Dissertation on Teamwork and Customer Service Quality Essay

1. 0 Introduction

This chapter includes the background of the survey. statement of the job. intent of the survey. aims of the survey. research inquiries. and range of the survey. significance of the survey. restrictions of the survey and operational definition of footings.


Phil ( 2002 ) squad working is a group of people who work together towards a shared and meaningful results in ways that combine their single accomplishments and abilities and for which they are all responsible. He added that a existent squad does non merely go on but an organisation has to work at it. make it. maintain and prolong it for the development and proviso of quality criterions and outlooks to the clients. Organizations need teamwork in order to advance invention and synergism. better their end accomplishment. advance professional development of squad members. achieve clip decrease marks and acquire cross-boundary ownership of undertakings and jobs.

Ronald ( 2004 ) argues that client service depends on the outlooks of the single client. However. all efforts to specify client service tend to concentrate on the relationships at the buyer/seller interface. He farther added that to accomplish the client service degrees expected. an organisation demand to guarantee that for each of these two classs: the systems. measurings and the people are in topographic point to react to each client group or market. Juran ( 2000 ) says that quality is the grade of excellence that is fittingness for the intent. It can besides intend the grade in which client demands are met. Quality is built at every phase and squads solve jobs where everyone is responsible for the quality of the merchandise.

A client is a individual or an organisation that buys goods or services from the store. concern. etc on a regular footing. Woods et Al ( 2001 ) assert that client service quality as the satisfaction of the agreed client demands. This means that the entire client service quality is the mobilisation of the whole organisation to accomplish quality. continuously and economically.

National course of study Development Centre is an arm of the Ministry of Education and athleticss responsible for the Inter-alia development of course of study and related stuffs for assorted degrees of instruction. The National course of study Development Centre was established by NCDC act chapter 135. Torahs of Uganda Revised Edition 2000 whose history is decree No 7 of 1973.

Baale ( 2010 ) a curriculum specializer in math for secondary at NCDC. squad working is really important in the development and reappraisal of course of study that consequence into the satisfaction of parents. stakeholders. scholars. instructors and the general populace. He emphasized that squad work can non be avoided when developing course of study as it includes a panel composed of members from different countries such as capable specializers. practising instructors. instructors associations. UNEB representative. ESA representative. teacher trainers particularly from some Universities and employers or parents.

Team work comes when a topic course of study is being developed. In this instance a panel of 18 members from assorted establishments sits and develops the course of study. Baseline study is conducted from parents. instructors and sometimes from scholars which result into kid based course of study. Then pilot survey of selected instructors from few schools is done and cluster meetings held by instructors who carried out pilot survey. The instruction system readying trains all instructors about the developed course of study and NCDC specifies instructional stuffs to the ministry of instruction that are purchased and sent to schools where execution starts. In a period of 5- 10 old ages the developed course of study is supposed to be reviewed.

Enyutu ( 2005 ) stated that available trial consequences from a broad assortment of beginnings had demonstrated prior to the course of study reappraisal that a bulk of Ugandan kids come ining primary school were neglecting to accomplish equal literacy and numeral criterions. Dropout rates were high with merely 22 % of the 1997 P1 cohort come oning through to P7 in 2003. NAPE trial consequences in 2003 indicated that merely about 20 % of P6 pupils achieved basic criterions of literacy. The combination of these two pieces of information suggested that of the 1997 P1 entry cohort. merely 4-5 % achieved basic literacy. NAPE proving besides revealed really big and unacceptable regional derived functions peculiarly between Kampala and the North of Uganda. Bearing in head the tremendous attempts and the significant investings in primary instruction made by the authorities of Uganda with strong support from its development spouses over the past 10 -15 old ages. these results were dissatisfactory.

In all instances the proposals in these related countries have been discussed with senior staff in the Ministry of instruction and athleticss sections concerned and with the bureaus and development spouses straight involved in primary instruction in Uganda and there has been a really big step of understanding on the manner in front. Nevertheless. the primary reappraisal squad did reason that there were important defects in the current primary course of study and a failure to supply both sufficient clip and an equal course of study concentration on the accomplishment of early literacy and numeracy in lower primary classs was by far the most of import job that needed to be addressed.

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Failure to accomplish basic literacy and numeracy in any linguistic communication in lower primary classs necessarily has a annihilating impact on educational quality and pupil public presentation in all other topics. Failure to accomplish early literacy was clearly the issue of greatest concern to parents and the wider community that emerged from the primary course of study reappraisal research. It was besides perceived to be one of the major causes of drop- outs. National Curriculum Development Centre seems to be utilizing teamwork when put to deathing its maps. It is against this land that the research worker will look into how teamwork at NCDC meets client demands.


