Defending Equality And Breaking Barriers To Human Dignity Social Work Essay

I am using to The University of New England to gain a Masters of Social Work Degree. This is the lone plan to which I am using because it is closely in melody with my positions, beliefs, and involvements. The plan will besides let me to equilibrate my personal duties along with my educational duties via distance acquisition.

I want to make everything within my power to oppose and interrupt down barriers to human self-respect and to support equality and societal justness. Social justness is equality within every facet of society. This ideal requires that all people have equal rights and chances. Whether rich or hapless, every individual deserves equal chances and equal rights to things that make it possible to populate and be successful. At the most basic of degrees people require nutrient, shelter, and medical attention. Other things to see beyond basic demands include the rights to anti-discrimination Torahs, equal chance employment, equal revenue enhancement, and equal instruction.

In every civilization there is a bulk and several minorities. Our state is rich with cultural diverseness, doing it a really interesting topographic point to populate. This can be witnessed in one of the most basic of human demands that were mentioned above ; nutrient. I enjoy diverse nutrients runing from Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, and Italian. But cultural diverseness is n’t merely found in nutrients, but in things such as faith, concern, diversion, etc. It is my belief that freedom to pattern any faith a individual chooses is a right that everyone deserves. I besides feel that by analyzing other faiths, people are able to better understand and appreciate cultural differences. Our state is made strong through cultural diverseness, doing it possible to vie in the planetary economic system. New ways of thought, originative job resolution, and linguistic communication accomplishments are but a few of the things that a diverse civilization brings to our economic system. I one time toured a company here in my place town of Morristown, TN. The company was owned and operated by a group from Japan. The office worked liked nil I had witnessed earlier at my old occupations. The employees did n’t hold offices, but cells. Every employee had them, even the president of the company. They told me that this promoted a sense of equality and helped to better working relationships. I was really impressed and pleased to see such a difference in civilization. While speaking with some of the employees I had a feeling that they had a great trade of regard for their employers and that they received regard in bend.

Human self-respect is the right to esteem and ethical intervention. It is used to regulate the intervention of laden and vulnerable people, civilizations, and spiritual beliefs and ideals. We use human self-respect to mensurate if person is having regard, or if they are demoing themselves proper self-respect. No affair faith, sex, or nationality ; everyone has the equal right to human self-respect and decency.

As Social Workers, we will confront many issues that are endangering society. For illustration, I see our society ‘s most urgent issue to be unemployment. President Obama has focused a important sum of his attempts contending unemployment in the US, which even further supports my concerns for this issue. A old survey found that with every 10 % addition in the figure of unemployed there is a 1.2 % addition in entire mortality, a 1.7 % addition in cardiovascular disease, a 1.3 % addition in cirrhosis instances, a 1.7 % addition in self-destructions, a 4.2 % addition in psychiatric infirmary populations, a 4.0 % addition in apprehensions, and a 0.8 % addition in reported assaults to the constabulary. I see these additions greatly impacting the Social Work field, and an addition in these statistics is by no agencies a good mark. Such Numberss will intend that now is a clip when Social Workers will be needed more than of all time.

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I believe I can convey much strength with me to the field of Social Work ; skills that I hope will assist to better the state of affairs on the subjects mentioned antecedently. I feel confident my personal strengths will assist me go a choice professional societal worker. To get down with, I am committed. Once I commit to something, I commit to the full. I hope this will interpret good to those I wish to assist when I become a societal worker. I believe when people see the sum of committedness I give them, they will themselves be inspired to perpetrate. I am besides really passionate. I put my bosom and psyche into my work. I am a house truster in ever bettering myself and besides assisting those around me improve themselves every bit good. I want to see everyone range for more. I believe it to be a basic portion of human nature to go more than what we soon are, and I am really passionate about this. I did n’t halt desiring more after I graduated high school, I pursued work. I did n’t settle for merely work, I wanted more. I attended college and earned a grade and found a better occupation. Now in my life I am ready to go on to travel frontward. This clip around, I am taking that passion for ever desiring more, and utilizing it to better myself while assisting others, by prosecuting Social Work. I have worked with computing machines and assorted machines for a long clip, and though I am really skilled at it, I want and need more. I want to direct my passion towards assisting others. And in conclusion, I feel that I am strong. I do n’t intend this literally, it has nil to make with my physical art. I believe I am strong indoors, where it counts the most. I am at that place for others. I believe I am their strength when they are weak. I wo n’t be their legs for them, but I am the support they need to stand on their ain two pess, and I hope this will do me a strong Social Worker every bit good.

