Developing Effective Communication in Health and Social Care Essay Sample

The usage of public conveyance is a convenient manner for going with the trip to the film nevertheless it can present some hazard. The two chief hazards from going by coach are the stairs/steps and the flooring. The stepss are rather steep and if the coach is traveling while anyone is seeking to travel up or down them so they could trip or autumn and potentially injure themselves. If it is raining outside or there is a spillage of liquid inside the coach and the floor is wet so it could do person to steal and fall. Recommendations

Traversing roads can be unsafe. particularly 1s that are big and busy. If small attention is taken when traversing them person could acquire hit or strike hard down by a auto which could ensue in serious/fatal hurts. If the roads have drain screens that are wet. person could steal and fall on it which could potentially set them in serious danger as a auto may be driving at a velocity where they are non able to decelerate down in clip to halt. Besides any chuckhole or loose surfaces could do person to falter and fall over. Recommendations

Ensure that everyone uses a safe crossing where provided for illustration zebra. pelican. puffin. Staff to take excess attention with hearing ocular and intellectual paralysis people

Food toxic condition
Food that is served at the film could present a hazard of nutrient toxic condition. If nutrient. particularly meat is left out in the unfastened for excessively long so it could get down to turn bacteriums. If nutrient is cooked in the forenoon or afternoon and left all twenty-four hours without being sold for hours. it could do person to go sick as a consequence. The manner that the nutrient is stored and handled is besides a hazard because if it is non stored in the right conditions and is handled in an unhygienic manner such as with a person’s bare hands for illustration so it could be exposed to traverse taint and be covered in sources and bacteriums which could do person to go ailing. Recommendations

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Any doors within the film or on the coach could make a wellness and safety hazard. Person could acquire their fingers. weaponries. custodies or pess trapped in them. Automatic and revolving doors are more likely to make a hazard than merely regular doors as they move at less governable velocities. Recommendations

Any stepss within the film. particularly the theatre itself can be unsafe. This is chiefly due to the fact that that illuming within the film is really subdued which makes it more hard to be able to see and judge where the stairss are although they have small visible radiations on the sides of them. If the service user who has a ocular damage can non see them decently so they are more likely to fall or trip as opposed to the other service users or staff on the outing nevertheless they are still a danger to everyone. Recommendations

The ratio of staff to the sum of service users on the excursion is of import in order for the service users to be kept safe. If the sum does non be out decently so it could do person to acquire lost along the manner or they could non have the attention and attending that the service users need to be kept safe and decently looked after. Recommendations

Film content
The content of the movie is something that needs to be addressed before the trip. This is due to the service users with specific demands. The 1 that needs the most attending is the service user with intellectual paralysis. If there are blinking bright visible radiations in the movie so it could do the service user to hold a tantrum or do them to experience really uncomfortable. Besides the service user with a hearing damage may necessitate particular services to hear what is being said within the movie. The service user with a ocular damage may besides necessitate particular services to be able to see the movie. The content of the movie is besides of import for the other service users as it should be checked to do certain that it is appropriate/suitable and will non pique or do person experience uncomfortable or hard-pressed. Recommendations

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