Cultural Integration Experiences Of Migrants Social Work Essay


Recent old ages have seen an addition in the figure of migrator in Ireland, Ireland has become so diversified, there are different nationalities and races that now live in Ireland for one ground or the other.

In modern Ireland, There are Africans, African Americans, white Americans, Asians, Chinese, Europeans, Latinos and so on now represented in Ireland. There are besides different cultural groups like, the Albenia, Iraq, Spanish, Canadian, Ethiopians, Russian, Moroccans and so on. All these people have decided to do Ireland their place for different grounds some are occupation searchers, some refugees, some Asylum searchers, some pupils and so on.

All these migrators have their ain civilizations, material civilizations and besides inmaterial civilizations. They have different norms, values and so on which means a batch to them which most of the clip, they find really hard to allow travel. In respects of these, Irish civilization has besides been a portion of their life.

A society is seldom culturally uniformed, this makes society an interesting topographic point, there are many ways of life in one society ( cultural diverseness ) . Cultural diverseness makes a society interesting but more complex to understand as society develops, different civilizations and traditions appear. Most migratory nevertheless, love to keep on to their ain beliefs and traditions whether we accept it or non which sometimes lead to an in -cohesive society and an in- cohesive society is an unstable society.

To hold a stable society hence, the authorities of Ireland thought incorporating migrator in different ways particularly incorporating them culturally will assist, integrating helps to understand cultural differences and beliefs that bring a more cohesive society and a more cohesive society will constantly help a states economic productiveness and public presentation.

The importance of integrating in a diversify society can non be overemphasized, its importance is good to the state both nationally and internationally as it has been noted that while people integrate easy in so many others ways, they find it more hard to incorporate culturally this is non to state they do non incorporate at all culturally.

This research nevertheless, purposes at look intoing and understanding issues of cultural integrating amongst members of a society utilizing community in Clonee Dublin 15 as a instance survey. In Clonee there are tonss of cultural minorities. The research aims at acquiring a greater thought on what promotes and debar integrating particularly as it is believed that there is small integrating of migrators in Ireland. The research will further desire to cognize what Irish and immigrant comprehends as integrating in their community and if there is small or entire integrating amongst migrator and natives in the community.

Furthermore, the research will desire to happen out how regularly migrators take part in different maps, activities or chances available for integrating in their community and what factors and issues hinders migrators as being portion of a community. The research worker wants to get different sentiment from different nationalities in the community on integrating issues and will make this by look intoing how integrating affects migrators, their households and community as a whole and besides explore challenges faced by migrator on a day-to-day footing.

The research will eventually look into if there are policies available to back up migrator ‘s integrating, if these policies are implemented, and how does it guarantee a cohesive society.

A qualitative method of research will be usage for this research, the method of informations analysis will be usage in carry oning Interviews with people to understand the manner of life of migrators their beliefs, attitudes and values.


Ireland has become a diversified society that consists of different nationalities, different race, with different cultural norms, beliefs and so on. From statistics, the figure of immigrant in Ireland has increased significantly in the last old ages ( Central statistics office ( CSO ) , 2011 ) .

Peoples have migrated to Ireland due to different grounds ; different legal position, refuge searchers, programme refugee, migratory worker, and besides different fortunes for illustration international pupil, Irish born kid, partner of person working for a multi-national corporation and so on. ( Faning and Rush 2006, P.95 )

In Ireland it is a common premise that there is small or no integrating of migrators in their community. This research is based on apprehension and look intoing the issues environing migratory integrating in their community and to look into the experiences migrant have in their community. To cognize to what extent migrator integrate in their community, do they incorporate to the full or partly, what factors helps them incorporate to the full, and what factors hinder them from incorporating in their community.

Present Ireland, is rich in civilizations with people from different races ( Europeans, Africans, African Americans, White Americans, Asians, Chinese, Latinos ) , cultural groups ( Albernian, Spanish, Iraq, Nigerian, Canadian, Ethiopian, Russian, Moroccans etc ) and cultures that all live together.

It has been observed by different people that due to huge differences across nationalities and within cultural and cultural groups, people tend to of course desire to consort with members of their ain national beginning. For illustration, Africans who have settled in Ireland feel they are portion of an ‘African Community ‘ ( Faning and Rush 2006 P.95 ) for illustration we have some communities like, the Ghanaians community, Rwandans community and so on. It has besides been observe that some migrator and even the kids raised here see themselves to be African -Irish and wants to tie in themselves with people from their African beginning

Having said that who so are migrators? Migrants are individuals who live temporarily or for good in a state where he or she was non born, and has acquired some important societal ties to this state. ( United Nations Non-Governmental Liason Service, 2002 )

The research worker will desire to cognize if migrators maintain their civilization or allow travel of their civilization since they arrive in Ireland as it is a common believe that people are proud of their civilization and happen it hard to allow travel and besides to cognize if there are tonss of chance for migrators to incorporate into their community.

Irish authorities recognises the fact that Ireland has become a diverse society, they recognise the importance of coherence and stableness in the state and so they have strived to guarantee integrating amongst migrators and Irish ( The Department of Justice and Equality 2011 ) . They have developed different policies to protect the migrators and the minority, but despite their attempt there is still premise that there is small or no integrating amongst migrator and natives.

