Develop Health and Safety and Risk Management Essay Sample

1. 1 Explain the legislative model for wellness. safety and hazard direction in the work scene.

Answer – The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is the chief piece of the wellness and safety statute law in Great Britain. It provides the legal model to advance and promote high criterions in the workplace. The Act. when foremost introduced. provided an incorporate system covering with workplace wellness and safety and the protection of the populace from work activities. By puting responsibilities upon employees. employers. the freelance. makers. interior decorators and importers of work equipment and stuffs. the protection of the jurisprudence. rights and duties are available and given to all at work. An employer has a general responsibility to. every bit far as is moderately operable. safeguard the wellness. safety and public assistance of employees by guaranting that works and equipment are safe ; safe handling. storage. care and conveyance of articles and substances ; proviso for employees of information. direction. preparation and supervising ; a safe working environment and adequate public assistance installations ; safe entree and a safe system of work.

Where there are five or more employees. an employer has an absolute responsibility to supply a written wellness and safety policy and to guarantee that all employees have seen it.

1. 2 Analyse how policies. processs and patterns in ain puting meet wellness. safety and hazard direction demands.

Answer – My company has its ain. clearly written policies and processs. which are stored within the workplace and updated as and when required. The policies contain information for employees in relation to wellness and safety pattern within the work scene and besides hazard appraisal and direction processs. The policies and processs meet demands by being evaluated on an on-going footing. with updated information being implemented and explained to all employees. with clear processs in topographic point to follow and adhere to. We have a designated person within the workplace. who is responsible for guaranting that any updates to wellness and safety demands or hazard direction is implemented without hold and this is so communicated across the full staff squad during staff meetings. day-to-day handovers and formal supervising. We besides have a care squad who are responsible for go toing to any wellness and safety issues and we have a clear system in topographic point for describing any countries of concern.

2. 1 Demonstrate conformity with wellness. safety and hazard direction processs.

Answer – The jurisprudence states that you have a legal responsibility to set in topographic point suited agreements to pull off for wellness and safety. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require employers to set in topographic point agreements to command wellness and safety hazards. As a lower limit. you should hold the procedures and processs required to run into the legal demands. including: A written wellness and safety policy ( if you employ five or more people ) ; Appraisals of the hazards to employees. contractors. clients. spouses. and any other people who could be affected by your activities – and enter the important findings in authorship ( if you employ five or more people ) . Any hazard appraisal must be ‘suitable and sufficient’ ; Agreements for the effectual planning. administration. control. monitoring and reappraisal of the preventative and protective steps that come from hazard appraisal ; Access to competent wellness and safety advice. supplying employees with information about the hazards in your workplace and how they are protected. Instruction and preparation for employees in how to cover with the hazards. Guaranting there is equal and appropriate supervising in topographic point. Consulting with employees.

The Health and Safety Executive is responsible for doing equal agreements for the enforcement of wellness and safety statute law in the UK. In fulfillment of its responsibility. the Executive provides counsel to its regulative staff. who have to judge whether steps put in topographic point. or proposed. by those who are under a responsibility to command and cut down hazards “as low as moderately practicable” are acceptable.

2. 2 Support others to follow with legislative and organizational wellness. safety and hazard direction policies. processs and patterns relevant to their work.

Answer – As mentioned above. we have our ain. clearly written policies and processs. which are stored in the chief staff office and online and are available to all employees. Conformity is demonstrated by adhering to the policies in topographic point and guaranting that they are updated as and when required. All wellness and safety hazard appraisals are reviewed on an one-year footing. or before if required. and regular communicating with the staff squad and care squad takes topographic point. to guarantee that processs are being followed right. Information is shared across the whole company. which in bend supports others to follow with legislative and organizational wellness. safety and hazard direction policies. processs and patterns relevant to their work.

2. 3 Explain the actions to take when wellness. safety and hazard direction. processs and patterns are non being complied with.

