours will acquire lost from our head. So jaming ne’er helps. Hence the school should ever promote kids to be in front in life but non to merely work in life. And besides they should non enforce tonss of work on the shoulders of little childs.