Different Techniques In Community Service Social Policy Essay

Community service has been a portion of Palauan tradition since society was established. Ever since so, Palauans have conducted community service in their ain small towns, lending their clip and attempt for the better of the community. This traditional pattern unified people of certain age groups in a community to work and guarantee the care of their community. Elders so taught younger people different techniques in community service. Older work forces taught younger work forces techniques on edifice, doing traditional points, repairing rock waies, and many more. Older adult females taught younger adult females on how to fancify the small town, weave traditional baskets, and many more. This pattern have made the Palauans skilled and trained to carry through many undertakings in their communities.

Nowadays, many small towns in Palau do n’t implement and carry on traditional modus operandi of community service. Palauans do n’t truly believe of cleaning the community or making something for the community. They have been so focused on their occupations and callings that they seem to be tired most of the clip. Weekends are the lone times that they have free and they normally merely desire to loosen up in their places and clean their houses. In most instances, the province workers are the 1s expected to keep the small towns. In an interview with Hirohito Renguul, who is a former work forces ‘s nine President for Mengellang crossroads in the province of Ngarchelong, he stated that money is the most of import issue that people use to maintain them from making community service. Peoples are get downing to believe that it is the province workers occupation to make it so they do n’t hold to blow their clip and energy in community service. That ‘s non true and people should be unfastened minded and caring plenty to maintain community service in their communities.

Work moralss in traditional community service have seemed to slowly dissolve in the Palauan society. Younger work forces and adult females do n’t understand the significance of community service these yearss. They are so caught up with their picture games and traveling out with their friends that they do n’t believe of community service. Older work forces and adult females have come to believe that it is truly the province ‘s occupation to clean the community so they have forgotten the true significance of community service. They have forgotten the significance of integrity, attention, and love for their community. They have besides forgotten the beauty and what the community truly looks like when it ‘s cleaned. Without the pattern of community service, the traditional values are non reminded. Therefore, Palauans should re-enforce and pattern community service.

Community service plays an of import cardinal function in prolonging a healthy and clean environment. There was a clip in Palau before aliens came in, Palau was a peaceable and beautiful topographic point. Peoples worked together in their small town maintaining their places clean and orderly. Unlike today, there were no advanced machines or foreign workers to make the care. Peoples had the simplest man-crafted tools to get the better of extended labour and had much less safety equipment and medical attention. Yet it was the committedness and integrity in people ‘s Black Marias that made all the difficult work possible and successful. When I interviewed Glaudine Gabino, a Youth leader in Melekeok, she talked about how uniting the community gives the people an chance to voice out their thoughts on ways to break the community. This procedure allowed Palauans to work together as a squad and acquire the occupation done. Stone waies and roads were built so good that they stood strong up to this twenty-four hours. Though some of the rocks that were used to construct the rock waies required two people to raise, during the yesteryear it merely took one individual to make it. Not a individual clip did the side of the roads and run intoing house platforms were left unmaintained. Villagers ever kept the small town in a sustained status and kept a good work in making it. In the Volunteers of America Services Fact Sheet, people have to be willing and committed to community service ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.voa.org/Volunteer_Services_Facts ) . In other words, people should care adequate to be able to make their portion in community service good and to the best of their attempts.

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Community service serves an educational intent for many Palauans. With community service, younger and new to the occupation people can be taught basic accomplishments in working. Older Palauans with experience can learn them techniques in making certain undertakings. Older Palauans can besides learn immature people traditional working moralss and the value of working with others. In an interview with Viola Stephanus, who is a tribunal worker and a community member, she said that “Community service dedicates a individual to be responsible and cognize his or her responsibility.” These accomplishments allow younger people to hold an apprehension on the importance of community service. It besides enables them to cognize what they are expected to make when they work with others. In the information from Kids Health, community service can learn kids many things. It can learn a kid on how to be responsible, how to pull off their clip good, how to be tolerant of others, giving their clip and attempt, larn different occupation accomplishments, learn the importance of doing a difference in the community and many more. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //kidshealth.org/parent/positive/family/volunteer.html # ) . With these possibilities, kids will hold many options in acquisition.

Community service promotes wellness and safety to people. It trains people to be cautious and careful when they work with others. When people work together, they ever have to be cognizant of the individual following to them. This consciousness reduces the hazard of fatal hurts or accidents. This pattern helps people to be careful in community service and in their day-to-day lives. When people are at place, they would cognize how to manage tools like knives. They would be excess careful because of their consciousness of hurts that might happen. Bing cautious aid people work in harmoniousness and attention for one another. It besides provides peace because people would work as a squad and they would take attention of one another. Community service besides exercises people ‘s organic structures when they work. All the heavy and difficult work enables people to sudate, firing some of their organic structure fats. This provides people to remain fit and wellness wise

Community service base on ballss on traditional values to younger people. In an interview with Harden Hasinto, a community member in Melekeok, he stated that community service allows younger childs to larn how to make a different sort of work. Young work forces will hold the cognition of constructing traditional houses, from the foundation all the manner to the carvings on the walls. They will besides be skilled in seting the rocks in the rock waies to their original topographic point. Young work forces would besides be skilled in the doing traditional canoes such as “Kabekel, ” which is the traditional war canoe, and traditional points such as the “Ebakl” which is the work forces ‘s adze. These values allow immature work forces to larn and maintain the cognition for future coevalss to come. It helps continue the traditional facets in the Palauan society.