What is integrating? Integration is the ability to take part to the extent that the individual demands and wants in all the major constituent of society is met without holding to release his or her ain cultural individuality ( Faning 2002, P.107 ) . From the sociological position integrating is regarded as a quality of a societal system. Integration is referred to as a society which is made up of member groups or single that are socially combined and that relates with one another. ( Entzinger and Biezeveld, 2003 ) .

Furthermore, cultural integrating, cultural integrating is the association that exists between different cultural backgrounds that enables people learn about stuff and in- stuff civilization. It besides a procedure where people accept or reject the procedure of alteration which is known as globalization nevertheless people need to continue their ain individuality ( Zwingle, 1999 ) .

Cultural integrating requires that civilization of each immigrant group is described in footings of its constituents and so compared to the host state. ( Hagendoorn et al 2003, p.3 )

Barton, ( 1989 ) says integrating is controversial because it tends to open emotions and feelings which can do hurting and troubles and can raise concerns. Harmonizing to Larkin ( 2009 ) , integrating helps to supply moral and emotional support to households from other civilizations and it helps include them to entree resources in the community.

There are tonss of ways by which the community could assist ease a cohesive environment for people populating in the community for illustration the study in U.K by Ipos MORI ( 2007 ) shows that migrators involvement and communicating between groups has supported integrating. For illustration English linguistic communication programmes organised for migrators has helped construct a cohesive community. ( cited in Somerville, 2011 )

The principle behind this research subject is to look into the issues of integrating amongst communities in Ireland utilizing Clonee a community in Dublin as a instance survey. To cognize if migratory integrate or make non incorporate in their community in Ireland. To determine and derive consciousness into why migrators integrate and why they do non incorporate. In add-on, it aims at cognizing the positions of the occupants in Clonee community in Blanchardstown on integrating issues, besides to cognize, what the authorities has done to assist do migratory integrate good in their community.

It was thought that it is an appropriate research subject in societal attention as it is a relevant issue that affects people in Ireland. Social attention workers are expected to work with migrators and it is of import for them to understand issues around cultural integrating. The research worker is a migrator in Ireland who besides has kids who are Irish by birth, from talking with other immigrant like herself, she understand that in every bit much as migratory wants to incorporate culturally, they still prefer to retain some facet of their ain civilization for illustration, the importance of regard for seniors, that seniors can non be called by their first name by person younger than him/her.

The research worker is really much informed and passionate about the research. As a migrator, she knows what is traveling on amongst migrator ‘s community and truly loves to see more integrating amongst members of communities in Ireland. This enthusiasm and general involvement she thought would assist in the success of the research as it will hold a positive consequence on the sum of participants that will be willing to acquire involve and the quality of information that will be gathered throughout the survey.

The subject is besides relevant to societal attention, in this diverse society societal attention practician in whatever field they choose to work will acquire in contact and work with immigrant and indigene households in one manner or the other besides a societal attention worker will necessitate to understand migrators civilization, their demands and challenges that migratory households are confronting particularly in relation to integrating as it is indispensable for all societal attention practicians to back up migrators in their community so that they can set to their new community. Migrants need to be socially included in their community in order to ease integrating.

Literature Review

Cultural integrating is the association that exists between different cultural backgrounds that enables people learn about stuff and in- stuff civilization. It is besides a procedure where people accept or reject the procedure of alteration due to globalization. Harmonizing to Zwingle, ( 1999 ) people need to continue their ain individuality nevertheless, migrators find it really hard to equilibrate and keep their ain state of origin civilization and faith with their host state. Cultural integrating requires that civilization of each immigrant group is described in footings of its constituents and so compared to the host state. ( Hagendoorn et al 2003, p.3 ) .

The purpose of this research is to understand and look into the cultural integrating issues amongst migrators in Clonee, a community in Dublin 15, under the Fingal county council. The population of Fingal county council as at nose count 2006 is about 240,000 people and 40,000 are people of cultural minority ( fingal Ethnic Network, 2006 ) .

Ireland has become a multiethnic society, it has been transformed from a state historically characterised as one of out-migration to one of noteworthy in-migration in the past two decennaries. Harmonizing to the 2002 nose count, ‘non-nationals accounted for more than seven per centum of the population ( fanning and Pierce, 2004:3 cited in fanning and Rush 2006 p.94 )

Ireland has become a multicultural society since the mid 1990 ‘s, multiculturalism is a term that is employed in a figure of ways which refers to a scope of thoughts and patterns that relate to recognitions of and responses to societal diverseness ( Faning 2002, p.179 ) . “ Multiculturalism is deeply debatable where the affording of differential rights to groups within society remains acceptable ” ( Fanning, 2002, p.194-195 ) . Peoples have migrated to Ireland due to different grounds ; for different legal position, refuge seeking, programme refugees, migratory workers, and different fortunes for illustration international pupils, Irish born kid, partner of person working for a multi-national corporation and so on. ( Faning and Rush 2006, P.95 ) Present Ireland is rich in civilizations with people from different races and civilizations populating together.

In Ireland soon, there is an premise that migrators do n’t incorporate, particularly integrate culturally with the Irish society. Migrants still hold on to their cultural believes, they find it truly hard to allow travel for one ground or the other, ‘people are proud of their civilization ‘ even if they have lived in Ireland for long clip. However, Entzinger and Biezeveld, ( 2003 ) states that it is normal for most migratory life in a state to culturally place themselves with their original nationality, even if they regard state of abode as their place.