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Answer – If there is of all time any uncertainty that wellness and safety/risk direction processs and patterns are non being adhered to. so immediate action is required. Within my workplace we have a responsible person who ensures that hazard appraisals are up to day of the month and factual. nevertheless. the staff and direction squad as a whole have an overall duty for describing any countries or issues. which may jeopordise the safety and good being of persons. The usual class of action taken when a wellness and safety issue is highlighted is to reach the company care squad who will turn to any issues without hold and guarantee that necessary stairss are taken to amend the job. There are nevertheless at times. cases whereby a staff member may non be following basic processs or may be taking unneeded hazards in relation to wellness and safety issues ; This once more is dealt with fleetly and without hold. normally through formal supervising or immediate action by the direction squad. At times. simple refresher preparation is all that is required to guarantee that a repetition of the same action does non happen once more. If non-compliance is down to a service user. so advice and support is offered and clear outlooks and guidelines are explained. to forestall farther happenings and information is logged and recorded and shared with any necessary 3rd parties.

2. 4 Complete records and studies on wellness. safety and hazard direction issues harmonizing to legislative and organizational demands.

Answer – To guarantee we complete records and studies on wellness. safety and hazard direction issues harmonizing to legislative and organizational demands. the undermentioned systems are in topographic point ;

1. Safety Policy Statement – A written policy statement is prepared. covering the employer’s administration and agreements in force for guaranting wellness and safety. It is brought to the attending of all employees.

2. Competent Persons – An equal figure of competent individuals are appointed. with sufficient clip and resources at their disposal. to help the employer to follow with their legal responsibilities and to implement exigency agreements. Competent wellness and safety advisors are either employees with appropriate preparation and makings or professionally qualified advisers.

3. Risk Assessment – Suitable hazard appraisals are carried out by the employer. The intent is to place jeopardies. measure the chance that injury may originate from them and measure the effectivity of control steps.

4. Undertaking Risks at Source – The workplace is made safe without hazards to wellness. So far as is moderately operable. accidents and work related wellness harm are prevented by undertaking hazards at beginning.

5. Information. Direction. Training and Supervision – Employees are given comprehendible information. direction. preparation and supervising necessary to guarantee their wellness and safety and that of others.

6. We guarantee that we display the wellness and safety jurisprudence posting. or supply each worker with a transcript of the tantamount pocket card.

7. Cooperation and Co-ordination – Our employers co-operate and co-ordinate their activities to guarantee that they can run into their wellness and safety duties.

8. Hazardous Agents – Exposure to risky agents such as dust. exhausts. noise. quiver. radiation or harmful microorganisms are eliminated or adequately controlled.

9. Agreements are made for any necessary wellness surveillance of employees and appropriate records are kept.

10. Work Equipment – All work equipment meets indispensable safety demands and safe systems of work are established. Hazards from work with Display Screen Equipment are assessed and controlled.

11. Personal Protective Equipment – Where hazards can non be controlled at beginning appropriate personal protective vesture and equipment is provided free of charge.

12. Articles and Substances – Articles and substances are safe and without hazards to wellness when decently used. They are decently designed ; tested ; packaged ; labelled ; accompanied by equal information ; and moved. stored and used safely.

13. Particular Precautions – Special safeguards are taken against entry into confined infinites and working at tallness. Harmful manual handling is eliminated. Safe usage of electricity and site conveyance are ensured.

14. Emergency Arrangements – Adequate exigency agreements are in topographic point under the control of ‘competent persons’ . There are besides suited processs for employees to describe serious and at hand danger every bit good as defects in wellness and safety agreements.

15. Fire – Adequate safeguards are taken against fires and detonations and equal agencies of flight and fire combat equipment are provided.

16. Workplace Requirements – Essential workplace demands are ensured. including those concerning temperature. cleanliness. working infinite. airing. illuming. safe entree and emersion ( including traffic paths ) . Adequate public assistance and first assistance installations are provided.

