Developing Language skills Essay Sample

This topic. ‘Developing Language Skills’ . take us to a thorough analysis of the manner the “four skills” are applied into the schoolroom and how the different class books units should cover with them since presents. they “play a seminal role” in an English linguistic communication context. besides as Henry Widdowson ( 1978:1 ) highlighted “the purposes of a linguistic communication instruction class are really frequently defined with mention to the four ‘language skills’ : understanding address ( listening ) . talking. reading and writing” ( FUNIBER stuff. n. d. ; DLS ; p. 1. 2 ) . Throughout this topic. we have besides reviewed how the four accomplishments can be used together efficaciously and this has had a great impact on our positions refering the usage of each portion of the class books units. We have analyzed that with careful contemplation and planning. any instructor can incorporate both receptive ( listening and reading ) and productive accomplishments ( composing and talking ) in their categories at the same time.

For this intent. instructors should hold a solid program for their lessons ; believe about what might be the best attack. methods and techniques. activities. stuffs & A ; resources and purposes to be achieved ; provide their students’ needs & A ; involvements and measure how the different units in a text edition develop every bit “the four skills” . The aim of this assignment is to analyse the unit 7 from the class book Bachirellato Made Easy. Richmond Publishing and the unit ‘Botellón! ’ from English text editions. All along this assignment. we are traveling to compare. contrast and understand how each accomplishment is traveling to suit the student’s demands and how they are presented in the units. We will split our work into “the four skills” . First. we are traveling to compose a short and general debut for each of them that will besides demo what we have learned from the reading of the capable stuff ; so we are traveling to analyse the two units mentioned supra and eventually. at the terminal of the assignment. we will compose a decision which briefs the chief thoughts of this topic and that besides reply which unit we prefer.

Features of the units


Throughout the class ( in Methodological Approaches ) . we have analyzed different attacks. which most of them focus on a peculiar accomplishment. However. presents. there are a figure of theories that “have opted for a ‘multi-syllabus’ approach” ( Funiber stuff ; n. d. ; DLS p. 2 ) and seek to utilize the well-known ‘four skills’ every bit much as possible. Sing the class book Bachillerato Made Easy and the unit Botellón! . ’they both present a strong influence of the Communicative Approach or CLT that emphasizes interaction as both the agencies and the ultimate end of survey. The four “language skills” are catered and they are interrelated within the same subject. But there are other facets we should take into history and this is what we are traveling to concentrate on.

Grammar and the ‘four skills’

Most instructors disagree that grammar should be taught individually. non integrated with other accomplishments such as reading and composing but. sometimes it is possible to observe a strong sense of divergency between teacher’s stated beliefs and existent schoolroom patterns related to grammar learning as conclude Richards. Gallo and Renandya ( 2010 ) . In Bachirellato Made Easy there is a relation between production and grammar. It is possible to see that grammar is taught inductively and it is integrated with the other four accomplishments. The unit Teachs reported speech inquiring the scholars to compose sentence. taking into history the manner to describe what person has said. after that. in an unwritten pattern is asked. Whereas. in the unit of Botellón! It’s possible to see activities like speech production. listening. authorship and reading. but it doesn’t have grammar subdivision. The regulations of grammar are non presented and it means that it is form-focused direction. Doughty ( 1991 ) has examined the effectivity of concentrating on signifier and indicated that pupils with form-focused direction outperformed those without direction on the mark signifiers.

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Teaching Reading

Reading is a receptive accomplishment which is of great importance for linguistic communication acquisition since. as Jeremy Harmer ( 2007 ; 99 ) point out. ‘it has a positive consequence on students’ vocabulary cognition. on their spelling and on their writing’ . besides it provides meaningful theoretical accounts for future authorship and offers chances for linguistic communication survey. Fortunately. we are exposed to an extended assortment of text-types ( Grellet. 1981 ) but we should read them non merely for pedagogical intent but for information and pleasance because this ‘has a powerful consequence on the development of literacy-related facets of language’ ( Krashen. 1995 ) that is why. we as instructors should motive our pupils to read for pleasance and besides promote them to read in a assortment of genres ; and in order to provide the different students’ penchants and demands. we should take what is best for them. for case. looking for the “authenticity” of a text more than its “genuineness” . taking the appropriate attack ( top down or bottom up ) and the right pre -while and station reading activities.