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Although in Ireland, there has been racism and favoritism of migrator in the yesteryear, the authorities of Ireland has tried in so many ways to battle this, for illustration, a national advisory commission on racism and interculturalism was set up by the curate of Justice, Equality and jurisprudence reform in July 1998 to develop programmes aim at developing an integrated attack to battle racism and favoritism and to back up interculturalism. One of the programme which the commission came up with was ‘True Colours ‘ enterprise which was a two hebdomad event which focuses on the inclusion of refugee and refuge searchers, people of coloring material and cultural minorities into the society ( House of Oireachtas, 2007 ) .

The intercession of the section of justness and jurisprudence reform in 1999 besides addressed the issue of incorporating migrator which acknowledges that integrating is a two manner procedure and that migrator, Irish people and the province have responsibilities and duty to make a more inclusive society ( House of Oireachtas 2007 )

Integration of migrators requires a willingness to accommodate to the life style of Irish society without abandoning one ‘s ain cultural individuality. Entzinger and Biezeveld, ( 2003 ) acknowledged this earlier. When people migrate they take their civilization with them. Migrants have different civilizations and these civilizations are difficult to allow travel even when they are in other states. For illustration in Ireland, Irish people traveling out to pub to socialize, their faith is chiefly Catholic, they love to observe St. Partrick ‘s twenty-four hours, they associates green coloring material with white clover or leprechaun, while other civilizations have different actions and behavior and these action mean a batch to their individuality. Cultures are hard to allow travel, it is the manner of life of people ( Tovey and portion, 2003 ) . However, there are differences in the civilization and individuality of migrators. They identify themselves otherwise around nationality and cultural associations which make the procedure of the preparation of community ill-defined illustration a group of people who emigrated from Africa would place themselves as an African community, a kid raised in Ireland might prefer to be known as an |African Irish. Some people might prefer to be identified by certain footings based on their experience and the state of affairs they find themselves ( Faning and Rush, 2006 ) . It is impossible for person who migrated to Ireland to move precisely like an native of Ireland. For illustration in Ireland, Language and faith are the most of import cultural property which people find really hard to allow travel of and Ireland besides stresses the importance of migrator retaining their civilization and spiritual heritage as they believe everyone has the right to retain their individuality as it makes them experience more at place ( Entzinger and Biezeveld 2003 )

In the universe, there are tonss of cultural groups and different cultural group protect their ain civilization, history and imposts ( Macionis and Plummer, 2008 ) . There are five major constituents of civilization: symbols, linguistic communication, values, norms and material civilization. Symbols are anything that carries a peculiar significance recognised by people who portion civilizations. ( Macionis and Plummer 2008 P.130 ) illustrations of symbols includes a wall of graffito, a flashing ruddy visible radiation and so on. Language is a system of symbols that allows members of a society to pass on with one another. ( Macionis and Plummer 2008 P.131 ) . An illustration includes spoken and written words which vary culturally. Valuess are the criterions people have about what is good and bad, which vary from civilization to civilization ( Macionis and Plummer 2008 P.134 ) .values differ from civilization to civilization and underlines people ‘s beliefs. . Cultural values are inconsistent and sometimes contradictory. Harmonizing to the functionalist sociologist, civilization helps to incorporate members and societal groups of a society. The functionalist farther acknowledges that norms and values of a society creates societal bonds which gives stableness and coherency in the society ( Anderson and Taylor, 2006 ) .Norms are regulations and outlooks by which a society guides the behavior of its members. When people break the norms of their society it becomes a menace to the society and members of the society will be dealt with. Examples of norms include line uping, stating thank you and so on.

Harmonizing to research by Integration and societal inclusion of Ireland ( 2009 ) , migrators populating in Ireland are faced with some challenges. Populating in a new environment is hard, non to speak about life in a topographic point with no household and friends. Such challenges includes, pigeonholing and isolation, trouble in communicating due to English non being their first linguistic communication, non holding a sense of belonging to Ireland, poorness, cultural struggles, equilibrating two civilizations and unable to entree information and participate. Another issue for migratory parents is non holding paid occupations which can do it excessively hard for them to fend for their households. Poverty is an issue that migrators and refuge searchers are faced with ; Fanning, ( 2006 ) states that there are limited chances and entitlement for migrator. Community development and voluntary sectors aimed at cut downing poorness and cut downing societal exclusion were challenged for the inability to run into up with the demands of migrator. Surveies besides realised that the people who worked in most multicultural web where Irish subjects. There were no migrators or aliens which proved utmost societal exclusion ( Dublin inner metropolis Partnership 2001 cited in Fanning, 2006 ) .

