Death of a Salesman Expository Essay Essay Sample

Thomas Edison one time said. “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” . Every twenty-four hours. chances are present in the lives of society. However. it is society’s pick of whether or non to take these chances and run with them. Often. people resist alteration and avoid state of affairss instead than taking advantage of new chances. The determination of hedging fortunes could potentially take to dissatisfaction. sorrow and sadness in the long tally. Peter McWilliams provinces. “To avoid state of affairss in which you might do errors may be the biggest error of all. ” Harmonizing to this quotation mark. non taking an chance that requires work alternatively of drawing through and confronting the hazards of doing errors along the manner is the greatest mistake. Peter McWilliams’s quotation mark is accurate and could be proven through the drama. Death of a Salesman. and through chances non taken by slaves in order to get away during the 1800’s.

There are assorted illustrations where the characters of Death of a Salesman are left sorrowful after rejecting open chances in their lives. Willy Loman. a salesman in the late 1940’s. is a character that sets high criterions for himself and particularly for his boies. He ne’er realizes his personal failure nor can he to the full understand his ain ego. In the thick of the inability to supply plenty for his household through his calling and trying to keep a relationship with his boies. Willy finds himself in an unhealthy mental province. Willy has had a profession as a going salesman for most of his grownup life and he invariably discusses the lost chances he had in his yesteryear. One of the most outstanding lost chances was when his brother. Ben. invited him on a journey to Alaska. Not traveling on this promising venture caused womb-to-tomb declinations for Willy. Not taking a hazard and rolling from the universe of concern left Willy with sorrow and left Ben with fortune and fiscal success ( what Willy finds himself missing ) . This supports Peter McWilliams’s quotation mark because Willy ne’er takes the chance of get downing a comfortable life. which leaves him in wretchedness as he struggles to supply for his household and live a mentally stable life. Hence. Willy’s greatest error was avoiding a state of affairs that involved some hazard.

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Many slaves held under Masterss throughout the late 1700’s and early 1800’s suffered greatly under inhumane conditions and failed to prehend chances to get away. Although it is understood that the thought of get awaying bondage required particular bravery and strength. the fright of non being successful frequently led slaves to avoiding state of affairss that could escort them into freedom. Josiah Henson. for illustration. had a clear chance to bolt him and others from bondage. but failed to take advantage of it. After his maestro was charged with dishonorable misdirection of belongings. he ordered Josiah to take all his slaves to his brother who was located in Kentucky. without his supervising. On the journey to Kentucky. Josiah and the slaves from his master’s plantation passed through Ohio– a free province. When go throughing through Ohio. he was often told that they were free if they chose to be.

This happened once more when he passed through Cincinnati. Josiah could hold made the determination to abandon his maestro and interrupt free while go throughing through these provinces. turning off from the rough mistreatment and barbarous conditions that he lived in forever. However. he threw away an chance of obtaining freedom because of fright and possible effects. Josiah continued and lived the bulk of his life under bondage. This proves that his biggest error was avoiding chances in which he could be courageous and take opportunities in order to populate under a better life. Many other slaves. like Frederick Douglass. were determined to get away bondage and did non avoid these chances because of hazard or fright. Alternatively. he took the opportunity when he saw it most suited. and succeeded in his program. Therefore. avoiding state of affairss in which a individual might do errors may in fact be the biggest error of all. sing that the results could be positive and worthy.

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Not taking chances that are presented to one merely leads to “what ifs” and unknown replies to inquiries refering one’s hereafter if the chance was taken. Harmonizing to Peter McWilliams. the biggest error of all is avoiding state of affairss in which 1 might do errors. This quotation mark is accurate and can be proven correct through the drama. Death of a Salesman. and failed chances to get away during the slavery clip period. Therefore. if new state of affairss and chances are exposed. one should non be afraid of doing errors or taking hazards along the manner. because the consequences could surely be good.