In Bachirellato Made Easy. the reading subdivision has different types of activities like: understanding text organisation ; look intoing comprehension ; inferring ; covering with unfamiliar word ; associating thoughts ; responding to the text ; planing ; scanning ; composing sum-ups and studies. The first activity ( warm up ) accentuates reading as an active procedure because the pupils start thinking. corroborating. expecting. and foretelling by holding and differing since the really beginning.

Sing authentic/genuine’ facets. we can detect that in Bachirellato Made Easy. the text is speaking about “friendship” and this is a really utile. appealing and attractive subject for pupils of all ages. specially adolescents and it can be used with a communicative map which develop and better the incorporate acquisition. Not merely the writers took good attention of “genuineness” but besides “authenticity” . since they made connexion between the reader and the transition more apprehensible to excite a good response. Therefore pupils will be fostered to take part freely and be engaged to the whole lesson. And the unit Botellón! does reflect the same features. Bing both of them echt texts. and besides genuineness they do non show the issue of simplification of texts. Teaching Listening


As reading. hearing is besides a receptive accomplishment and it is outstanding since ‘the more scholars hear and understand English spoken. the more they absorb appropriate pitch and modulation. emphasis and the sounds of both single words and those which blend together connected speech’ ( Harmer. 2007 ; 133 ) . Harmonizing to Nunan ( 1995: 189 ) ‘listening is likely the major beginning of comprehendible input the scholar is likely to receive’ In other words. most of the input our pupils need is transmitted by this accomplishment. For this ground. instructors should “provide listening pattern in reliable state of affairss: those that scholars are likely to meet when they use the linguistic communication outside the schoolroom. ” ( Penny Ur: 1996 ) . The Kathleen Galvin’s five grounds our pupils have to work on listening harmonizing to Mary Underwood ( 1989:4 ) are to prosecute in societal rites. to interchange information. to exercise control. to portion feelings and to bask themselves. ( FUNIBER stuff. DLS ; p. 29 )


There are three different types of hearing: the first gives comprehendible input that is really of import to the pupils. The 2nd. hearers have to interact with the talkers to accomplish apprehension and the 3rd helps the scholars to concentrate on new signifiers of vocabulary and grammar.

Teaching Talking


Speaking is the most of import facet of the linguistic communication for communicating and the most pupils like it. Talking activities are good designation of students‘strengths and failings. There are three chief grounds for acquiring pupils to talk in the schoolroom ( Harmer. 2007 ; 123 ) ; one of them is that talking activities provide dry run chances ( opportunities to pattern real-life speech production in the schoolroom ) . secondly. this activities provide feedback for both instructor and pupils and last but non least. the fact that pupils have more chances to trip the assorted elements of linguistic communication. the more automatic their usage of these elements become. As a consequence. pupils bit by bit become independent linguistic communication users. Scott Thornbury suggests that the instruction of talking depends on there being a schoolroom civilization of speech production. and that schoolroom demand to go ‘talking classrooms’ . In other words. pupils will be much more confident talkers if the sort of talking activation is a regular characteristic of lessons. As Funiber stuff ( n. d. ; DLS. p. 73 ) suggest we should alter our point of position sing the speech production accomplishment. we should travel off from ‘Let’s do some speech production today’ to sing it as a cardinal instrument of our instruction.