The influx of people from different states coming into Ireland with different civilization, has brought about integrating, both migratory and natives particularly the authorities has realise that to populate successfully in the state integrating is of import and so the authorities in Ireland has developed policies to protect the migrators populating in Ireland and besides develop policies to guarantee integrating of the members of the state so as to hold a stable and cohesive society. They have tried in tonss of ways to emphasize the importance of migrator retaining their cultural and spiritual heritage ( Enzinger and Biezeveld, ( 2003 )

In January 2000, the curate of justness, Equality and Law Reform endorsed the study integrating: a two manner procedure. Due to racism and Discrimination, The study emphasised the demand to advance integrating of refugees and immigrants into the Irish society. In this study, integrating is define as the ability to take part to the extent that the individual demands and wants in all the major constituents of society, without holding release his or her cultural individuality. ( Faning, 2002 P.107 )

The authorities has besides developed policy aimed at advancing inclusiveness and at contending racism faced by the black and cultural minority communities in Ireland ( Faning 2002 P.108 ) . National action program against racism 2002-2008 is another scheme created by the authorities in Ireland, to advance integrating in the communities many local governments funded the program through partnership with local governments, community groups and service supplier to program, develop and implement integrating and anti racism towards working with minority groups ( The section of justness and equality 2011b ) .

There has been contentions weather Ireland is a state that promotes multiculturalism or interculturalism. Share and Tovey, 2003 provinces that a multicultural society like Australia recognises cultural diverseness and assessment of historical background of in-migration while some multicultural society like Britain sees multiculturalism as politically mediated because it emphasises on the battle of upper and lower category. Furthermore, Tovey and Share, ( 2003 ) acknowledges that Ireland promotes interculturalism.

Interculturalism means making policy ‘s that promotes integrating, understanding and interaction of different civilizations through schools, establishment and the province. Interculturalism tackles structural inequality and institutional racism. ( Share and Tovey 2003, p. ) Integration policy in Ireland is based on an intercultural attack, it gives the migrators, natives, organisations, concern and the province the rights and duties to work aboard each other ( The section of justness and equality. 2011a ) for illustration the xanthous flag programme which help supply issues of diverseness in schools to guarantee staff, pupil, parent and thee society integrate. ( Integration Ireland 2010 )

Integration and societal inclusion of Ireland ( 2009 ) , notes that migrators populating in Ireland faces a batch of challenges out of experiencing displaced in the society. It is acknowledged that some migrators suffer low ego regard because of racism and favoritism. Integration Ireland, ( 2010 ) , fanning ( 2002 ) acknowledged that migrators suffer from racism. Though policies have been created around such issues but we ca n’t conceal the fact that favoritism still exist in Ireland.

Ireland has been criticised for ill developed in-migration policies. This is because Ireland is new to in-migration issues and over the past merely few migrators lived in Ireland. Castle and Miller, 1998 stated that the experience of migrators is shaped by political relations and pattern of the society. Mac Einrin 2001 states that there is deficiency of be aftering from migrators and political issues have been hostile and prejudiced towards migrators.

With the increasing population of migrators in Ireland, Fanning and Rush ( 2006 ) critically analysed that there should be effectual development of of import policies and services and these should react adequately to the demands and degrees of societal exclusion or inequality that migrants face like for illustration, there was absence of ethnicity inquiry in the 2000 nose count which was non rectified until 2006. They added that there was a famine of accurate informations on demographic or baseline informations during the nose count. Ireland as a state has been undergoing important alterations in societal, political and institutional related issues such is the citizenship application. Not until late did Ireland hold a high velocity of naturalization applications granted. Before now, naturalization took 30 six months to be processed ( Integration Ireland 2010 ) . Minister Alan Shatter in 2011 introduced a new citizenship processing reform to cut down the figure of backlogs of applications. The new application procedure now takes six months ( Department of Justice and Equality 2011 ) .

Faning and Rush, ( 2006 ) besides acknowledged that there has been a displacement in the subjects and research of immigrants because there has been alterations in the policies and development around affairs associating to migrators. Research is now based around service commissariats, community development, instruction, condemnable justness, work, employment and societal exclusion. Formally, research would be based on refuge seeking and human right issues. So we could reason that people are taking abode and more committedness demands to increase in the country of integrating.

Some migrators have come to Ireland with no or small English linguistic communication. Migrant ‘s inability to show themselves in English has disempowered them. It causes low ego regard, inability to lend to labor force ( societal Inclusion, 2011 ) . Family struggle can originate from a parent unable to assist with the kid prep, unable to interact decently with kids ‘s friends or parents. This can do isolation of a household. Migrant who could non talk English would most of the clip depend on their kids to construe. However, the integrating and societal inclusion Ireland ( 2011 ) says learning English makes life in Ireland less nerve-racking and so socializing with Irish and doing friends becomes easy, and so chances for employment and preparation will be created. Migrant will be able to happen and acquire occupations thereby increasing their ego -esteem and dignity.

Some Migrant feel isolated because they feel they are non portion of the society as they miss households and friends who can give them a sense of belonging. Integration Ireland, ( 2010 ) acknowledge this on an interview with a pupil from Mauritius. He stated he was happy but ever felt sad returning to Ireland whenever he visited place. Migrants find it hard to keep their civilization and faith and so integration becomes so hard for them.

Findingss have shown that there are different positions to integration issues in Ireland. Some migrators feel that integrating of migrators is hard, most migratory feel really insecure in the society, so they restrict themselves in the society because of racism and favoritism. This hinders them from prosecuting in batch of programmes, and happening a occupation for such migrators is besides hard ( Integration Ireland 2010 ) . On the other manus, some migrators acknowledged that integrating in Ireland is easy as people are friendly and love socialising but they still feel more comfy in their place state.