I am non perfect by any agencies. No 1 is perfect. My chief failing is my deficiency of cognition and experience in societal work. That is something I aim to rectify. I think cognizing our failings makes us stronger, and that applies here every bit good. I know my failing is my deficiency of cognition, but I besides know my strengths, and thanks to the statements above, so do all those reading this. Those strengths are what will acquire me through school and derive me the cognition needed to be a Social Worker. Through survey and difficult work, I will derive the experience needed to be an plus to the Social Work profession. But I will non halt at that place. Life is study. I will go on to larn more and more about Social Work through the old ages, deriving both cognition and experience. Through this, I plan to turn my failing into one of my greatest strengths as a professional Social Worker.

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My involvement in Social Work stems from several experiences and waies my life has taken over the old ages. I would state that the involvement began back in early high school and the 15 old ages of life experience that followed. During that clip, my Dad found out he had malignant neoplastic disease and lost both of his kidneys. Due to this, he became a dialysis patient for about four old ages. During this clip we met with many physicians, psychologists, and societal workers. The services provided to us were incredible and helped us to acquire through this really hard clip. When the state of affairs easy became worse and the odds of my male parent lasting long plenty to make the top of the givers list declined, it was clip to see if household members were willing to donate. I instantly offered to be tested, but because I was under 18 I could n’t, but my 18th birthday was n’t far off. So meanwhile his sisters tested alternatively. I talked once more with physicians, psychologists, societal workers, givers, and transplant receivers. Everyone had my best involvements at bosom, and this helped me during the determination devising procedure. It was n’t that people were seeking to speak me out of donating, but wanted my determination to be an informed 1. After my aunts failed the trials, I felt I understood plenty of the hazards and benefits of donating and took the spring to get down proving. I passed the trials and was a great lucifer. We would hold ne’er made it through such seeking times had it non been for the support and attention of so many others. My male parent lived for about another 10 old ages on the kidney I had given him. He passed off late on May the 22nd of 2010. I miss him more than I thought was of all time possible. But at the same clip, I am grateful for the 10 excess old ages that were given to us.

As for the different waies my life has taken, I am mentioning to my school and calling picks. I believe this journey started in college. I began as a Criminal Justice major. I knew I wanted to assist people and the first thing that came to mind was being a bull. I finished my Associate Degree in Criminal Justice, but ne’er joined the constabulary academy or became an officer. I stopped pursing this option due to donating the kidney to my male parent, and the hazard engagement of jurisprudence enforcement was something I did non desire to opportunity. Changes occur rather frequently in a immature individual ‘s life, and I was no exclusion to these alterations. I knew I still wanted to assist others, so I changed my major to Elementary Education. I besides finished the Associate Degree for Elementary Education, but ne’er moved on to the following measure. This clip it was because I met my wife-to-be near the terminal of my Elementary Education journey. I knew a occupation was needed if I hoped to get married, so I attended a proficient school for less than a twelvemonth to larn computing machines. I so obtained employment as a computing machine technician. After working a few old ages I was eventually able to get married my lovely married woman Lacey.

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After a occupation passage from computing machines in a fabrication environment, I found myself working with computing machines in a wellness attention environment. The new environment is where I rediscovered my involvement in assisting others. After going acquainted with the assorted employees, a psychologist learned of my old involvements in the psychological science classes I had taken during my old two grades and besides of how I wished I could work to assist others. She encouraged me to prosecute my dreams of assisting people and showed me how I had options as a counsellor, healer, or societal worker. Hope restored, I began a new pursuit and enrolled in categories to gain a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.

The closer I came to finishing my new grade, the more I began believing of what my following measure might be. I had narrowed my options to Marriage and Family Therapy, Community Counseling, or Social Work. I sent inquiries via electronic mails to many schools and posted online in several forums. After months of consideration I came to the determination of prosecuting Social Work. Social Work will let me to assist a broader scope of people confronting different state of affairss in changing environments. The possibilities merely seem to be eternal.

All of my educational, work, and life experiences have prepared me for working with and helping others. My chase in instruction has taken me many topographic points. I have obtained two Associate Degrees from a community college in both Criminal Justice and Elementary Education. I have received two sheepskins from a proficient school in computing machines and networking. And recently I have completed my Bachelor Degree from a regionally commissioned school via distance acquisition. I feel really proud of my achievements and believe I am ready for Master degree surveies. I feel confident that holding obtained a grade through distance acquisition already, I have a good stepping rock for obtaining another grade through similar methods. In the hereafter, I look frontward to utilizing the cognition and accomplishments I will hold learned to assistance others. I besides hope to return to college someday and learn Social Work to others prosecuting similar dreams as my ain. After all, instruction was besides one of my earlier involvements in my immature educational life. I have the thrust and finding to win in this plan, now all I need is the opportunity.