Development Of The Virginia And Massachusetts Colonies Essay Sample

Wealth is powerful when it is obtained by person. but even more powerful when it is non. When people are endeavoring for wealths they tend to set that demand above everything else. Peoples will travel through all kinds of troubles and obstructions to do it in life. Endeavoring for wealth and power is something that brings both positive and negative consequences. During the colonial period the development of the Virginia and Massachusetts settlements was greatly influenced by the effects of the hunt for wealths and power. Each country had common basic involvements. but the ways in which they went about achieving these ends were in most positions different. Prosperity was the major end of everyone. but each colony had its”Ëœ ain thought of the sort of prosperity it wanted and the manner in which it was to be accomplished.

Early Virginian colonies themselves revolved around doing money. This was chiefly due to the fact that the early colonists were preponderantly a group of disorderly individual work forces. They had small involvement in households or society. they were at that place merely to do money. They were non interested in constructing lives in the settlements. they planned to do money quick and travel back to Europe wealthy. Their motivations were selfish and individualistic. due to this they became highly competitory and leery of other men’s motivations. The colonists kept to themselves because they feared that everyone was out to acquire them and their wealth. Trust was hard to come by in the settlement. if you trusted person it was seen as weakening your defences. This was a huge contrast to the foundations of the early Massachusetts Bay Colony. In this northern colony the chief concerns were built upon the demands of the community as a whole. non the person.

Families comprised the chief population of the Bay settlement. They had come here for many grounds. but finally for a better life. There ends included obtaining prosperity. but for the endurance of the community. non for personal addition. There was a strong sense of communal duty. which was non present in the Virginia settlement. The Bay colonists worked together to construct a lasting and functioning society. They were driven by a common end. to make a spiritual oasis. This connected the colonists and offered an interpersonal connexion between them all. In the Bay settlement churches were built and community assemblages were created. the Virginians did non take part in either of these events. Helping a neighbour in the Bay country was seen as helping in the colony’s prosperity. in Virginia it was seen as taking off from your single wealth. This difference in societal construction causes many jobs for the Virginian’s.

The first old ages of the Virginia colony were really rough. because instant wealths were non found and the work forces were unwilling to work together. The values of the settlement were nil but dysfunctional and were taking it straight to destroy. There was no gold or spices to be found in the country. therefore there was no instant wealth. Alternatively of working together to last the times. the colonists resorted to force and choler. This caused even more of a spread between each individual. there was no community. merely a aggregation of persons. Finally the settlement found it’s version of gold. the baccy industry entered the country. Tobacco cultivation rescued the colony. and finally ruined any possible signifier of society. Since baccy could be grown about anyplace. it was planted everyplace. The building of churches or any other communal edifice was deterred merely because its development took off land which could be used for seting.

The baccy works depleted the land of foods rapidly. so the people spread out in hunt of new land to utilize. This put more infinite between each colonist. there was no sense of community or society. The baccy market was one of instant return. colonists could do good money quick. The individualistic ways. which were at first conveying down the settlement. were now hiking its economic system. But in making so the colonists gave up on a existent society. they lost most personal contact with one another. Peoples were viewed as either free or dependent ; those were the lone two societal categories used by the colonists. As a consequence of this categorization system. those who were dependent were normally treated and regarded as less than human existences. Therefore. apprenticed retainers and slaves were seen as nil more than tools with which a net income could be made. The development of the Mass. Bay settlement took a much different path than the Virginian 1 had. Although there were difficult times during the colony. the people worked through them together.

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Unlike the Virginian settlement. the Bay country was non dependent on any one beginning of income. They had created churches. sing a sense of stableness and belonging. besides instruction was an of import portion of their society. By holding educated persons the settlement could turn comfortable in many ways. Most of the colonists were merchandisers and store proprietors. transporting companies were besides a big net income industry. Although the Bay area’s wealth was non instant. it was steadily turning purchase the clip Virginia had even begun the baccy cultivating. In Virginia these beginnings of income would non hold been affectional. because of the deficiency of integrity among the people. A baker could merely last if they had purchasers for their merchandise. but in Virginia the colonists were so dispersed out it would be impossible to do a life. The Mass. Colony was a on the job society. and without that integrity they would non hold survived. nor would they hold prospered.

The hunt for wealth was a major influence in many people’s determination to settle in the New World. They were told of speedy and easy wealths that were expecting them in the settlements. These Englishmans had hopes of wealth that were powerful plenty to put on the line their lives and ownerships for. Many of them flooded into the settlements. but there was one job. the desirous hopes they had of America were nil like its world. There was no instant wealth merely lying about waiting to be picked up. Many came over as apprenticed retainers. in return for transition to America. they sold they’re labour for a designated figure of old ages. The lives of these people were for the most portion harsh and unkind. they were fed merely plenty to maintain them alive. and worked until they could travel no farther. Many of them worked on plantations where disease and illness were a portion of mundane life. The proprietors did non care about their retainers ; they were beaten or abused. and so. replaced when they wore out. Once they lived out they’re clip of servitude they were given a 50 acre secret plan of land.

For the males this meant a opportunity at a new life. they were now landholders and could therefore ballot. The adult females were non allowed to ain land. the 50 estates was put into a dowery for when they got married. This so gave them the power of pick. they were able to look for the wealthiest immature work forces to get married. These people made forfeits and endured many adversities in order to derive some little step of wealth. In the Massachusetts Bay settlement at that place was non as big a population of apprenticed retainers as there was in Virginia. The lives of those retainers who did shack in the northern settlement were non easy. but they were non as harsh and take downing as in the South.

