Determining Databases Essay Sample

In general when finding the types of databases and informations communicating systems to use companies need to see the nature of their concern. the demands of the employees/clients. volume/types of cargos. employee agendas. transporting company. transporting company costs. equipment. equipment constituents. transporting agenda. shipment/equipment harm or loss. etc. The list of executions required in a system can travel on and on. In this paper we are traveling to find what database and/or database communicating systems will be the most efficient to use as a selling helper for a consumer electronics company in charge of puting up the companies trade show.

As a selling helper in charge of puting up my companies trade show booth the first thing I would make. after finding what equipment and shows are to be used in the trade show. is set up a departmental colour coded/ employee ID figure label tracking system comprised of a combination of the maker consecutive Numberss. theoretical account Numberss from each piece of equipment along with a elaborate description of each piece including cost. I would make a section designation figure that will place the section to which each point must be returned. I would personally make the departmental colour coded tracking system label which will incorporate. as antecedently stated. maker model/serial Numberss. departmental designation figure & A ; managing employee designation figure.

Separate labels will be created to place the transportation company managing each point. cost of transporting. cost of each point including a dislocation of the cost of each constituent of the point. insurance on each point and constituent of each point. figure of pieces being shipped. cost of the full transportation container. I would besides wish to figure each transportation container and include an in-house packaging label detailing each point contained in the transportation container if multiple points are packaged in on transportation container by making this I will cognize if a container or point from the container is losing when making the speedy check-in of containers upon reaching at the concluding finish.

Tracking the transporting company with the database will supply me with information that could be utile in the hereafter such as how long it takes the transportation company to pick-up points to be shipped. how long it takes points to make their finish. whether or non the points arrived in first-class status. how frequently points are damaged or lost by the transportation company. how long it takes for points to be re-shipped if lost. the cost to transport points ( individual. majority. big bundles. etc. ) . If transportation is done with multiple companies a study can be printed detailing the information compiled in the database and utilised to find which transporting company would be the most expeditiously dependable ( presenting points in first-class status in a timely mode ) . cost effectual and the best to use for the company.

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Spreadsheets have their pro and cons when utilized in undertakings of this nature ( Trade Show Booth Project Management ) . Spreadsheets would look to be more cost effectual but that is determined based on the clip and attempt that must be put into inputting. keeping. administering information along with extra necessary updates and the figure of people necessitating entree to the information. Now utilizing a spreadsheets on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours by a little concern with no more than five to ten authorised forces necessitating entree to the informations would perchance be efficient and cost effectual as opposed to a big corporation in the trade show industry.

A little concern in the trade show industry would be to track employees. equipment plus constituents. booth constituents. wadding and transportation. cost on a individual spreadsheet in an information storing capacity. The little concern proprietor can even easy email the spreadsheet to authorized forces with the necessary updates nevertheless. information can be lost. viruses can attach to the spreadsheet and a subset direction file can be created of informations which poses a security breach during the transportation of the spreadsheet.

In my sentiment and experience. a database would be the best working system to utilize for my trade show forming undertaking as it is a ( harmonizing to Kroenke. 2012. p. 101 ) “self-describing aggregation of incorporate records” that will let anyone working on the trade show to entree it to supervise and track equipment. booth constituents. stats. cargos & A ; animal trainers. Some may prefer a spreadsheet but I feel that a spreadsheet would non be the most effectual or efficient manner to pull off the undertaking as merely one individual would hold entree to the information. anyone else working on the trade show would necessitate to double the spreadsheet & A ; all involved would hold to keep consistent communicating in order to guarantee that each has accurate information in the ownership. Besides. information maintained on the spreadsheet would hold to be transferred when making studies for future trade show research. whereas. a database can be created to bring forth studies on a huge scope of information for the immediate and future trade show and concern ventures.

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The information collected and maintained in the trade show database will be utile for other sections of the company such as accounting sections and upper direction. I feel the best database to utilize would be an endeavor database sing more than probably the trade show would be conducted by the gross revenues section but communication/information transportation with other sections will be necessary. An enterprise database can be designed to manage/plan operations of the company on all degrees. supply multi-user maps and RADIUS server hallmark for the security required for concern usage. Personal databases even if accessed by a little group of people ( 15 to 20 no more than 100 ) would cut down the likelihood of abuse or inputting inaccurate information but will increase the possibility of security breaches.

Hiring a bearer can be simplified with a determinations support system ( DSS ) . An organized database will help in holding all the information necessary to track the company each booth constituent and piece of equipment is being entrusted with for transporting. The information acquired about the transportation company in the database is valuable in the regard of it will be utile in documenting the shipment history of the transportation bearer. therefore making a record that will help in choosing the best bearer to use for the transportation demands of the trade show section of the company.

The departmental colour coded/ employee ID figure label tracking system comprised of a combination of the maker consecutive Numberss. theoretical account Numberss from each piece of equipment along with a elaborate description of each piece. departmental designation figure. managing employee designation figure. transporting company designation figure and DSS database ( determination support system database ) will diminish the opportunities of equipment and booth constituents being misplaced when it reaches the bead off location. Equipment or booth constituents geting damaged or non geting at all can be tracked back to the transportation company or employee to last handled it so charges can be forwarded to the appropriate party.

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Another thing to see when puting up my database would be the trade show set up squad. This would imply tracking which employee will be managing and responsible for the each booth constituent. piece of equipment. set-up and trade show hours. Assignment/tracking of duty. interrupting down the inside informations of that duty entrusted to and merchandise show work hours of each squad member can be boring. nevertheless. it can besides be simplified by using a DSS database ( Decision Support System ) . Along with plugging in the tracking information of equipment and booth constituents. trade show staff members placing information. equipment/booth component assignment. merchandise show set-up inside informations and trade show staff member work hours can be input every bit good. Information sing the trade show staff members can be password protected and accessed by authorised forces.

In decision. as a selling helper for a consumer electronics company in charge of puting up our trade show. I would most decidedly use an endeavor database/DSS ( Decision Support System ) as opposed to an excel spreadsheet. The advantages of utilizing an endeavor database/DSS ( Decision Support System ) overpowering outweighs the advantages of an Excel Spreadsheet by cut downing the likely-hood of security breaches. bettering the efficient mode in which information is viewed/ shared with authorised forces. supplying multiple tracking capablenesss. supplying extra study bring forthing maps. documenting a figure of facets in the companies tradeshow history. hive awaying information that can be used to better the fiscal success of the company besides helping me in making my occupation more efficaciously and expeditiously.

I decline on the spreadsheet as a trade show set-up undertaking direction tool chiefly because it would be less efficient and effectual sing the huge sum of information that needs to be input. the big measure of equipment and constituents to be tracked. the security issues in staff member information using a spreadsheet would enforce non to advert the jobs with truth and possibility of reassigning big sums of informations to authorised members of direction. Long term an endeavor database/DSS system is the best to use for the undertaking at manus.