Culture of Copenhagen

Brief history

Kobenhavn is the capital and largest metropolis of Denmark, with a population of 640,000. Kobenhavn was founded by Bishop Absalon in the old ages 1160-1167. Serving as counselor to King Valdemar I who was the swayer at that clip, Absalon was assigned to happen a metropolis to protect all trade on the Sound ( Øresund ) . A fortress was built in Slotsholmen to protect the new metropolis and its’ remains can still be seen at Christianborg Palace where the parliament is ( Copenhagen-Portal, 2013 ) .

From 1200 to 1400, Copenhagen evolved into metropolis position from a Viking small town. This is chiefly due to its place nearing Sound which had good seaport installations. In 1443, Copenhagen was selected to be the new Danish capital, replacing Roskilde. Located right in the cardinal part, Copenhagen’s trading port, military and political Centre grew well ( Copenhagen-Portal, 2013 ) .

In 1449, Copenhagen celebrated its first enthronement as Denmark’s capital, for King Christian I. He founded the first university in Denmark- Copenhagen University in 1479. Up to day of the month, there are 8 universities in Copenhagen. Under the reign of King Christian IV, the world’s oldest amusement park- Bakken was born. The park is known to be filled with verdure and cervid that nicknamed the park to ‘The Deer Park’ ( Copenhagen-Portal, 2013 ) .

Carlsberg Brewery was founded in 1847 and is still preserved today working as a tourer site. It is now called Visit Carlsberg whereby tors are provided to give tourers an thought of how Carlsberg beers are originally made ( Fantastic Copenhagen, 2015 ) . The first motorcycle way that is separated from traffic was opened in 1910. Three old ages after that, the Little Mermaid legislative act was sculptured ( Copenhagen-Portal, 2013 ) .

After the WWII, machinery was introduced and motorcycles were kept and replaced with mopeds and cars. However, an oil crisis in the 1970’s brought back bike with runs like ‘Car Free Sundays’ and ‘Car Free Copenhagen’ ( Ruby, n.d. ) . Steping in the twenty-first century, Oresund Bridge linking Denmark and Sweden was opened in 2000.


Populating in Malaysia or Penang, the lone period I cycled the most is when I was a kid during weekends. As I grow up, I ne’er truly had the opportunity to sit a bike any longer. To acquire to anyplace, it is largely through auto or sometimes public conveyance like coach. I am fascinated by the fact that the bulk of Copenhageners prefer to transpose by motorcycle compared to trains and autos. Withbiking civilizationso prevailing, I can non wait to fall in the group of Copenhageners and rhythm around as I explore Copenhagen.

Another ground that attracted me to desire to see Copenhagen is theirimbibing civilization. It is rather hard for a individual like me who was brought up in Malaysia ( where public advertisement of any intoxicant is prohibited ) to understand how people can imbibe at any clip of the twenty-four hours for no particular occasions. As the Danish explain, imbibing is a portion of socialization. I could conceive of myself doing new ( Copenhageners ) friends with a beer in my manus when I eventually visit the metropolis.

I besides admire Copenhagen as a metropolis that ‘walk the talk’ . When be aftering for sustainable developments, the governments involved truly transport out research, program and put to death programs to accomplish their aims and marks. My perceptual experience for most programs by the governments in our state is that the programs ever sound really nice and give hope, but at the terminal of the twenty-four hours, they are ever non achieved and people finally forget about it.

Any well-developed and at the same clip,cleanmetropoliss are worth the visit. Merely think about it, the people and the authorities must hold worked together so seamlessly to be able to accomplish that. Copenhagen was rated the 6Thursdaycleanest metropoliss in universe harmonizing to Mercer Global Financial. Kobenhavn is so clean that visitants can’t aid but notice how clean it is. Copenhgen is a topographic point where I can see urban and green at the same clip. I am ardently looking frontward to hang out at their pocket park, eat their place grown organic veggies and visit rooftop plantings.

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I am a individual who love toout and aboutall the clip. Copenhagen is a topographic point where people are encouraged to be hanging out on the streets. I want to be able to see the European civilization where friends gather for a drink of java and merely chat as clip base on balls.

As a former gymnast, I had the chance to watch a unrecorded public presentation by a group of Danish gymnasts in 2005. Their fantastic public presentation have been carved in my memories of all time since- I was truly impressed by the Danish gymnasts. I have besides seen through telecasting and cyberspace to cognize that Denmark produces singular gymnasts. It would be really exciting if I couldsee some of the secondary schoolsto see how great the preparation installations are and how gymnasts are trained.

Significance of the City

I Bike Kobenhavn( mention appendix 1 )

A really common sight in Copenhagen is people siting on their bikes ( besides known as motorcycles ) even when they are dressed up in heels or suits. Harmonizing to Sustainia ( 2015 ) , 50 % of Copenhagen’s citizens commute by motorcycle to school and to work. Copenhageners do non look to trouble oneself about having a auto but can non populate without their motorcycles. Do non misidentify that motorcycles are popular because they are inexpensive. Regardless of fiscal income, they merely LOVE biking. This is proved by many centers category households who own motorcycles alternatively of autos ; more than half of the Danish Parliament members commute by motorcycle to work ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, n.d. ) .