Due to the addition in the figure of cultural minority in the fingal county council, integrating policy demand to be put in topographic point, monitored and efficaciously developed to guarantee a culturally incorporate society ( Fingal Ethnic web, 2011 ) Fingal cultural web is a programme that aid migrant integrate into the community, it encourages a forum of diverse group to talk as one, to develop coherent program and intents on contemplation of societal cultural and economic demand of migrator in the community.

Fingal Ethnic web influence, program and inform policy to promote engagement of web members and besides to larn from other peoples experience and theirs. They give feedback to and from their net work about policies and enterprises that concern migrator on a local and national degree. They have created avenue for integrating through workshops and events ( Fingal Ethnic web 2011 ) .

The Fingal county council have helped in raising consciousness on cultural integrating. There are tonss of activities put in topographic point to promote cultural integrating like given grants under the Art Act 2003 for community civilization, athleticss and festivals. Peoples show off their civilization, by dressing up, exposing nutrients, keepsakes, life music, and there are chances to inquire inquiries. The standard for this grant is that the activity most take topographic point within the Fingal county council, must excite involvement within the community, advance grasp and patterns of members of the community to guarantee it improves the quality of life of all members of the fingal county community and eventually lend positively to the cultural life of Fingal county council.

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Another programme is the young person athletics grant, which chiefly focuses on athletics for immature people in Fingal county council to guarantee people are socially and culturally included in the community. This grant is funded by the Irish athletics council through the Fingal county council. ( Fingal county council 2010 )

The office of the curate of integrating in December 2010 supported the Fingal integrating support strategy which is a strategy used to help new or established undertaking or enterprise to back up integrating under this strategy, applicant must advance, back up the integrating and engagement of migrators in the societal economic, political and cultural life of members of the Fingal county council community. The enterprise should back up legal migrator, promote duologue, interaction and understanding within members of the wider community. The enterprise should besides advance intercultural events at a local degree and must back up local labor market. For illustration, The Grantmakers concerned with in-migration and refugees, ( 2008 ) says Integration contribute to a diverse and enriched society, as society gets more cohesive as people understand cultural differences and beliefs thereby assisting the economic productiveness and public presentation


Gathering information

Information sing cultural integrating was sought from members of Clonee community in Dublin 15. A participatory in deepness interview was carried out with Parents and Guardians from different nationalities and plants of life with different civilization and educational background sing cultural integrating issues. Information was sought from four members in the community. ( A gloss, an Irish, a Congolese, a Ghanese, and a Nigeria ) . Participants were chosen from different street in clonee. The research worker had to strike hard on people ‘s door after official hours to explicate her research. Some people agreed to be portion of it and others refuse to be portion. The research worker chose people that understand a spot of English linguistic communication for easy interaction out of those who agreed to take part although the research worker made certain simple words were used to inquire the questitions and take clip to explicate footings anyone found hard to understand. The participants were approached largely at place after working hours in the comfort of their ain places to guarantee they are relaxed and comfy. The method proved a small hard because the timing was a spot awkward, it was besides nerve-racking as the research worker had to walk from one house to the other to carry on the interview. Although the informal interview was non more than 30 proceedingss for each participant it went on for about two hebdomads as traping down and acquiring entree to participant proved a small hard. Most of the participants were from Africa while the others were from Europe. There were three female participants and one male participants. The participant ‘s age scope were between 25 old ages to 45 old ages. Three of the participants were asylum searchers who now have resident license ( stomp 4 ) , one is a programme refugee ( individual admitted to Ireland under household reunion programme ) , one a migratory workers and the last participant was an Irish by birth most of these participants are professionals in different Fieldss. Participant 1 was a physician, participant 2, was a nurse, participant 3 was a societal attention worker, participant 4 was a cab driver, The research worker made certain she assures the participant of namelessness and confidentiality.


There are two chief types of research methodological analysis viz. qualitative and quantitative methodological analysis. A quantitative research is based on grounds that is factually collected through studies and questionnaires.

However, in this research, the research workers chose a qualitative research method.The research worker felt the qualitative research method is more equal and suited for the research subject at manus.

Qualitative research is based on one individual ‘s position. It is involves a many-sided attack that investigate civilizations, society and behavior through an analysis and synthesis of people ‘s words and actions. ( Hogan et al 2009, P.3 )

A qualitative research involves a scheme to ask and a series of alone stairss to analyse findings. A qualitative research effort to roll up the rich information and takes clip to garner information. Qualitataive research allows for in-depth conversation and apprehension of analysis and actions. ( Giddens, 2009 )

Harmonizing to Frankfort et Al 1996, P.281 qualitative research purposes at ‘ understanding behavior and establishments by acquiring to cognize the individuals involve, their values, rites, symbols, beliefs and emotions ‘ . And since this research is aim at look intoing the issues cultural integrating amongst migrator, it was thought this method will be appropriate as this will assist do significance to events, actions and behavior of participant. However it acknowledges subjectiveness and biasis.

A quantitative research nevertheless, is based on grounds that is factually collected through studies and questionnaires. A questionnaire on the other manus, does non let interviewer to inquire, clear up and examine a inquiry nor does it let interviewer any chance to give extra information on why participant behaved in a certain manner ( Sarantakos, 2005 ) .

