Developing self awareness reflection paper

Through go toing the class of “ Knowing ourselves, cognizing our universe ” , I have increased self- consciousness. Every hebdomad, I keep larning more and more about myself. Self consciousness, harmonizing to Wong ( 2003 ) , means acknowledgment of our personality, strengths and failings and likes and disfavors. Developing self-awareness can assist us to acknowledge when we are stressed or under force per unit area. Self consciousness besides promotes effectual communicating and interpersonal dealingss, and besides for developing empathy for others.

After I have gone to the cantonment, I learn to confront something I used to hedge. I was raised up by my aunt when I was immature. I ever feel hard to populate in the love between my ain parents and my aunt. These persecute me for long. All these old ages, I have ne’er told the others about the above ideas. I merely want to get away from these things. However, I feel so pleased that I have eventually allow my ideas released out when I told my schoolmates in the cantonment. I used to hedge the job of “ how to equilibrate the relationships between my parents and my aunts and uncle ” . Learning to increase self- consciousness, Rothman ( 1999 ) suggests that it brings increased openness to other ways of thought and a greater penetration into other sorts of life experience. I will non get away from undertaking the relationships and I can cognize more about my deep ego. This enables me to understand my clients when they have something used to hedge. I can so steer my clients to let go of their feelings and increase openness.

It does assist me to be more cognizant of myself by cognizing how my past experiences influence my personal values. Having an uncle who experience three matrimonies because of holding other relationships outside of his matrimony ( with adult females from the mainland China ) , I personally dislike adult females who are come from mainland China, come to Hong Kong to get married a adult male and to catch our resources. I dislike wish them as I think that they ever intervene in their matrimony. However, this hatred towards new immigrants makes me unable to do appropriate determination when a client who is a new immigrant seeks aid from me. Furthermore, Biestek ( 1961 ) suggests that the relationship between the societal worker and the client has been called the psyche of casework. With such a prejudice, I may hold personal value judgement and uncontrolled emotional attitudes toward the clients. As a consequence, it may be hard for me to develop close relationship with the client. However, now I know and realize that my past household experiences are impacting my values and ideas, Rothman ( 1999 ) suggested that it assists the worker to work with clients, and to command and minimise the influences of personal attitudes and beliefs that may be harmful and damaging toward clients.

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Harmonizing to Rothman ( 1999 ) , as an grownup, one has his ain point of view towards something. The most concerned portion in self-awareness is about the incognizant perceptual experiences, particularly those negative feelings towards the others, such as prejudices, biass or stereotypes. Harmonizing to Rothman ( 1999 ) , they are concealed indoors and covered by “ acceptable ” alibis and principle. Take several minorities for an illustration, general people normally have some negative personal feelings and remarks towards the handicapped, homophiles, cocottes, the street slumberers and so on. Unaware perceptual experiences may be expressed in conversations, acts or behaviour since they are hidden in the subconscious. Having these incognizant perceptual experiences, as a societal worker, I may unconsciously state some words which hurt clients ‘ feelings and do them go defensive and do non swear in me. Therefore doing it difficult to develop good relationship with the client and difficult to hold intercession procedures.

Besides, sharing my ain feelings and sentiments among equals can besides assist to do up my ain point of view towards the population. I can cognize more about the equals ‘ attitudes and how the others react towards some issue by listening and sharing among a group of equals. By interchanging sentiments in an overview, I can larn to believe more comprehensively and to see an issue with different position. By deriving sentiments and experiences from the others, I may so bit by bit alter my former positions towards an issue.

When it comes to the societal work profession, it is common to hold values or attitude struggles with certain facets. Self-awareness promotes several indispensable traits, such as openness, credence, willingness, trust, cognition, involvement and bravery towards the clients ( Rothman, 1999 ) . When societal worker can hold comprehensive ideas and position towards an issue, it can enable societal worker to hold a better apprehension on the perceptual experiences of the clients. Even the sentiments of clients is different from the societal worker ‘s personal position, the societal worker can give clients an appropriate advice without any prejudice and would be more comfy and easy to cover with the fortunes with their attitudes, values and beliefs ( Rothman, 1999 ) .. Social workers ‘ function is to stands right on the clients ‘ state of affairss to supply services for them harmonizing to their wants and demands. Self-awareness enables societal workers to help clients in a suited and appropriate manner.

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Harmonizing to Segal E.A, portion of ego consciousness is understanding one ‘s down personal jobs and prejudices, and turn toing them so that they do non interfere in work with others. As a societal worker ( in the hereafter ) , self awareness enables me to cognize myself and be cognizant of their ain values, premises, beliefs, strengths, and failing, so that I am able to assist the clients efficaciously. Rothman ( 1999 ) suggests that increased awareness brings increased openness to other ways of thought and a greater penetration into other sorts of life experience. So, maintaining my head unfastened, as a societal worker ( in the hereafter ) , I can so listen to client ‘s sharing patiently, even when clients have other point of position different from mine, I can hold an appropriate response and advice.

Self consciousness promotes effectual communicating and interpersonal dealingss, and so as developing empathy for others. These are all elements which enable societal workers to supply adept service and positive attitude to clients. Increasing ego consciousness do assist me with my professional development.