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Community service helps immature people stay off from problem. It occupies people ‘s heads and organic structures that they stay off from intoxicant, drugs, and sex. With their heads and organic structures on community service, immature people would be excessively tired to follow their equals or they could be excited so they wo n’t believe of following their friends out. Presents, immature people that get in problem with the jurisprudence do community service to replace serving clip in juvenile hall. This pattern gives immature kids the chance of sing different sorts of work that are available in Palau. With this newfound manner of supplying for our kids, we know that our kids are able to larn new accomplishments and knowledge about different sorts of work alternatively of them being out tardily someplace.

Community service helps keep the beauty of the society. It enables people to keep the cleanliness of the route. Community service allows people to keep the cleanliness of traditional constructions in their small towns. This procedure allows tourers to see the traditional constructions more clearly when they visit the small towns. Community service could supply people to works flowers and trees for the beauty of their small town. When tourers or other people come by, they could see the true beauty of the community. It could besides demo others that the people in the community are united and they care for their ain small town. In the same interview with Viola, she stated that community service is a manner of unifying the people in the community and doing them take attention of their community. It is a procedure for the people to be united, stay united, and traveling frontward as one. Peoples can carry through a batch when they are united and the thought of integrity is really of import in community service because if people were non united, so their work would be either incomplete or the community would be dirty.

Community service is another manner for younger people in Palau to larn how to take attention of their community and their state in the hereafter. From an article in A Le Ko Kau Forum, Dr. Stevenson Kuartei stated that “There must be a national enterprise that is funded to back up such development of young persons as leaders, young persons as citizens, and young persons as true Palauans” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //alekokau.wordpress.com/2007/04/02/youth-and-nation-building/ # more-55. ) This statement, in other words, references what young persons of Palau today should be fixing them for. Our community and the hereafter of our state all depends on the future coevalss of Palau. Young persons should get down today to work hard and larn all they can from seniors and continue that cognition for the hereafter. When all of the seniors have past, it is the young person ‘s occupation to protect and conserve the hereafter of Palau. All of the developments, cleanliness, and the result of Palau prevarication within the hereafter leaders and people of Palau. It is the right clip now for the young persons of Palau to demo how difficult working they are and how much they care for their state. The younger people are the 1s that should be truly involved in community service for them to larn and take in all the cognition of how to regulate and take attention of a state.

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Community service is besides free and satisfying for the people. It is fundamentally a individual ‘s pick whether he or she attends the community service or non. In the same interview with Hirohito, he stated that the intent of community service, in the earlier yearss, is that everybody comes together with their tools, they all work, and it ‘s all free. There are no moneys involved because everyone that goes to community service is merely volunteering their clip and attempt. Peoples liked to see the beauty of their community that they did n’t mind passing their clip. This pattern proved that people before had non much work to make and they took pride in traveling to community service. When all of the people in a community combined to work, they can do a large advancement in one twenty-four hours. Peoples before were really united and they really much cared for their community. They were satisfied for their attempt and advancement in the community and they did n’t truly anticipate anybody or any authorities bureau to clean their small town for them. They loved their community and they wanted to clean it for their ain liking.

Therefore, community service should be re-enforced and practiced in the Palau. From FCCLA web site, “Community service helps immature people build accomplishments for household, calling, and community functions ; provides youth-centered larning experiences related to Family and Consumer Sciences instruction ; and encourages immature people to develop the positive character traits of trustiness, regard, duty, equity, lovingness, and citizenship” ( http: //www.fcclainc.org/content/community-service/ ) . This explains that community service is helpful for the society, the people, and the preserving of traditional values. Community service improves immature people ‘s acquisition, apprehension, and working accomplishments every bit good as a readying for future leading. It provides an chance to advance healthy exercisings, abstention for immature people, beautification of the small town, instruction for immature people, and continuing Palau ‘s traditions. From the patterns of the earlier yearss, community service could be viewed as a consolidative construction for people and to supply a manner for people to take pride and attention for their communities and their state. Community service is an of import facet of Palauan people and the hereafter of Palau. It should truly be preserved and passed on to coming coevalss for their accomplishments, cognition, and a true gustatory sensation of Palau.