Curly’s Wife Character Analysis

3-5-11 Iyasu Watts Curley’s Wife Character Analysis What is the definition of the American Dream? Many people hope to be able to live the American Dream or perfect life but can’t. In Steinbeck’s book he shows us the harsh reality that the “American Dream” doesn’t exist. This is one of the themes that Steinbeck conveys to the readers through the creation of the character Curley’s wife.

Curley’s wife is a minor character who is brought to an untimely and tragic death. She feels like she has no real place on the farm making her feel insecure and like she has no value. She relates to the theme of defeated hope and harsh reality of the American Dream because she hates the situation in which she is in but feels as though she can’t follow her dream. In the book women are not thought highly of and have no real status.

This is the main reason Curley’s wife feels like she has no real place on the farm so she searches for a place to fit in. In the book the other characters think of Curley’s wife as being a bitch, tramp and tart. So nobody on the farm wants to befriend her or associate with her witch makes her unhappy, lonely and even more insecure. Because she is so insecure she tries to put every other character down and just makes her situation worse because nobody wants to be around her even more.

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