Department of Social Work Essay

The aim of this paper is to demo or specify theories in the field of societal work specifically in managing and working with emotionally disturbed young person and which theory or theories will outdo aid steer this pattern. This paper will besides speak about countries I feel most confident and strongest in every bit good as the countries I feel least confident in. It will besides demo the grounds and factors that contribute to both my strengths and failings. Social Work Defined

“Social Work is the professional activity of assisting persons. groups. or communities enhance or reconstruct their capacity for societal operation and making social conditions favourable to this end ( as cited. Department of Social Work ) . ” Because of the their aim is to assist people and communities. the pattern is made up of rules. applications of values. “Social Work is concerned and involved with the interactions between people and the establishments of society that affect the ability of people to carry through life undertakings. recognize aspirations and values. and alleviate hurt ( Baer and Frederico ; Department of Social Work ) .

” Harmonizing to Baer and Frederico. the intents of societal work may be broken down into 3: heighten the problem-solving ; promote effectual humane operations ; and associate people with a system that give them services. resources and chances ( Department of Social Work ) . Trauma Informed Care Trauma informed attention pertains to organisation or plans that services persons who have survived a traumatic experience. These persons or subsisters are those who have been physically and/or sexually maltreatment and other experiences that leads to trauma.

Often times. these experiences may direct an person to mental wellness and some other type of upset. Organizations that aid people with this status. alters and adjusts in order to maintain an apprehension on how trauma affects the single seeking for aid ( SAMHSA National Mental Health Information Center ) . Theories in Social Work “Theories have been developed since it became clear that there were similar forms or reiterating rhythms of behavior both in an individual’s life and in the lives of tonss of different people ( Towland. 2010 ) .

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” There are a batch of theories or thoughts on how to travel about societal work and how to make the pattern for both professionals and pupils taking up this class. Harmonizing to Towland in his essay on “Social Work Theory and Practice – Making the Links” a theory is seen to assist depict what is go oning. explicate why it is go oning and predict what will go on next. Towland has besides mentioned in his essay that he urges to see the undermentioned theories: 1. ) Recognise that no individual theory can explicate everything ; 2. ) Recognise that some theoretical attacks merely don’t work with some people ; 3.

) Take a critical attack to theory ; 4. ) Always apply the value base to theory ; 5. ) Never be intimidated by theory. In relation to the 2nd and 3rd theories that Towland has enumerated. people are made and created otherwise. What might hold worked with one client may non work on the other. As a societal worker who works with emotionally disturbed young person. taking note on why a certain attack is non working with a peculiar patient is of import every bit good as thought and happening other ways and means to assist and understand the person.

Theories in general aid practicians get a appreciation and a clear image of what is go oning and why it is go oning. It enables practicians and workers validate their actions and intervention. give a more accurate bearing on how to cover and work with these persons and are able to give a precise rationalisation on the effects of a peculiar intervention or action done. “The purpose is that this will take to societal work going more widely accountable and finally more well-thought-of ( Towland. 2010 ) . ” Working with rural mental wellness plans

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“Establishing ongoing trauma-informed services is one of the most hard challenges confronting rural mental wellness plans. Schools. community groups. and natural assistants try to run into demands but frequently go unsupported ( Children’s Voice. 2007 ) . ” Working with the young person in rural topographic points is much more of a challenge because these people largely live in little towns and topographic points that medical fiscal aid are in dire or is non greatly extended to the households. assisting and handling the young person who are emotionally disturb becomes a bit more hard and gives more work to the practicians.

They work harder and in longer hours with lesser wages and yearss away. Working with the developmentally disabled is a ambitious undertaking for me and this may non be my strongest country and point because of my deficiency of forbearance and experience on this peculiar field. But although this possibly the instance. being able aid kids and being able to understand the grounds of their injury and happening ways to assist them turn out of their injury is gratify in to me because I know I am able to give adjutant to these people.

Explaining to the household and being able to give them light and apprehension of their child’s or children’s state of affairs and what might be the good and bad effects of the intervention fulfills me as a societal worker. My professional doctrine is shaped by non merely what was passed on to me by my parents and wise mans. but is and was shaped by my experiences and what I have seen in life.

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My personal beliefs and constructs in life that may lend to my profession are: being a function theoretical account to non merely my household but with the people I work with every bit good. the value I have for myself. therefore. valuing my profession and what it stand for. its purposes and aims. and most significantly is my ability to make out and assist others. By making this. I am non merely able to portion myself to others but be able to lend to society every bit good.


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