Critically engage in academic reading Essay Sample

The intent of this assignment is to learn you how to read an article and to critically prosecute in academic reading and reflecting on the stuff in an academic mode by replying the short paragraphs assigned. When taging the assignment. hapless linguistic communication look will be penalized. Examples of hapless linguistic communication look scope from inexplicable to hardly literate vocabulary and sentence forms. serious mistakes in sentence construction. linguistic communication enunciation. spelling. punctuation and so on.

Education at hamlets

In traditional life. day-care Centres for kids or child-minders were unknown. When female parent. male parent and the remainder of the grownup members of the household went to the Fieldss and the remainder took their farm animal out to crop. the kids were minded by the old work forces and adult females who were portion of the household. Then schooling became a major activity in a child’s life. If a kid did non go to school. he or she was jeered at and called jeeringly “matshaba sekolo” – school fox. Even diehards who went to circumcision school came back to restart their formal surveies. The school. hence. became a sort of 2nd place. a child-minder. ( Mphahlele. Big shoe. Small pes. Separate 1. Eskia Mphahlele. June 1989 )

The present fiasco about the instruction system in South Africa has reached dismaying proportions. There are excessively many systemic jobs. runing from maladministration. hapless service bringing. the deficiency of installations in some countries of the state to shocking matric criterions of base on balls per centums. Numeracy and Literacy trials have placed the state behind many less developed states in Africa. yet South Africa has the strongest economic system in the continent. Politicians continue to fault the yesteryear. Decades of apartheid and colonialism ensured that the bulk of people in this state could non hold entree to quality instruction. Not so long ago a senior politician blamed Hendrik Verwoerd for the failure in instruction. Hendrik Verwoerd was the main designer of apartheid. He was assassinated in 1966 but the effects of his political orientation still stalk us.

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Education has become a agency of hiting political points at the disbursal of the multitudes. The current authorities in South Africa would wish to show a positive image through accomplishing high per centum rates in secondary schools’ overall statistics at the terminal of each twelvemonth. In January of each twelvemonth. the Minister of Education holds imperativeness conferences and celebrates the success of yet another twelvemonth. Recent base on balls rates have been in the part of 75 % . These statistics have drawn crisp unfavorable judgment. Students seemingly need merely between 30 % and 40 % in four topics to go through. Many see this as a lowering of criterions.

If the base on balls per centum were increased to an norm of 50 % . a figure that is by and large accepted as a cosmopolitan base on balls per centum. this would drop the national matric base on balls rate significantly. The current authorities would be deemed a failure. In order to appeal to the multitudes. the authorities is keeping the state to redeem. This raises concerns about criterions. equity and dependability. all cardinal rules of appraisals. Those who defend the present 30 % base on balls grade are speedy to indicate to similar tendencies during the apartheid old ages. It is said that the base on balls grade was around 25 % . This shows that instruction is frequently hijacked by politicians to function the involvements of the opinion category. It is non a new thing. they say.

Such disclosures are dismaying. It means that the batch of pedagogues that we presently have are likely incapable of learning our kids. It is non a secret that the apartheid government sought to command all the agencies of production and rational part in the state by guaranting that the minority got grades. and that the bulk were subjected to hapless instruction. This is why the young person revolted in 1976.

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Not so long ago. a government of HIV and AIDS denialists was in control. This led to the loss of 1000s of guiltless lives. Politicians thwarted and manipulated scientific research in order to convey legitimacy to some authorities policies. The awful conditions of the instruction system may non take to physical decease. but they surely translate to averageness and mental deceleration. and worsen the economic ailments of the state. South Africa is among the most unequal societies in the universe. due to a hapless instruction system and an apartheid system that was inherited when the state held its first democratic elections twenty old ages ago. In the infusion above. Mphahlele. a well-known leading light. novelist and rational. reminds us about pre-colonial and colonial instruction. In pre-colonial times. kids were looked after by older 1s in the household.

There were no day-care Centres. When schools were established. kids attended schools. Those who did non go to school were ridiculed. There were those who refused to go to school. preferring to look after cowss ; they finally migrated to the mines to look for rewards. Education was sometimes perceived as an foreign civilization. It was frequently criticised for doing kids. particularly the miss kid. disrespect the parents. It was in struggle with traditional values and civilization. In some civilizations. as a immature individual. you were told to kneel down when talking to an grownup. and non to stare straight at the eyes of the middleman. In western civilization this is perceived as avoiding or concealing something.

Affluent parents have chosen to take their kids to former Model C schools and to private schools. some of which charge exorbitant fees. Some of these kids know nil about their traditional values. They become alleged coconuts who speak English with an speech pattern and yet barely talk any African Language ; black outside and white interior. ‘bana ba di Model C. ’ Education has become expensive and can merely be afforded by the rich in-between category. while hapless pupils in rural countries and townships continue to pine away in poorness. This is a barbarous rhythm that is perpetuated by politicians.

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Answer the undermentioned inquiries in short paragraphs of non more than 100 words. Any direct copying from the transition or plagiarism will be penalised. Try every bit much as possible to rephrase your replies ( i. e. write in your ain words ) .

Section A: Short inquiries
1. Explain the author’s positions about political relations and instruction in South Africa. [ 10 Markss ] 2. Based on the reading transition above. depict the author’s ideas and feelings about quality. criterions. or base on balls rates in instruction.

3. In about 150 words. compose a paragraph. utilizing your ain thoughts. where you compare and contrast the differences and similarities between high school and university.

Section B: Essay
4. Several states like the UK. the USA and South Africa complain that ‘education is in a crisis. ’ Is instruction in a crisis? Write an essay of about 300 words ( two pages ) where you argue for or against this averment. Use any state or states of your pick.