The research worker nevertheless thought qualitative research method will be equal for this research. The research worker felt aggregation of information will be easier with this method as the research involves minority groups. There are different ways to carry on a qualitative research, it can be in signifier of instance surveies, observations, interviews, personal experiences, self-contemplation, focal point groups and it involves the engagement of the research worker as the instrument. ( Hogan et al 2009, p.3 )

In this research worker the research worker choose to utilize the method of interview for the research. An interview is a information aggregation administered face to face. It most of the clip allows the interviewer usage ain opinion within the frame work. In interviews, it is easy for the interviewer to cognize if the participant understand the inquiries. ( Mc Donald, 2009 ) the interviews can inquire participant to explain their replies An interview depending on the figure of participants takes a batch of clip ( McNeill, 1990 ) . Although interview generates rich, in depth information from participant and provides a broader apprehension of societal research, it besides has its ain disadvantages ; it can merely affect a little figure of people and group. Interview besides can be hard to construe its success depends on the interview accomplishments possess by the research worker ; a research worker must hold good, proper and right accomplishment to derive assurance while carry oning the interview. Furthermore sometimes the research worker tend to do their ain decision ( Giddens, Duncier and appelbaum, 2007 ) .

There are three different method of interview, a structured interview, a semi structured interview and an unstructured interview. ( Fontana and frey,1940 ) .

The research worker chose a semi-structured interview in transporting out this research, so as to be able to examine participants, the research worker uses a set of subject usher to examine inquiries to acquire responses ; look into into emotions and feelings of participant. Semi- structured interview allows replies to be probed so as to clear up replies and seek apprehension to the responses of participant ( McDonald, 2009 ) .

A semi- structured interview method was used besides to research participant sentiment on the capable affair exhaustively normally a semi structured interview is used to inquire inquiry to look into people ‘s emotions and feelings so as to clear up replies and seek apprehension to participant replies. ( McDonald, 2009 )

Using the semi -structured interview, a face to confront interview method, the research worker will be able to look into the verbal and non-verbal responses of participant, attitudes and behavior of participant can besides be studied.

While carry oning the interview, the research worker once more assured the participant that all findings will be left as it is no portion will be taken out from or added to.

Ethical consideration

When carry oning a research confidentiality is of import. Participant involve in the research were assured of the confidentiality of their responses and besides assured of their namelessness. Harmonizing to McDonald 2009, namelessness and confidentiality must be assured when carry oning interviews. The research worker got consent from participant by doing certain the participants read and signed the consent signifier. The research worker farther emphasis that engagement is voluntary and participant are free to retreat at any phase of the research participant were besides inform they are free to go forth out any question/questions they feel they are non comfy with, the research worker made certain participant are non ask taking inquiries, so participant will be free to give an honest reply, cipher was persuaded or coerced into take parting and no 1 was taken advantage of or manipulated to the research workers research terminal. The research worker assured the participant that all findings and analysis will be stored in the college achieve as it will be use merely for academic intent and that no authorities organic structure or bureau will print it.

While carry oning this research, the research worker made certain she did non propose or show blessing or disapproval to the reply given throughout the interview. A research worker demand to do certain that inquiries asked do non bias the responses given and the inquiries are non prima inquiries. Effort was made to determine inquiries asked are non limited in the scope that participant are forced to give response that does non fit their positions which can render the research shut-in as if the words used in the research were equivocal, participant might be given to interprete it otherwise and this will stop up bring forthing an undependable findings. ( McCormack and Hill 1997 ) .

The research worker was sensitive to organic structure linguistic communication, tone of voice and gestures of all participants.

The research worker made certain, the environment was free from noise, distraction and break ( McDonald,2009 ) .


The participant involve in the research were approached at place after working hours, after they have given their consent to take part in the research. However, this method proved a spot awkward and besides nerve-racking as the research worker had to walk from house to house to carry on the interview.

The research worker nevertheless, took clip to depict the research intent to participant once more and so the willing participants were interviewed after they had given their consent.

The participants were told they could inquire inquiry at any phase of the interview and clear replies will be given to them.

The research inquiries were drafted utilizing really simple vocabularies so all participant can understand and footings were explicitly explained to participant.

The research was carried out for two hebdomads in order to derive entree to participant because of their ain agenda.

Data processing was ongoing throughout the interview Sessionss, as it allows for reading of the findings by the research worker. Data processing is of import for organizing, construing and doing significance of a research ( McNeill, 1990 ) .


This chapter would measure the findings utilizing a thematic analysis, it will besides place experiences of migrator ‘s integrating in the community. The subjects of the findings will follow.

Experiences and individuality of migratory life in clonee community.

When participant were asked how they found populating in Ireland and if they felt portion of their community there were assorted feelings. The participants highlighted some concerns of racism, stereotypes and attitude jobs. Participants highlighted some concerns of racism, stereotypes and attitude jobs. Participant A says: ‘ accommodating to a different environment peculiarly Ireland is rather hard compared to other states ‘ other participant acknowledges differences in civilization, orientation and climatic environment. Most participant says it is all right life in Ireland when you have nice people populating around you. Participant B said ‘ most people do n’t associate to you, possibly because am from a different nationality ‘ when asked if they could place themselves with their community most people did non give unfastened to replying, the research worker noticed that participant were non reacting adequately.

