Current Issues on Philippine Education Essay Sample

1. The authorities merely spends 12percent of the national budget for instruction that is far from the suggested cut of the World Bank which is 20 % . Our finance to instruction is really far from other Asiatic states like Malaysia and Thailand.

2. Lack of well-trained instructors and schoolrooms to cut down figure of pupils.

3. Low wages of instructors.

4. The authorities is really slow in giving quality and standardised instruction to states. They instead give much clip to schools near in Manila. 5. Instructional stuffs for instructors are non plenty. Explain how a failure in one of the organ system affects the map of other organ system.

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While the Philippine’s people enjoy a high degree of literacy and the figure of schools have greatly increased. the system still has many jobs. By and large. there has been a diminution in the quality of instruction. many people still can non afford instruction. and the authorities needs to increase disbursement on instruction.

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The current tendencies of simple instruction in the Philippines have been a diminution in pupil registration. The end of cosmopolitan entree for simple instruction worldwide by the twelvemonth 2015 is at hazard of non being achieved.

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The current Philippine issue in instruction would be the deficiency of schoolrooms. books. instructors and the out of day of the month educational system for pupils.

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Demography is normally about the population of a certain state and the profile of the population. This affects instruction in the state such that when people are to many and installations are excessively little. instruction does non go a precedence. taking to smaller population educated. There is besides a inquiry on linguistic communication since Philippines is made up of different ethnicities and hence different linguistic communications. It may make educational barriers.

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