Dementia Gateway Essay

Our larning stuff is designed to assist you to work towards Qualification and Credit Framework ( QCF ) units and will back up you to work towards the Diploma in Health and Social Care at degree 2 or 3. This papers provides you with information about how the characteristic links to specific QCF units. and offers an activity which you could utilize to assist show your acquisition. A general account about the QCF can be found at the terminal.

Associating to Health and Social Care Diplomas at Level 2 and 3
The acquisition in the characteristic will assist you to understand and fix for appraisal in the undermentioned QCF units:

Health and Social Care Diploma
Degree 2

Health and Social Care Diploma
Degree 3

SCH 021. SCH 022. HSC 026. Dem
201. Dem 202. Dem 205. Dem 308.
SSMU 2. 1. Dem 204. Dem 210. Dem
312. HSC 2030

SCH 031. SCH 032. HSC 036. Dem
301. Dem 308. Dem 312

Activity to back up your acquisition
The activity for can be used to supply grounds for the QCF units SCH 022 4. 2 and SCH 032 5. 2. To make this. copy the activity and this inquiry into a Word papers. so complete and maintain a record of your replies in full at that place. Can you demo what you’ve learnt from reading the characteristic and making this activity? Answer these inquiries: The activities above ask you to reflect on your work or your workplace. Can you state how this contemplation has improved your cognition. accomplishments and pattern?

General Explanation
The Qualification and Credit Framework is a flexible. ‘mix and match’ attack to deriving makings. Every unit and making has both a recognition value and a degree. The recognition value shows about how much clip it takes to finish. The degree shows how hard the unit or making is. In grownup societal attention there are vocational qualifications/units from degree 1 through to level 7.

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There are three sizes of making:

Award ( 1-12 credits )
Certificate ( 13-36 credits )
Diploma ( above 36 credits )

In order to obtain a Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care you will necessitate 46 credits for a Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care you will necessitate 58 credits. At both flat 2 and level 3 there are compulsory units and optional units ; you can besides take to follow specific tracts:

Generic making
Dementia tract
Learning Disability Pathway
When you have selected a tract there are specific units that you need to make. More information about QCF awards can be found at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. skillsforcare. org. United Kingdom