The biking civilization is the consequence of the authorities together working with the fellow Copenhageners. Providing to the demands of safe biker paths, more than 300km of motorcycles lanes ( mention appendix 2 ) were established. There is besides intelligent traffic control system ( mention appendix 3 ) that could observe if big group of bicycler is at the intersection, and so switches it green. Bicycling did non go the most popular agencies of transit for no ground, the bulk of Copenhageners find bicycling far more convenient, healthier and faster ( Sustainia, 2015 ) . It is no uncertainty that biking is now the Copenhagen civilization with everyone from immature to old siting their motorcycles to everywhere they go. An app called ‘I Bike CPH’ ( refer appendix 4 ) was besides launched to supply Copenhagener rockerss paths and short cuts available ( iTunes, 2014 ) .

Go Green Efforts

Pocket parks- Israel Square

With non much room left to construct large Parkss and recreational countries, Copenhagen set up pocket Parkss. It refers to little urban green topographic point that is normally located next to streets. It is for people to run into up, imbibe java, read books, play athletics or even to take a interruption ( Sustainia, 2015 ) .

Rooftop Plants- ØsterGro

Operating on the rooftop of an old auto auction, is the ØsterGro undertaking seting 600metres square of organic workss. It has expanded into a existent urban roof farm, supplying plentifulness of veggies, but besides urban bees and poulets to bring forth honey and eggs. Many households in Copenhagen besides grow their ain veggies and flowers in self-watering ‘capillary boxes’ that don’t require day-to-day attention. They are placed in backyard roofs, balconies or in pavement gardens

Drinking- Carlsberg

The beer imbibing civilization has been in Denmark for coevalss and coevalss, the history hint manner back to the Vikings who self-produced ‘strong drink’ to attach to their heavy repasts ( Copenhagen-Portal, n.a. ) . Harmonizing to ( 2009 ) , Danish drink as a signifier of socialization. It is a signifier of courtesy to sit down and fall in friends for a cup of drink. However it is non to be misunderstood that they drink until a point where they are intoxicated, it is merely a portion of Danish civilization to chew the fat and imbibe at the same clip.

Carlsberg is a celebrated beer worldwide and was established 150 old ages ago. As the birth topographic point of Carlsberg, Copenhageners are proud of this widely exported drink ( Copenhagen-Portal, n.a. ) . If one were to come to Copenhagen, it is of import non to lose the original Carlsberg beer brewery/factory that is still preserved and converted to local tourer attractive force ( mention appendix 5 ) . The particular connexion of Carlsberg and Copenhagen can be seen when Carlsberg launched a drink named Copenhagen ( refer appendix 6 ) for ‘beer-haters’ . Copenhageners had the privilege to seek the drink one twelvemonth before anyone else in the universe ( Carlsberg Group, 2011 ) .

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Small Mermaid Statue

A mermaid aged more than a hundred old ages old is Denmark’s and Copenhagen’s Signiant symbol. Sculptured in 1913, the Little Mermaid Statue was a gift by a Carlsberg beer maker to the metropolis of Copenhagen. Back in the yearss, it was a tendency to do sculpture out of historic and classical figures decorate metropolis ‘s Parkss and public countries ( Ohlsen. 2010 ) . Hence, the Little Mermaid statue was based on Hans Christian Andersen ‘s 1837 fairy-tale character who is waiting for the reaching of her prince at the seaport ( Huffington Post, 2013 ) . Every twelvemonth, the Copenhagen mermaid attracts 75 % of the city’s visitants to come see her ( Ohlsen. 2010 ) .

Bakken Amusement Park

The universe oldest amusement park is located merely 10 proceedingss outside of Copenhagen. Built since 1583, the 431-year old amusement park offers wonderful green country with merriment drives ( Fantastic Copenhagen, 2015 ) . Every Danish knows Bakken and it had been a steadfast front-runner with the people of Copenhagen for centuries. Young twosomes, senior citizens or households flock the park during summer to see amusements, eating houses, saloons and bars with amusement and unrecorded music in verdure. Due to its historic value and alone location, large trade names are disallowed operate at Bakken and neon marks are banned. Although popular with the locals, many foreign visitants still are incognizant of this amusement park which offers a glance of verdure, historic elements together with merriment and thrilling drives ( Baken, n.d. ) .

