Different Cultural Views Of Various Countries History Essay

While India people may non hold the same political beliefs as Singaporeans, but there may be a tangible involvement in the societal and cultural norms in Singapore, making an interesting moral force.

History of India

The really get downing for Sembcorp to incorporate their concerns to India, Sembcorp and its people would hold to foremost understand and larn the civilization, traditions and wonts of India.

India ‘s population comes from the dwellers of the Indus River who developed an urban civilization based on commercialism and sustained by agricultural trade. This was more than four thousand old ages ago merely before the epoch of the antediluvian and medieval India made up of myriad lands. Subsequently, during the 4th and 5th centuries, the Gupta Dynasty reigned over a incorporate northern India under the India ‘s Golden Age. The Hindu civilization was ruling at that clip. Islam spread across the continent over a period of five hundred old ages. Between the eleventh and 15th centuries, the two faiths cohabited in peace. It is from 1619 that we saw the first British people in South Asia at Surat. The British expanded their power and influence over the continent until the 1850 ‘s when they controlled most of contemporary India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Indians had to wait until the phantom of Mohandas K. Gandhi who transformed the Indian National Congress political party into a mass motion against the regulations imposed by the British settlement. It was a parliamentary and non-violent opposition utilizing non-cooperation in order to make independency. Jawaharlal Nehru became premier curate in 1947 when India became a rule within the Commonwealth. India became a democracy within the Commonwealth after proclaiming its fundamental law on January 26, 1950. After independency, the Congress Party, the party of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, ruled India under the influence foremost of Nehru and so his girl and grandson ( Allo’Expat, 2007 ) .


In India, faith is an built-in portion of the full Indian tradition. India has the beginnings of Hinduism and Buddhism and overall faith placed a extremely of import determiner in their civilization. Hindooism as the dominant religion is practiced by over 80 % of the population. Besides Hindus, Muslims are another outstanding spiritual group that influence an built-in portion of Indian society. In fact, India has the 2nd largest population of Muslims in the universe after Indonesia ( Asianinfo 2000 ) . Besides, India besides has a few followings for other beliefs such as Christianity and Sikh.

Singapore is brought up by multi-cultural background, which consists of different faiths and races such as the Chinese, Malays, Indians and some Eurasians. Hindus have been portion of Singapore ‘s population since its foundation in 1819 and that decidedly makes what India and Singapore have in common for major similarities in faith beliefs like Hinduism, Islamic and Buddhism.

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In Singapore, the Chinese patterns typical and complex syncretistic faith that incorporates some elements from canonical Buddhism and Daoism that focuses on the worship of Gods, shades, and ascendants.

The Hindus adapted their faith to believe that the supreme God takes assorted signifiers as ‘Brahma ‘ the Creator, ‘Vishnu ‘ the Preserver and ‘Shiva ‘ the destroyer. The most popular manifestations of God worshipped in Singapore are Ganesha, Rama, Krishna, Murgan, Hanuman, Durga, Mariamman, Lakshmi ( Guruswamy n.d ) .

The major Hindu vacations were the Hindu New Year, in April or May ; Thaipusam, a festival during which penitents fulfilled vows to the divinity Lord Subramanya by take parting in a emanation while transporting kavadi, heavy decorated models keeping offerings of milk, fruit, and flowers ; and Deepavali, the Festival of Lights. Deepavali, a jubilation of the triumph of visible radiation over darkness and hence of good over evil, was a national vacation ( U.S. Library of Congress n.d )


Apart from all the symbolic systems in a civilization, the deepest within a civilization is represented by linguistic communication.

Indian civilization and the Sanskrit linguistic communication have been bound together for millenary. Sanskrit, infact is the basic articulation of the India mind. There are two different types of Sankrit languages – the Classical and Vedic. The Vedic Sanskrit linguistic communication has a blatant straightness and dramatic quality. In contrast, classical Sanskrit has a stately quality and possibly this is a profound contemplation of a major alteration that come the Indian civilization ( Pande, 1984 ) .

Due to Singapore multiracial society, the most frequent linguistic communication spoken or used is English, which is besides the on the job linguistic communication. However, Singaporeans ‘ employees at times may talk in different idioms and different races mother tongue such as Chinese, Malay and Indian.


Singapore authorities has been stressing of developing workers, the state believes that with holding a great instruction system, organisation can bring forth more adept work forces. Harmonizing to Ministry of Manpower ( 2010 ) , the authorities has embarked on a comprehensive 10-year Continuing Education and Training ( CET ) Master program to assist workers get new accomplishments to stay relevant, every bit good as prepare for occupations in emerging and growing industries.

