Dansk Minox Case Study Essay

Problem: A/S Dansk Minox is a company based in Copenhagen. which specializes in branded vacuum-packed meat and other nutrient merchandises. Through consumer study. the company found that there was a big untapped market for a ‘Complete meal’ merchandise which included sliced porc along with a vacuum-sealed bag of ruddy chou salad. After long treatments among the selling and finance sections. the complete repast battalion was introduced at a monetary value of $ 8. 20 per battalion of 1 kilogram. It sold merely 30 dozenss as against the budgeted gross revenues of 85 dozenss. The job confronting the company is that whether it has to halt farther production of the ‘complete meal’ merchandise or set up a new consumer monetary value of $ 6. 85 per battalion. in order to hike gross revenues. Considerations and Analysis:

In order to make up one’s mind the class of action we may look at the undermentioned facts and considerations.
Consumer Price 8. 20 6. 85
Retailer Price 5. 72 4. 78
Variable Cost 3. 49 3. 41
Volume Gross saless ( in kilogram ) 30000 85000
Ad Costs 0. 3 0. 3
Impact on Net income 41. 400 90. 950

As we can see. impact on net income is higher when 85000 kilogram of complete repast is sold at $ 6. 85/kg. instead than selling 30000 kilogram at $ 8. 20/kg. Now. another point to observe is if production disbursals are to be revised to $ 1. 20/kg. so on a full cost footing. the complete repast would be. Entire unit cost ( new ) = Entire unit cost ( old ) – Production disbursals ( old ) + Production disbursals ( revised ) Entire unit cost ( new ) = 4. 64 – 0. 54 + 1. 20 = $ 5. 30

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And Profit per unit would be = Retailer monetary value – Total unit cost ( new ) = 4. 78 – 5. 30 = ( -0. 52 ) ( i. vitamin E ) there would be a loss of $ 0. 52/kg. on a full cost footing. when the ‘complete repast is sold at $ 6. 85. Decision and Recommendations:

The point to be focused here is that though the new merchandise might sell 85 dozenss at a revised monetary value of $ 6. 85 per battalion. it will incur losingss on a full cost footing. Besides it is non executable to take down the production costs any longer because. the resources of A/S Dansk Minox which were specialized for meat processing were now treating Vegetables. This is non their nucleus competence and hence they would incur more costs in executing activities that they do non specialise in. Furthermore. the demand for a individual bundle incorporating sliced porc and ruddy chou salad is itself questionable because the same battalions are besides separately available and these single battalions are of better quality because piece porc is Dansk Minox’s forte and ruddy chou salad is its competitior’s forte.

Therefore. it is recommended that Dansk Minox halt farther production of ‘complete repast ( because red salad is non its nucleus competence ) and concentrate on selling its ‘standard battalions. which are in fact holding a important encouragement in their gross revenues or the direction can look to join forces with the best ‘red chou salad doing company and together give the clients the best quality of ‘complete repast at the best monetary value. The concluding determination would nevertheless be dependent upon managerial discretion and organisational guidelines/objectives.

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