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The Bay settlement did hold it’s ain set of societal categorizations. a individual was either a seeable saint ( chosen to travel to heaven ) or non. In order to go a seeable saint a individual had to hold a vision of some kind from God. this was to state them that they were saved. After the supposed vision. one must convert a board of church leaders that the experience was true. Once this had occurred the settler was deemed a seeable saint. this put them above other community member both spiritually and economically. Merely a seeable saint could vote in church or secular affairs. hence merely a smattering of people made determinations for the whole settlement. Religious tensenesss finally lead to unsmooth times for the Bay settlements.

Another effect of Virginia’s individualistic society was in the country of military defence. The colonists were to wrapped up in deriving personal wealth. to even be bothered with trying to support themselves. On March 22. 1622 they were attacked by Indians. they paid for their error with 347 of their lives. Directly after this horrid event many settlers began to see that a societal reform was needed. Addresss were given by local swayers denoting that unforesightful dreams of baccy lucks would be laid aside and the people would fall in together. In malice of the slaughter and the addresss. nil was done. the colonists continued with their old ways. All they were concerned with was how the slaughter had impinged on their ain personal net income devising. The colonists saw defence as a tax write-off in their net income. because while one plantation owner was out combat. another was place devising money. Besides. they were non to comfortable with build uping the apprenticed retainers and poorness afflicted people. because they were afraid the lower category would revolt. They preferred to seek and acquire aid from British forces. alternatively of supporting themselves. but that thought failed repeatedly.

They wanted a inexpensive and reliable military force. which would name for no support from them. They had such an compulsion with private net incomes. that they could non be bothered to protect themselves. Once once more they paid the monetary value for their actions. except this onslaught was more detrimental than the first. It showed the settlers that if they continued in their greedy solitaire ways. finally it might take to their death. The Massachusetts Bay settlements had an implicit in motivation of greed as good. but unlike the Virginians it motivated them to work together. The settlers saw the Indians as a menace in a few countries. they were taking up land that could be settled and they were a physically harmful. In visible radiation of these positions many settlers pulled together and attacked the Indian groups.

At one point in clip there was a via media made between the Mass. settlement and the Connecticut settlement refering an country of land which both sides wanted. The job was the land was controlled by a group of Indians. so the two colonies decided that who of all time defeated the folk foremost got to maintain the land. After the slaughter and captivity of the Native Americans Conn. was deemed the victor and the land was there’s to populate. Many struggles arouse between the northern settlers and the Indians due to the changeless demand for more land by the colonists. The Bay country was violative towards the Indians. they did non miss the integrity needed to support themselves against the indigens. unlike the Virginian’s.

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Slavery was another facet of Virginia’s history that was influenced by a pursuit for wealth. At first settlers were merely utilizing Africans as they did white retainers. after a certain sum of old ages they were freed. But as clip passed the settlers began to recognize a demand for a changeless inexpensive labour force. This was when they created a true signifier of bondage. it was made impossible to go a free black individual. The southern economic system had expanded. and was no longer dependant on a remarkable income. Slaves became a critical portion of Virginia’s economic system. they were used for the cultivation of rice. baccy. and anil. The life of a slave was a normally a short and painful one. They were captured. and taken from their native fatherland. in bonds. The conditions under which they were transported were inhumane. and insanitary. They were packed into a vas like a heard of cowss. the slave bargainers tried to suit every bit many as they could aboard. The slaves were stricken with disease. and made to kip on the difficult wood boards of the ship’s floor.

During a unsmooth transition the tegument over their cubituss might be worn off to the bare castanetss. Slaves did non merely decease due to abrasiveness of the journey or the ship’s crew. At times the slaves were good fed and maintained. but they dies merely because they had no will to populate. It is a awful thing when one man’s demand for wealth exceeds another man’s right to populate. Although bondage was non as abundant in the northern settlements. it was in being throughout all the colonies. At this point in clip the slave industry was non yet a popular 1. it was in the early phases of debut. Unlike in Virginia. bondage was non a major constituent of the Bay area’s prosperity. Virginia was supported chiefly by agribusiness. the footing of the northern wealth was concerns and industry. The slaves that did shack in the northern countries lived black lives. but they were better of than those in the Virginia countries were. Although life was barbarous for any slave. it was normally more terrible in the southern settlements.

The Massachusetts and Virginia settlements seem to hold been created upon the same cardinal motivations. Due to the types of and beliefs of the people in both countries. the colonies developed in different ways. Although there were many other grounds for the manner that Early Virginia developed. the quest for wealth seems to be the most influential. It is astonishing how something so good as prosperity for one adult male. can take to a harsh and short life for another. If Virginia had non been so individualised. and concerned with personal addition. the history of the settlement may really good have been different.

The creative activity of strong communal values in the Massachusetts settlement set it on a route to success. but the belief that it had a godly right to take whatever it wished in order to farther its’ prosperity endangered its’ endurance. Besides the strong connexion between church and province caused many jobs for the settlement. When spiritual beliefs began to interrupt apart from original 1s the political universe of the country began to prostration. In the terminal both settlements were equally comfortable and struggle stricken. they were on an even degree with each other in most facets. If either settlement had non been so steadfastly set in its’ ways of greed and power. either one may hold developed otherwise. Therefore the history of our state may hold been altered as good.