Distinguishing social bounds in Romeo and Juliet with Language Essay Sample

Language is a tool everybody uses everyplace and all the clip. Whether verbal or non-verbal. it helps each and every one individual to pass on. Although. linguistic communication is most likely used to assist convey different message. the usage of linguistic communication in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is how the audience gets a sense of different types of character. Language can be used to demo literary devices and state the audience about the duologue in the drama. The usage of linguistic communication is important in uncovering different societal categories and character types in Romeo and Juliet.

Literary devices are used more often by high category citizens when compared to citizens of low category. A literary device such as prefiguration is normally used by chief characters in the drama. Juliet says to Romeo. “Methinks I see thee. now thou art below. as one dead in the underside of a grave. either my seeing fails. or thou look’st pale” ( 3. 5. 55-57 ) . Boding gives elusive hints and helps fix the audience for of import approaching events. This line which gives prompts about Romeo being dead. is between two chief characters. Shakespeare. would non allow a low category character such as the nurse to uncover a major portion of the drama since this drama is a calamity. Additionally. high category characters use metaphorical linguistic communication throughout the drama to a greater extent as to low category characters.

In the drama. Romeo compares Juliet to the Sun “But. soft! what light through yonder window interruptions? It is the E. and Juliet is the Sun. ” ( 2. 2. 2 ) . Shakespeare made chief characters use metaphors frequently because the literary device adds complexness and deepness to speech given out by a character. Therefore. metaphors will assist develop the character and demo the spectator about his or her emotions. With address from a high-toned character being complex. the audience will pass more clip on the chief character instead than characters of the lower categories. Literary devices non merely convey more attending upon the high-class citizens in Romeo and Juliet. but they besides add deepnesss and a dramatic affect throughout the drama.

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In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. the duologue can separate different degrees of societal category. The content. what the characters speak about. can demo what societal category they fall under. In the drama low category retainers such as Sampson and Gregory talk about subjects undistinguished to the dramas secret plan. They province many wordplaies and play on words when talking. Sampson says to Gregory “Ay. the caputs of the amahs. or their hymens. take in what sense 1000 wilt. ” ( 1. 1. 23 ) . However. Lord Capulet. who is associated among the high category characters. speaks upon of import issues such as matrimony in the drama. Shakespeare let high category characters talk about of import affair in the drama because the content is what develops the secret plan and when the chief characters develop the secret plan. viewing audiences connect to the chief character through emotional engagement which hooks the audience to the drama.

Furthermore. the construction. how the characters speak. can besides divide low and high category citizens in Romeo and Juliet. One can easy state if a character is high or low societal category if that character uses the word ‘sir’ in his address. The servingmen in the drama ever address high category characters as ‘sir’ . For illustration. a servingman says to Capulet. “You shall hold none ill. sir. for I’ll attempt if they can cream their fingers. ” ( 4. . 2. 3 ) . In contrast. when low category characters talk to other low category characters neither say ‘sir’ to one another. Besides. when high category characters talk to characters of low category they address low category characters by name. These illustrations shows that high category characters have authorization over low category characters. When one addresses another as ‘sir’ it shows that they are at the lower terminal of the authorization graduated table ; which in bend can besides intend they are at the lower terminal of the societal category graduated table. Shakespeare uses and elements of texts really good in conveying which characters are where on the societal category hierarchy.

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Fictional characters are good differentiated from the many societal category degrees in Romeo and Juliet because of the literary techniques used and the facets of text in the drama. Determining societal category in a drama written in the 1800’s can decidedly assist the audience understand and acquire a sense of the different character and their emotions throughout the secret plan.