How migratory maintain their cultural individuality in a diverse society.

Participant emphasize on the importance of household and their civilization. Participant C says her civilization is something she cherishes a batch and she tries to advance it her place by learning her kids the linguistic communication, how to act in the populace, regard for seniors and so on and she makes certain her household on a regular basis worship in the church. She besides added that ‘your civilization says who you are ‘ she says while she acknowledges her kids ‘s double civilization she still enforce her ain civilization on the kids. There are similarities amongst all participant responses, most participants says they cherish their civilization and found equilibrating both civilizations disputing. Participant A ‘says there are confusion when seeking to equilibrate both civilization ( her civilization and Irish civilization ) and her kids ne’er stops inquiring inquirings about why they have to make certain things in certain manner peculiarly her older kids.

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Challenges immigrant face in their community and integrating issues.

Participant B said ‘in every bit much as I want to take part, i get scared of been justice by people who do n’t cognize me ‘ and am certain most migratory feel the same manner, there is so much stereotype and favoritism ‘ participant B says Irish people present themselves to be nice and friendly its non until you meet them that you really happen this portion of them but one see myself every bit incorporating as one attend college, work and easy accommodate to every state of affairs in the state.

Participant A says she feels she can non show herself the manner she would hold love to particularly at her work topographic point as she feels underrated and unacceptable by many though she does non desire to be bothered, she still find it acquiring to her.

Participant C says ‘the experiences I have as a migrator, about torment and anti societal behavior of young person on my immature kids made me it hard for me to incorporate or let my kids to ‘ .

Some participant says if you notice, migratory rapidly falls to the underside of the societal ladder, they find it hard to acquire occupation that matches their making so there is small chance for them to incorporate.

Awareness of integrating Policies

When participants were asked about policies and administrations they are cognizant of that supports integrating of migrator, most of the participant says they do non cognize of any policies. It was gathered that participant were surprised that there was governmental policies that protected migrators in the state

Participant A says ‘ I merely know of association for migrators where they support migratory with any issues trouble oneselfing them and I know people go every Saturday to run into the TD to show any concerns or concern they have.

Migrants chance for integrating in their community.

Most participants say they believe there are chances but they merely are non bothered. Participant A says her kids sometimes engage in activities in the community like the young person nine organised by the Fingal county council. But she stated that she would one time in a piece confab with neighbors but have small or no clip apart from traveling to church on Sunday.

Participant C says I do n’t cognize of any chances for integrating. Some participant mentioned there is no consciousness for members of the migrator community about integrating. other participants are cognizant of chances for integrating but emphasised that they were busy making other of import things. The research worker gathered that participants were wary about replying these inquiries.

Volunteering and engagement of migrator in their community

When participant were asked if they participate in their local community, they said no, when asked further, they said they were non able to take part in their community because of deficiency of information, hapless entree to services, the linguistic communication trouble they encounter, their low wage, deficiency of credence by local people, deficiency of community and cultural differences. Participant B stated that “ I could volunteer and could be an active member of the community but am normally revolved around household and hold less clip to volunteer or acquire to cognize others ” participant C stated that “ even when you participate, people might still judge you out at that place. Stereotypes in the community does non promote people to take portion in countries of involvement merely because of the fright been judged.


The findings from this research will be presented in this chapter. The analysis will seek to research, measure and place experiences of migrator ‘s cultural integrating in the community.

Sociologist admit that civilization helps to incorporate members and societal groups of a society. The norms and values of a society create societal bonds and it provides stableness and coherency in the society ( Andersen and Taylor, 2006 ) However, Tovey and portion, ( 2003 ) acknowledges that it is impossible for person originally outside Ireland to act Irish in a perfect mode.

A figure of issues and concerns have emerged from the findings of the research on why migrators do n’t incorporate culturally they include ; Stereotyping and isolation, English as a barrier, deficiency of consciousness of policies that supported integrating, engagement and cultural struggle.

Participants that were interviewed were non cognizant of authorities policies around integrating though they admit there are administrations that helped migrators work out issues of concerns. This is apparent as Irish authorities recognises the fact that Ireland has become a diverse society, they recognise the importance of coherence and stableness in the state and so they have strived to guarantee integrating amongst migrators and Irish. They have developed different policies to protect the migrators and the minority ( Fanning and Rush,2006 ) , but despite their attempt there is still premise that there is small or no integrating amongst migrator and natives. More demands to be done in this country as migrators need to be supported, educated which includes available services and bureaus ( Pecoraro, 2012 )

From the interview conducted tonss of participant seems to hold a non-chalant attitude to take parting in their community socially. Participant used limited words to show themselves in inquiries they found emotional. Barton, 1989 says integrating is controversial because it tends to open emotions and feelings which can do hurting and troubles and can raise concerns.

From the findings, the research worker gathered that stereotypes in the society is the paramount ground why participants do n’t incorporate. Participants feel there is much stereotyping in the community and so this hinders them from incorporating. Many people experience racism and favoritism particularly the immature people, grownup are afraid for their kids as they do n’t experience safe leting their kids relate with Irish kids. Harmonizing to integrating and societal inclusion Ireland ( 2011 ) , the most ambitious state of affairs suffered by migrators was racism and favoritism experienced by immature people and grownups. Some migrators feel that integrating of migrators is hard, most migratory feel really insecure in the society, so they restrict themselves in the society because of racism and favoritism. This hinders them from prosecuting in batch of programmes, and happening a occupation for such migrators is besides hard ( integrating Ireland 2010 ) .

