DBQ Causes Of The Civil War Essay Essay Sample

The decease toll of the Civil War is equal to the Trade Towers event happening every Tuesday for four old ages. In the 1820 Congress solved a new crisis by acknowledging Maine to the Union as a free province to equilibrate the admittance of Missouri as a slave province. By 1850 the United States was equally divided with 15 Free provinces and 15 slave provinces. There are many causes of the Civil War but. there are merely three chief causes. Those three causes are the different economic systems of the North and South. the political tensenesss between the North and the South. and the tensenesss over bondage.

To get down the 1st cause of the Civil War was because of the different economic systems of the North and South. In the article “The Impending Crisis of the South” the writer Hinton Helper said the South was in a place of dependence on the North. He backed this statement up by besides saying that the South was dependent on the North for public-service corporations. The South was acquiring points such as lucifers. shoe nog. and pictures from the North. And when you look at the resources that the Union and Confederacy had in 1861 you could state that the North was more industrialised and had manner more manufactured goods than the South. With merely this small piece of grounds you could state that this was decidedly one of the chief causes of the Civil War because it was doing the South to experience like the North was moving like a autocrat because of the more economic power the North held over the South.

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Another chief cause of the civil war was the political tensenesss between the North and the South. These tensenesss over political positions was constructing up of all time since the creative activity of the fundamental law. But one thing that decidedly made these tensenesss worse was the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. As shown in the map of the Kansas-Nebraska act it shows how the anti-slavery and pro-slavery electors had different positions and positions of if Kansas and Nebraska should be free or break one’s back provinces. But this act made affairs even worse. Based on the different ballots and positions on if the provinces should be Free provinces or break one’s back provinces the pro bondage and anti-slavery electors started to contend each other and this finally caused the event called hemorrhage Kansas. But political kept stirring up. As shown in the sketch created by Harry T. Peters it shows Preston Brookes being up senate Sumner with a cane.