Cultural & A ; Culture Values ( compare Eastern & A ; Western values by mentioning existent illustrations )

Power Distance

Harmonizing to The Hofstede Centre ( 2015 ) , the power distance is really low compared to other states. Many aliens in Denmark express: Danes do non take, they coach and employee liberty is required The Hofstede Centre ( 2015 ) . In Malaysia, power distance is really high. Subordinates are expected to follow what their higher-ups say without oppugning them. Danes who hold strongly to be rights deconcentrate powers and esteem among colleagues is of import. Malaysia do non look to rehearse this, the regard are more nonreversible to bottom-up instead than holding up-bottom every bit good.


Denmark is a state considered a Feminine society. This means that Danish people value life/work balance and advocates inclusiveness. Directors in Denmark are normally supportive to his people. Decisions are made when all are involved to discourse foremost. They are besides goof negotiant and compromiser as struggles are discussed until consensus has been reached.

Compared to the Danes, Malaysians do non put high value on life/work balance. This can be seen when many Malayan employees work overtime and work on weekends while kicking they do non hold clip for household and friends. When doing determinations, directors and higher-ups are normally the 1s who make the call. Employees’ sentiment is non extremely valued or appreciated, the norm is to ‘follow what the foreman wants’ so to non pique him/her.

Uncertainty Avoidance

Danish are low when it comes to uncertainness turning away. They do non necessitate a everyday or well-planned-ahead work life. The Danes trade good with sudden alteration and start up of new things. For illustration, plans can alter overnight even it was already discussed decently. Curiosity is about their 2nd nature as they are encouraged to be so since immature. This is besides one of the ground why Denmark is able to maintain coming up more invention.

A different scenario can be seen in Malaysia. The uncertainness turning away is really high and taking hazard is frequently a large no-no. For illustration, when pupils prepare their work, they would follow precisely like how the coach wants. They seldom or frequently ne’er have thought of making something outside the box as they perceive it as a high hazard. Their coach may reject their work wholly.

Adhere to regulations

In Denmark, regulations are ever followed purely. It is about impossible to see person interrupting regulations in public as it is a societal norm that all regulations are to be followed. For illustration, when there is a mark stating no litter, there is truly no litter to be found. The Danish are much disciplined that they even recycle harmonizing to the different bins provided. It becomes their duty and they take it upon themselves to maintain their metropolis or county clean.

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What’s go oning in Malaysia seems like the entire antonym. Majority of Malaysians do non value regulations at all. It is as if regulations as set to be broken sort of mentality. For illustration, at route junctions, automobilists will ever seek their best to crush the ruddy dark. Litter can be found everyplace in the streets irrespective whether there are marks of litter mulcts or non.

Homogeneous Society

Another major difference of Denmark and Malaysia is the races life in the state. In Denmark, it is a homogeneous society where everybody is treated as equal. In Malaysia, we are a multi-racial state with Malays as the bulk. As the indigens, they get particular privileges that can non be questioned. The impact in Denmark is that more people are satisfied and unified when the society is homogeneous and equality can be seen and experienced. While in Malaysia, integrity are vulnerable as other races are unhappy with the unequal interventions and particular rights given merely to the major race of the state.

Social welfare

Last but non least, the public assistance system is superb in Denmark where the needy can acquire financess from the authorities. Tax is really high and working citizens pay about half of their wage that contribute to the public assistance financess. Even so, they willingly pay these revenue enhancements as they know that finally that money will travel into the development of the metropolis, conveying a better quality of life for them. For illustration, there is free motorcycles along the metropolis that Copenhageners can sit. There is besides green library where Copenhageners can freely transport out their research surveies.

Malaysians do non see revenue enhancement in the same manner. Recently GST was launched in April and many of Malaysians criticised and complained about it. Many did non see it profiting the state but are discerning whether the revenue enhancements collected will be utilized sagely. Therefore, public assistance is limited and frequently non accessible to each and everyone in Malaysia.


In my sentiment, Copenhagen is a really great state. It is complete as every facet has been taken attention of. From being clean and sustainable, to being equal and respectful for every person, Copenhagen no uncertainty is the metropolis that I want to go to.

Besides, sing Copenhagen will open my head and give me more cognition of the Norse state. I am able to be exposed to how the authorities strategically direction the metropolis so it is ever clean and organized. In the first clip of my life, I would really be walking or bicycling around the streets experiencing really safe without worrying that person may come and snap my bag.

Furthermore, the phenomena of more than 3000 people bicycling on the route regardless of their societal position is merely excessively magnetizing. It will look as if there is a motorcycle race when they are merely ordinary Copenhageners who are going to work or school.

In add-on, as a foreign visitant, I know that the locals will non know apart or be unfriendly as they treat everyone every bit. Not merely the people will be friendly to me, the location will every bit good. This is because all the attractive forces in Copenhagen are fundamentally approachable by merely walking. If non, I can merely take a free lease motorcycle and research the metropolis as I like.

The work/life balance is extremely valued and strong for Copenhageners, doing them really satisfied with their lives. Satisfied people frequently live a really happy life and I long to be able to acquire to cognize these Copenhageners. It is no admiration that Copenhagen was voted as the happiest state to populate in for the twelvemonth 2012.