From the interview conducted it was noted that no affair how long migratory have stayed in Ireland they still have strong cultural tie to their state of beginning, most participant says they still stick to their civilization even in Ireland. Participants acknowledge they attend the type of churches they would usually go to in their ain state, eat their ain national dishes, visit people from their ain civilization and they enjoy sharing thoughts and experience. Entzinger and Biezeveld, ( 2003 ) states that most migratory life in a state would culturally place themselves with their original nationality, even if they regard state of abode as their place.

From the research some people feel the two civilizations do n’t associate, and so they are non willing to incorporate for illustration a participant says ‘some people are non willing to take part. It is non merely go oning and the ground for this is non known ‘ .

With all the policies the authorities of Ireland has put in topographic point, it is flooring to gain that those interviewed are non cognizant of the support systems and administration that are in topographic point. Hofmann-Nowonty ( 1970 ) says the authorities can better integrating by increasing societal engagement of migrator at an institutional degree and besides to culturally value the orientation and designation of migrator.

The issue of non belonging to the community was discussed and this reflected migrators misses place greatly, migratory says there is small volunteering in the community as things are done otherwise compared to their place state. The lone manner they engage in the community is by making their shopping in the community, utilizing community installations, traveling to parks, traveling to library and leisure Centres apart from this most big stayed indoors or are busy at work, they do non associate with most Irish in the community.

Some of the participant interviewed says it would hold been lovely if Irish people can larn from their civilization, they should seek to cognize how and why they do certain things, Irish people should larn about migratory cultural values and the importance of their household values. Culture is non a biological heritage, it is acquired but it is the sum sum of incorporate behavior form, it is the innovation of adult male for the fulfillment of Social demands ( Pandey and Upadhyey 1993, P.347 ) .

Decision and Recommendation

All states in the universe have different people from different civilizations, the universe has become a planetary small town where people emigrate and immigrate mundane. This is due to globalization. Peoples leave their national state for assorted grounds. Ireland has grown culturally since the late 1990 ‘s. Irish society has coped with the figure of migrators by developing constabularies to protect migrators. Intercultural constabularies have been created to guarantee that migrators are portion of the society, to guarantee they are non excluded and to battle racism and favoritism. Policies have been formed on a national and local degree, at work, at schools and in the community. Ireland has learnt from other states to cover with challenges that migrators face so as to hold a good incorporate society. This was apparent in research as Ireland is new to in-migration issues and most experiences were gained from other states. Ireland acknowledged betterments and more demands to be done in relation to in-migration issues.

Integration is of import and honoring to every multicultural society. It is of import in constructing a cohesive society and a cohesive society leads to a stabilized state where everyone is treated every bit, respected, appreciated for who they are. Recognizing the diverse nature of our community and esteeming it will help coherence. When everyone sees themselves as an indispensable member of a society, they will hold a common vision and have a sense of belonging to the community

Although migrators are happy to be in Ireland but they are still so witting of the forfeits they have made to stay in Ireland. Most have lost the fond regard to household, friendly relationship, love and their community this is adequate injury for them and they are non happy about the response they get most of the clip. On different occasions they can tell tonss of troubles and defeats they face. This is non to state they do non appreciate the support of the authorities for them to stay in Ireland but more demands to be done.

Migrants should be included in doing constabularies in affairs that affect them so as to do alteration efficaciously driven. The Irish Government should guarantee all programmes that are put in topographic point is efficaciously run by doing certain leader are committed to the programme and there is good planning and direction to guarantee sustainability of programmes and eventually making certain people engage more in their community as this is the indispensable portion.

It is advisable that the province, the community sector and the authorities at big should go on to promote cultural integrating so as to construct a hereafter for the coming coevals. The diverseness of people ‘s backgrounds and fortunes should be appreciated and positively valued. In add-on, strong and positive relationship should be developed from people of different cultural beginning and fortunes everyplace, both at the work topographic point, in schools and in the vicinity.

In order to make comfort and look of migratory accent should be placed on English literacy so they can incorporate and be accepted as portion of Irish society this can assist make positive feedback and more community engagement

It is nevertheless of import that members of the community regard and enables the look of civilization and individuality of immigrant so as to avoid migratory insulating themselves, , dividing themselves and going extremist in everything they do to keep their civilization. It should be encouraged that migrators should guarantee they find information that matters to them, larn about the regulations of Irish society, and guarantee they volunteer to be portion of the community. All these aid integrating. Integration brings a cohesive society. It creates stableness and members of the community could lend financially to the economic system.

Community engagement should supervise, program and observe a diverse society. A cultural diverse society should be a happy a stable society. This is why we need trained community support workers to guarantee migrators have the chance to populate good life.

Although households love to accomplish success in Ireland, they still can non allow travel of their African individuality, some that love to mix and embroil hold had bad experiences and so prefer to associate with household and friends who lives in the state and particularly their community.

Ireland will certainly be a great topographic point to populate if people, both Irish by birth and immigrant accepts that immigrants populating in Ireland are multi -culture.