Detoxification Of Substance Abuse Case Study Social Work Essay

In our society people think that mentally sick people have no opportunities of recovery and the human right and most of the clip this unwellness is stigmatized by the person, household and society on the broader graduated table that make the single prone to be guilty, ashamed, low ego regard, solitariness, aggression and societal isolation. Furthermore it besides affects the people who care for those mentally sick people.

In this paper I would portion and analyse instance of a patient whom I encountered during my psychiatric rotary motion on at authorities infirmary in Karachi. I had a opportunity to care for an single aged 25, with the diagnosing of detoxification of substance maltreatment. As a immature Pukhtoon adult male, my patient was really sociable. He used to work as electrician but now idle. He liked to pass clip with his friends, enjoy traveling to societal assemblages and besides really much lovingness for his household. However, ‘due to this substance dependence for 7 old ages, he stated, ‘I cut off my societal interactions with my household and friends as they thought that I am non capable of taking a healthy life…they do n’t wish me and they do non desire to interact with me. I besides left my work since last 7 old ages ; I remain at place and make non travel out. I besides made myself off from the societal assemblage as whenever I went out with people, I ever face jobs and experience embarrassment that they talk about me and doing merriment out of it that I am an impractical and stupid individual, passing money and clip dependence. ‘

He besides mentioned that people pass awful remarks about him that he does n’t wish at all. He complained that people tie his female parent and married woman which make him guilty. His 2 girls besides turned off from him and they do non pass on with him and now whenever they visit him, he became really annoyed and aggressive. He unhappily said that, ‘I largely do n’t portion my concern to any of my friend or household members. ‘ This whole scenario reflects that the patient is dissatisfied from his relationship with friends and household and finally damaging his abilities of better public presentation in all facets of life. These all made him uncomfortable and bothered that he did incorrect thing, violated his household duties, and societal norms. It badly affected patient ‘s societal life and day-to-day activities ; made him guilty. Therefore, these triggers the patient and so patient decided to discontinue his wont of substance maltreatment.

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In my analysis, I recognised that the patient is trapped in the web of emotion of guilt on which will take to farther impairment of his already suffering condition.Guilt has long been regarded as playing a critical function in self ordinance as Freud ( 1930/1961 ) conceptualized guilt as struggle between the self-importance and superego, working to maintain one ‘s behaviour in line with moral criterions while penalizing id-inspired evildoings. Tangney & A ; Dearing ( 2002 ) agree that guilt is elicited by an interpersonal evildoing and experienced as self-disappointment ( by contrast, shame is typically experienced as ” ( as cited by Amodio, Devine & A ; Harmon-Jones, 2007, p.524 ) . The patient left his occupation that made him financially instable ; restricting societal interaction and going aggressive, experienced as self-disappointment and self-loathing this all jeopardizing his emotional wellness and taking him to the darkness of guilt.

Pakistan is one of the most populated states who population is more than 16 million and more than 33 % populating under poorness line in developing universe. Here the importance of mental wellness publicity plays a important function. But unluckily due to less literature handiness and limited researches mental wellness, I could non able to happen any literature in context to our state but after reexamining the literature from our neighbouring numbering research on depressive unwellness and guilt in Indian civilizations, Patients express guilt, shame and feelings of unworthiness over past wickednesss and failure ” ( Rao,2009, p.84 ) . Roa farther cited Jenner ( 1964 ) as ‘the Russians when depressed are known to harbor guilt feelings directed towards the Communist party. A Pakistani depressive is likely to expose intense guilt about holding lost religion in God ” ( P.84 ) .

On my critical analysis I conclude that societal isolation is more or less due to the stigma attached with the mental unwellness. Harmonizing to National Health Foundation ( 2008 ) that people drink to observe, sympathize or socialize, for ccourage or to submerge their sorrows, to change their temper, to experience more relaxed, to experience more confident but really they are seeking to feed up their concerns ( p.1 ) . In Pakistani context, normally an single live and interact with big figure of people including household, friends, neighbors etc and guilt is largely seen in the people who have deficiency of emotional support or are mentally sick and this demolishes personality of an person.