Social Structure

India is a state with diverse civilizations. Traditions and beliefs are different from one part to another. India folks ( 2009 ) have suggested the following distinguishable features of the Indian societal construction.

Caste system – The societal construction is based upon the caste system. The society is divided into four major castes- the Brahmans, Kashtriyas, Vaisyas and the Sudras. The Brahmans are the priests and are considered to be the topmost caste. The Kshatriyas are the warriors, Vaisyas are the concern category, and the merchandisers and the Sudras are the on the job category. Inter-caste matrimonies are non permitted as a regulation, although now it has become rather common in the urban countries. Untouchability continues to be practiced. The Fundamental law does non allow the pattern of untouchability and those rehearsing it can be persecuted. Now of class, with turning urbanisation, the caste system is going disused.

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Family and Children – The household as a unit is valued as really of import. Couples in India do non believe in divorce as kids are viewed as committedness and importance to their matrimony. The household system nurtures the wellbeing of the kids. Although, divorce may be the solution to settle unhappy matrimony, but bulk of the Indians still see avoiding doing this determination, if there is a another given opportunity for seting the relationship.

Women – Historically, adult females have played a important function in the societal and political construction of India. In the ancient times, adult females enjoyed much freedom, but with coming of the Muslims the solitude system came into trend in the northern portion of India. In many parts, adult females remain really submissive, although with the improved instruction degrees, adult females have become more self-asserting.

Men – In the Indian society, a adult male is considered to be the bread-earner and shoulders the duty of the household. He is really ascendant by nature and prefers to govern over his adult females.

Therefore, Indian society is really complex, but yet remains integral as people follow certain guidelines laid down by the society.

Political Doctrine

Traditionally, political authorization has been held high regard in India, the province was expected to supply security against internal upset and external invasions, maintain the external conditions of virtuousness, promote the felicity and public assistance of the people and sponsor acquisition and civilization. To protect the people, the province was required to exert force in conformity with jurisprudence.

Economic Doctrine

Economic development is a premier value in modern-day society which aims non merely at the changeless improvement of the criterion of life but at a changeless acceleration of the rate of improvement. India has many possibilities to be a really economically developed state, with the rich population, lands and resources has made it turning steadily throughout the old ages.

Lewis ( 2004 ) claims that during the 2nd half of twenty-first century, India will outnumber China in population, going the most populated state on Earth. Its land is besides huge, with 3,287, 000 km2 being 7th in the universe. Though India ‘s economic system was merely 14th in 1999, the state is developing quickly in the technological and service sectors and its turning in-between category Numberss over 300 million. Therefore, puting in Asia without making the Indian market would be losing possible and promising chances. That is the ground likely Sembcorp has intergrated their concerns into India.

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Alternatively when India is merchandising with Singapore, they are decidedly in safe place as Singapore is a corruption-free state and is one of the safest states in Asia. Singapore has changed dramatically in its substructures. For case, Changi International Airport is the premier illustrations of its first-class development and overall Singapore is known as a well-established legal and fiscal concern state. Over the old ages, Singapore has expanded a stable economic growing. Based on initial labour-intensive manufactured goods and exported globally, it has moved up to the high engineerings and has diversified toward supplying high-value services. The part in the fabrication sector and the services sections has since created legion occupations.

Harmonizing to Hofstede ( 1967 ) ‘s analysis of India, there are a figure of dynamic evaluations that can assist us to understand the civilization more efficaciously and exactly ; the most noteworthy of a big power distance society and all other steps are moderate. By analyzing this one can see that with a PDI of 77 in comparing to a universe norm of 56.5, it shows that there is an inequality of power and pecuniary wealth within their society. This is true to an extent because unlike Singapore, India has a divide between the hapless and the financially stable ; this has become acceptable in India and likely wo n’t alter for a piece, although the traditional caste system has been outlawed, it still remains in most rural countries such as small towns. Therefore, if a female director from the Singapore were to pull off a squad in India, it is possible that she may be less respected by her staffs and possibly they would n’t listen to her every bit much as if she were a male.

Recommendations and Tips

If treated with regard, Indians will set the yesteryear behind, particularly where good concern is the murdering. To play the American indians at their ain game, be sensible, solicitous and flexible.

Learn to get by with Indian bureaucratism ; it is slow, immense and boring. Maintain multiple channels of communicating, both with authorities and commercial entities. Develop your ain linkages, independent of your spouse. Try non to knock their weaknesss and /or restrictions. Remember that truth has many facets: most Asiatics, including American indians, believe there exists no absolute truth, and truth, facts and visual aspects are frequently capable to dialogue. Show sympathy and empathy with Indians and it will honor you subsequently.