17. Coverage and Recording – Accidental hurts. unsafe happenings and notifiable occupational diseases are reported to the appropriate enforcing authorization and records kept. Records besides have to be kept of the consequences of workplace environmental monitoring. wellness surveillance and care etc.

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18. Safety Representatives – We consult our work force on wellness and safety affairs. When the employer recognises a trade brotherhood. that brotherhood has the right to name safety representatives who must be consulted on all affairs impacting the wellness and safety of employees they represent and be permitted to transport out their maps.

19. Insurance – We have specific insurance to supply compensation to employees following successful civil jurisprudence claims for amendss in the event of work related hurt or harm to wellness.

3. 1 Contribute to development of policies. processs and patterns to place. buttocks and manage hazard to persons and others.

Answer – Within my ain workplace. I invariably assess and pull off the development of policies. processs and patterns to place. buttocks and manage hazard to persons and others. I do this by keeping regular audience with the wellness and safety officer at work. guaranting that all relevant policies and hazard appraisals are on file and readily available to staff members. service users and visitants. If there are any new thoughts. which I believe will be good to the safe running of the place or the organisation in general. I discuss them with my director and the staff squad to find if it is an appropriate step to implement them. This information is besides shared with all concerned. Likewise. if I have any concerns sing the safe running of the place. I address this without hold by confer withing my line director and staff squad.

3. 2 / 3. 3 Work with persons and others to assess/manage possible hazards and jeopardies.

Answer – Working together is an built-in portion of guaranting that possible hazards and jeopardies are minimized. As a director. I guarantee that regular communicating and audience is held with my squad in order to measure any possible hazards and jeopardies. This is normally done through day-to-day handover meetings or switch debriefs. formal and informal supervising and through general wellness and safety observations. I besides have direct regular contact with the company care squad to turn to any issues or concerns associating to wellness and safety affairs and guarantee that they are addressed without hold. Any hazards and jeopardies are highlighted. logged and recorded in a edge book and actioned every bit shortly as possible. At my workplace. we carry out hazard appraisals on a regular footing to place and measure any possible hazards or jeopardies. This country is managed by an responsible person by transporting out recorded cheques of the inside and outside of the edifice and so describing any concerns orissues.

4. 1 Work with persons to equilibrate the direction of hazard with single rights and the positions of others

Answer – Risk direction demands to be carefully considered in order to use a balanced attack. Young people have many petitions and their positions and sentiments on hazard pickings can change well. with some believing that certain behaviors are non hazardous or unsafe. It is down to myself as a director in the workplace. to guarantee that my staff squad use a balanced attack to pull offing hazard and that immature people are adequately consulted in the procedure. Young people’s rights are to be promoted at all times. nevertheless there are occasions when petitions made are inappropriate and the hazards out manner the safety and public assistance of the person. An illustration of this is a immature individual bespeaking to smoke. which is damaging to wellness. Although the positions of the kid are considered. it may be necessary to explicate the dangers of smoke and effort to acquire some aid and advice from a specializer service in order to help in covering with the state of affairs. A solution may be that the immature individual refuses to halt smoke. but there is a program in topographic point which merely permits the immature individual to smoke an allocated figure of coffin nails and it is to the full explained that staff members will non supply or buy coffin nails for the immature individual. The hazard is still present. nevertheless stairss and safeguards are taken to assist manage and understate any farther hazards. whilst besides sing the rights and positions of the immature individual.

4. 2 Work with persons and others to develop a balanced attack to put on the line direction that takes into history the benefits for persons of hazard pickings.