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After the literature reappraisal and my critical analysis of patient scenario, I came to cognize that the version of guilt which motivated my patient to stop drug maltreatment after several efforts really follows a dynamic theoretical account of guilt. This theoretical account explains that consciousness of holding committed a moral evildoing elicits feelings of guilt, which correspond to a lessening in attack motive. When an chance for reparation nowadayss itself, feelings of guilt predict involvement in reparatory behaviour, which in bend corresponds to an addition in attack motive. Now, I am incorporating my patient into this theoretical account here. ( See appendix 1 for incorporate theoretical account ) .

On the cultural context of Pakistan Gohar ( 2004 ) stated guilt as an unseeable feeling of an person for an act, which he thinks, was non appropriate, … The act, which gives you internal satisfaction, is good, and if you feel sad it is bad ( , Guilt and Shame, para.1 ) .The guilt feeling is expressed in alibis or apologetically behavior. If we see the Pakistani Pukhtoon civilization where guilt can non be expressed and sorry can non be conveyed to the victim for any error. To make so is against the civilization, traditional norms and values will degrade a individual in forepart of his ain folk. So, my patient was besides from the Pukhtoon background, due to his cultural context, I think he might non show his feeling of guilt in forepart of his household.

Sane Research ( 2005 ) identifies near relationship between mental unwellness and societal isolation.The prevalence of solitariness was dramatically higher around 10 % of the population as a whole study feelings of solitariness, over two-thirds of those affected by mental unwellness reported experiencing lonely ‘often ‘ or ‘all the clip ‘ . Therefore it is really indispensable for mental wellness to hold good and effectual societal support which contributes to stay physically, emotionally and psychologically healthy which missing in my patient.

In Islam the internal psyche demands nutriment. The good workss one commits aid it prosper, but in instance of incorrect making a back cicatrix appears on the bosom, affects the psyche, and this cicatrix expands with any other act of error. ( Gohar, 2004, para.1 ) . Therefore, being Muslim my patient blamed himself for enduring in the spiritual context.

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Harmonizing to Frijda ( 1994 ) “ …guilt maps chiefly to ease prosocial behaviour. This prosocial position positions guilt within a social context, in which guilt, like other ”social emotions ” such as shame and embarrassment, serves as an ever-present ghost of penalty that keeps people ‘s behaviour in line with the moral criterions of their community ( Frijda, 1994 ) . It is true with my patient that he was besides sing the guilt for his title as mentioned in scenario and this behaviour of substance maltreatment might non be acceptable for his household and society. In peculiar, guilt forms appear to be strongest, most common, and most consistent in the context of communal relationships, which are characterized by outlooks of common concern. Guilt serves assorted relationship-enhancing maps, including actuating people to handle spouses good and avoid evildoings, minimising unfairnesss and enabling less powerful spouses to acquire their manner, and redistributing emotional hurt ( Baumeister, et al 1994, p.243 ) .


Harmonizing to National Health Foundation ( 2008 ) emotional maltreatment may besides take the signifier of soundless backdown. In this state of affairs most people start to experience ugly, worthless, ashamed, unloved and unlovable… as self-esteem plumb bobs, individual experience progressively dependent for friendly relationship and love on the really individual who is mistreating him. So, in my patient he became stray from his friends and household due to that he became defeated and aggressive as he could non verbalise his feelings.

Analysis ( impact on patient and household )


construct of guilt in relation to choler,

societal isolation and

support system of the patients.

Some of the schemes for caring the patient include

verbalization of patient ‘s feelings,

single guidance and

learning on prosecuting in assorted activities,

affect the patient in a group therapy,

music therapy

cognitive therapy besides household and friends ‘ consciousness programme. To accomplish this end importance of working in the coaction with patient, household and other wellness professional is indispensable.