Many organisations are concentrating on teamwork as a step to better the quality of their services delivered through brainstorming. invention and creativeness. Amidst these attempts consequences are non achieved due to hapless coordination. deficiency of committedness by top direction and limited financess. To turn to these short approachs of teamwork visa-a-vie client service quality in non net income devising establishments one needs to entree the degree of engagement of all stakeholders in order to accomplish overall public presentation degrees ( Tony 2005 ) .

NAPE ( 2003 ) study shows hapless public presentation of kids in literacy and numeracy accomplishments in either local linguistic communications or in English due to deficient orientation. preparation and support provided to instructors before the execution of the course of study. School supervising by the territory inspectorate outside urban countries was about everyplace deficient to guarantee good school direction. the effectual bringing of course of study and regular instructor attending.

Therefore it is the involvement of the research worker to cognize whether client service quality is achieved through teamwork.


The intent of the survey will be to analyze the impact of squad work on client service quality utilizing National Curriculum Development Centre located at Kyambogo as a instance survey.


The research aims will be:

I. To happen out the benefits of utilizing squad work in organisations ii. To analyze the appropriate squad work techniques used in organisations to accomplish client service quality three. To set up the degree of client service quality at National course of study Development Centre


I. Are there benefits of squad work gained by National course of study Development Centre? two. What squad work techniques does National course of study Development Centre usage to accomplish client service quality? three. What is the degree of client service quality at National course of study Development Centre?


The range of the survey will cover the topic. clip. geographical and sample range.

1. 6. 1 The capable Scope:

The research will be limited to the impact of squad work on one manus as the independent variable and client service quality as the dependant variable. It will besides concentrate on the accomplishments of squad work at NCDC towards the development of course of study for educational establishments in the state.

1. 6. 2 The Geographical Scope:

The survey will be carried out at National Curriculum Development Centre which is located at Kyambogo near Banda Trading centre off Kampala-Jinja route. NCDC will be an ideal instance survey because its nucleus values include Respect and Team work. handiness of good documented informations. committedness to quality and Excellence.

1. 6. 3 The Time Scope

The survey will see an operational clip frame of a period of 2 old ages i. e. from the twelvemonth 2010 to day of the month.


The survey is expected to be good in the undermentioned ways:

I. The survey guides contrivers and policy shapers in doing factual determinations on functioning clients which ensures that all the clients. stockholders and direction demands are met satisfactorily.

two. To the academicians. this research gives recommendations for future research and may move as a mention for the full universe sing parts of squad work on public presentation of organisations.

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three. The survey helps the authorities and clients to place how squad working at NCDC develop course of study that is relevant to the future calling of the scholars.


Team work is working together towards a shared and meaningful out come in ways that combine their single accomplishments and abilities and for which they are all responsible.

Customer service is the satisfaction of agreed client demands.

Quality is the grade of excellence that is the extent to which something is fit for its intent.


2. 0 Introduction

This chapter consists of what other people have said about the researched job. The research worker therefore reviews some of the related literature for the better penetration of the job. The chapter includes definition of cardinal footings. impact of squad work on client service quality. benefits of squad work in organisations. squad work techniques and the degree of client service quality.


Team work is a group of people who work together towards a shared and meaningful out come in ways that combine their single accomplishments and abilities and for which they are all responsible Phil ( 2002 ) . He added that existent squad does non merely go on but an organisation has to work at it. make it. maintain and prolong it for the development and proviso of quality criterions and outlooks to clients.

Ronald ( 2004 ) argues that client service depends on the outlooks of each single client. However. all efforts to specify client service tend to concentrate on the relationships at the buyer/seller interface. He farther added that to accomplish client service degrees expected an organisation demand to guarantee that for each of these classs ; the systems. measuring and people are in topographic point to react to each client group or market.

Michael ( 1999 ) stated quality as fulfilling customers’ and stakeholders’ demands by agencies of sufficient reciprocally agreed deliverables that. run into all the agreed demands and specifications every clip. on clip and in low-cost mode. It can besides intend run intoing the demands of the deliverables that satisfy the demands which have been identified and agreed upon by clients. stakeholders and contractors.


Harmonizing to Baguley ( 2002 ) . squad work has a great impact on client service quality. He raised the undermentioned points ;

Efficiency: Team working is of import if people are to go on to be efficient members of the organisation. Efficiency is whereby employee’s public presentation is improved up to the criterions of the organisational ends. Team working helps employees to accomplish maximal efficiency in their current occupations. It besides helps the organisation to run into its marks for developing and maintaining people with the right accomplishments to run into future demands. It applies to all degrees of employees in an organisation that is the strategic degree. tactical degree and operational degree.