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The chances for unwritten or written production that the units provide are seeable in both units. In the speech production subdivision of Bachillerato Made Easy. pupils are asked to speak about their experiences. show their thoughts and utilize their background cognition on the state of affairss presented. The activities are: inquiry and replies. treatments. duologues and job resolution. Activities in talking subdivision of Botellón! are: treatment about the issues. giving sentiment and some solution for jobs. There is work to be done separately and pupils have to hold or differ giving their grounds about the solutions proposed and the last activity is a group treatment where pupils have to give statements for and against the job. In the last subdivision. the written portion they have a treatment organiser where at that place hold to take notes and propose solution that they think appropriated for people on the Botellón.

Teaching Writing


“It is the capacity of written linguistic communication to exceed clip and infinite that makes the instruction and acquisition of composing such an of import process” ( White and Arndt ; 1991:1 ) Teaching how to compose efficaciously is one of the most of import life-long accomplishments pedagogues impart to their pupils. When learning composing. pedagogues must be certain to choose resources and support stuffs that non merely help them in learning how to compose. but that will besides be the most effectual in assisting their pupils learn to compose.


Bachirellato Made Easy gives the chance that pupils work in groups. self-access and PPP ( presentation – pattern – production ) . In both accomplishments ( unwritten and written ) the units tend to be teacher-centered where instructors give the necessary information and take the activities. Additionally some other activities are student-centered where the pupils decide what and how and when to state something. In the beginning of speech production pattern. the pupils have to speak about their behaviour in some given state of affairss and after that in little groups they have a free treatment about the same subject. And for written exercises the scholars where provided with necessary cognition taught antecedently. Analyzing the production required is possible to see that Bachirellato Made Easy has the three chief phases: presentation. pattern and production. The usage of the PPP helps scholars to larn expeditiously. The presentation phase is controlled by the instructor. In this stage teachers explain what they are traveling to larn and why. Besides it is explained the new linguistic communication including significance and forma and how to utilize it right. During the pattern phase pupils pattern stating or composing the new linguistic communication and activities like drills. multiple-choice. transmutations and others are typical in this phase and besides the rectification is really of import in order to supply positive feedback.

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Production phase is when scholars have wholly mastered the new signifier and new construction and are able to utilize it to bring forth unwritten and written texts. Mistakes are non expected in this stage but if this happens. instructors point out after completing the exercisings. In Bachirellato. scholars have to compose an essay utilizing the stairss to make it. They have to make up one’s mind if utilizing description. narrative. expounding or debate. In Botéllon the concluding undertaking ( production ) is a group treatment. For the written portion. pupils create a treatment organiser where they take notes of their thoughts discoursing with other groups and accepting or declining their statements and suggesting solutions. Different sorts of activities help pupils to be more motivated and we can acquire great consequences in the schoolroom. Motivated pupils are easier to work with and the more different activities we have the more pupils we can make. It is known that people learn in a different manner. Ones learn like this. others learn like that and so on. so if we have a assortment of activities we can catch all of them.


Working with the four accomplishments in linguistic communication schoolroom is really valuable for pupils. They give the pupils support to be originative in contexts where they have to utilize the new linguistic communication specially when interchanging information or utilizing it in a existent life and besides by giving them assurance. Both units provided hearing exercisings where pupils could interact with talkers accomplishing the apprehension and the pupils worked as active hearers non merely inactive 1s. The activities were good prepared assisting the pupils to larn in a really motivated manner. In talking subdivision the subject was appropriated for adolescents and likely L1 was used as it is expected in any L2 acquisition procedure. Activities in topic-based were good structured and were presented good sequenced. They started is self-assessment as warm –up after that a semi-controlled pattern and at the terminal a freer treatment. Reading was non simply enlightening. It was besides enjoyable and merriment. It allowed pupils to speak about proper things for their ages. They could hold a good relationship with the text. The reading accomplishment had the three really of import subdivisions: pre – while – and station reading schemes. The authorship activities lead the pupils to a good merchandise of a subject essay. After analysing both units we chose the unit from Bachirellato Made Easy because we considered this a echt and reliable unit where is possible to see that the four accomplishments are worked and besides grammar is giving such importance.


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