Answer – Risk direction demands to be managed carefully and suitably. There are at times. deliberate hazards. which must be taken in order to let for the natural development of service users. This may be allowing a immature individual to utilize electrical contraptions. or utilize public conveyance for illustration. Young people need to be able to boom and develop and there will be hazards involved in the procedure. I guarantee hence that there are equal hazard appraisals produced which highlight any hazards and supply advice to staff members on how to understate any possible danger or unneeded hazards. Children and immature people are consulted suitably by experient and qualified staff members. to give them advice and support and assist supply them with the cognition they need to stay safe. This is normally done through direct work and cardinal work Sessionss.

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4. 3 Evaluate ain pattern in advancing a balanced attack to put on the line direction.

Answer – As mentioned supra. as a director I invariably evaluate my ain pattern by advancing a balanced attack to put on the line direction. I do this by keeping regular audience with my staff squad and the immature people we care for. Daily and hebdomadal treatments take topographic point with immature people to determine their positions and petitions and the staff squad are so consulted through day-to-day handovers. staff meetings and supervising sing the petitions made by the immature people. There are times when certain petitions can non be met. nevertheless this is ever to the full explained to a immature individual and appropriate ground are given. A via media will be sought and if possible. petitions will be met to an acceptable grade. I evaluate my ain pattern by guaranting that I continue to keep regular audience with my director to discourse issues as they arise and frontward program.

4. 4 Analyse how assisting others to understand the balance between hazard and rights improves pattern.

Answer – Helping others to understand the balance between hazard and rights greatly improves pattern. as it shows that you are non merely doing determinations. but you are confer withing people about why a certain determination may hold to hold been made and explicating the grounds for this. Direct work with immature people or formal supervising with staff members. creates a forum for treatment and allows for concluding. accounts and understanding to take topographic point. Once person understands the ground why a determination may hold to hold been made. they so begin to understand that it is for the benefit of themselves and in the best involvements of all concerned. This in bend greatly improves pattern as it creates a more unfastened environment for future treatment to take topographic point and compromisation to be achieved. 5. 1 Obtain feedback on wellness. safety and hazard direction policies. processs and patterns from persons and others.

Answer – As a service. we invariably updated and measure our wellness. safety and hazard direction policies. processs and patterns from persons and others. We do this by bespeaking periodic feedback from our service users and spouse bureaus. Consultation is cardinal to explicating ongoing good pattern and we find our periodic studies provide us with valuable information. which we so implement at the workplace. The positions and sentiments of others are important to the service we provide. Young people are straight consulted in relation to their hazard appraisals and are involved in the development of these. Social workers and parents are besides asked to read and subscribe the paperss and supply any feedback they desire. which will so
be acted upon by the place.

5. 2 Evaluate the wellness. safety and hazard direction policies. processs and patterns within the work scene.

Answer – All wellness safety and hazard direction policies. processs and patterns within the work puting are evaluated on a regular basis. The hazard appraisals sing the immature people are a unrecorded papers and may fluctuate on a regular footing. harmonizing to the demands and current personal businesss of the immature people. Any updated information is recorded suitably and all necessary parties are informed – ( parents. societal worker. immature individual ) the staff squad is so given counsel on how to guarantee that any updates are adhered to through the communicating log book and day-to-day handovers. Health and safety policies and processs are reviewed/evaluated yearly. or before if required and any countries of concern are addressed without hold and reported suitably.

5. 3 Identify countries of policies. processs and patterns that need betterment to guarantee safety and protection in the work scene.

Answer – An illustration was the determination to take a tree from the evidences of the edifice. following audience with our neighbours. The tree was doing concerns for the neighbors and after talking to the senior direction squad and care squad. a determination was made to take it.

5. 4 Recommend alterations to policies. processs and patterns that guarantee safety and protection in the work scene.

Answer – A recommendation I have. which is to guarantee safety and protection in the workplace is to lock the downstairs internal doors during the nighttime hours. The ground for this recommendation is to forestall entree to dead terminal suites with no issue points and let for a safe issue channel to be utilised in the event of a fire or other exigency state of affairs. I have discussed this issue with my director. care squad and local fire officer and we are trusting to implement it in the close hereafter.