Improved client service: Team working involves different members of the organisation working together and uniting their single accomplishments and abilities to come up with something that is either a merchandise or a service that will be extremely accepted by the clients ( Baguley. 2002 ) .

Invention and Creativity: Sometimes squads of employees work together to develop new merchandises or services through lending and uniting their different thoughts and accomplishments. This helps organisations to hold new services for clients that finally better on its public presentation and create and sustain clients ( Baguley. 2002 ) .

Allan Woods et Al ( 2001 ) stated that squad working requires meetings of squads. subdivisions or sections to understand clearly who does what and guarantee dependability which is the individual most of import facet of presenting outstanding client service. The squads organize themselves to take the advantage of the single accomplishments team members bring with them. work together as a group in ways that conveying out the best consequences and every member of the squad must be accountable to each other for the success of the whole squad. Team working makes it possible to specify and take a firm stand upon the care of the criterions on behalf of the clients and clients as most of the times clients do non stipulate their demands by mentioning to the teams’ attitudes or dependability criterions but complain bitterly when the squad falls below their sensed criterions.

Michiel and Harold ( 1997 ) observed that cross functional squads are used in new merchandise development to shorten development rhythm times. better quality and cut down development costs. These ends are attained because the functional countries perform their undertakings in groups instead than each functional country executing its undertaking and go throughing the undertaking off to the following functional country and the cardinal functional groups normally design technology. fabrication. quality confidence. buying and selling work on the new merchandise and development at the same time.

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Baguley ( 2002 ) said that squad working involves incorporating single accomplishments like job work outing. communicating. inter personal accomplishments. decision-making and functional accomplishments for the desired out comes. He farther added that a good executive squad provides a theoretical account for everybody in the organisation that encourages cooperation and commonalty of intent at all degrees of the organisation. An assembly squad. hard-on squad. machine store squad add value by making touchable out comes or merchandises which are specific and clearly defined by others and such merchandises meet the outlooks of clients.

Bradfield et Al ( 1998 ) are of the position that direct competition is one of the factors that make companies organize development squads. They farther stated that to be effectual. production has to supply a agency by which an organisation can concentrate its resources to run into the demands of their chosen clients expeditiously. First it is of import to cognize where you are get downing from. second is the determination on where you wish to travel in future and the result should be a committedness by the organisation to a deliberate policy on which clients to function with merchandises or offerings.

Forests et Al ( 2001 ) further observed that the kernel of squad working accomplishments lies in good communicating and unfastened attack to people and thoughts and that all communicating accomplishments should be used in advancing good client service. They besides noted that for any organisation to run into the demands of clients there is demand for squad work to obtain feedback from clients and co-workers ( both within and outside the organisation ) every bit good as about the demand to set up planning rhythms. Each rhythm of planning and making should therefore cut down the sum of uncertainnesss being faced and obtain feedback non merely from be aftering but by making.

Adair ( 1990 ) argues that invention calls for a particular signifier of creativeness which he called squad creativeness. He said that all organisations are squads or at least they are potentially so. For effectual production and selling of goods and services these yearss. bringing on clip. at the needed quality and at a competitory monetary value calls for a high public presentation squad work. But to better these bing merchandises or to develop new merchandises and services requires a different order of teamwork ( team creativeness ) .

Organizations that pattern squad creativeness will last and thrive while those that do non will worsen and vanish. All employees need to take part as each individual at work has about 10. 000 million encephalon cells. together with a full scope of mental modules. analysing. synthesizing and valuing abilities. In all of us these procedures can take topographic point deliberately on a witting plane of idea and besides less deliberately in our un witting heads. giving us penetrations. intuitions. encephalon moving ridges. gut feelings. hints and the occasional pear of a genuinely new thought.

As a general rule people with a “hands- on” engagement in any merchandise or service supplying they have a modicum of involvement in their work will be given to hold new thoughts for making it better. The of import thing from the motivational position is the feeling of being truly portion of the endeavor with a full portion of duty in developing the quality of the merchandise or service.

Developing a quality squad takes difficult work because development of squad accomplishments. clip and forbearance is non something you can make up one’s mind to hold one twenty-four hours. so accomplish overnight. The full organisation is portion of the same squad working toward run intoing the demands of its clients. Whether direction. front line or behind the scenes employees. everyone’s work contributes to the terminal consequence. There are besides specific work unit squads ( departmental ) with specific ends and assignments.

Teams working together can and should be responsible for placing jobs non antecedently recognized ; happening the root causes of jobs ; proposing who should work on jobs ; work outing manpower assignments and scheduling betterments ; and supplying communicating throughout the organisation. To be effectual. squads in the workplace must develop criterions and accomplishments. and so implement ongoing preparation and coaching to guarantee they are put into pattern ( Anand. 1997 ) .